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Photo Fixation: Landscapes

Today, as you can well see, the topic I chose to discuss is landscapes. I started doing online research into this topic and honestly got a little overwhelmed. I then took a few days off to just ponder what I had read and learned. Then Friday morning it hit me – I feel in over my head because most all the tutorials out there were for those that own and shoot with a SLR camera!!

If you have read any of my past posts, you are probably aware that I am still saving my $$ to get a DSLR and am currently using a little point and shoot. Therefore, changing shutter speed and the aperture setting are 2 main things that I cannot do.

So, what can a point & shooter do to take some great landscape pics?

I think the most important is to follow the rule of thirds. Simply put that you want your focus or focal point a third of the way in from an edge or edges. Taking this a step further, quite a few sites talked about how the best landscape photos have the focus a third up from the bottom of the photo.
If you were to draw an imaginary line, one third of they way up from the bottom, in my photo below, the grass line would follow it quite well.

You can also look for leading lines that can bring the focus into the photo. Here the leading line is a fence. Some other leading lines that I have seen used are train tracks, a road, curb or branch.Now, just how much “WOW” do you think you could get if you had a shot utilizing both rule of thirds & leading lines?! Sorry to disappoint you, but this next shot does not fall into the category.
This photo, from Yosemite, is decent, but I keep thinking about how it would look had I been able to change the aperture & shutter speeds. This would be a neat situation to decrease the amount of light & lengthen my exposure time to increase my field of depth. Well, I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming a little longer . . . Have a wonderful holiday (in the states) weekend!

Altered Artspiration #12

happy memorial day weekend! I don’t know about you but i’m so excited that school is out, that it’s a holiday weekend and that my hubby is going to be home for a few days to help me get my studio set up! So it’s not too shocking that studios have been on my mind are the theme for this weeks challenge!

Our specific focus this week is:
“Studio Inspiration
Someone just handed you $25,000 (we can dram right?) Create your dream art studio (or any smaller/concentrated view such as the desk, a wall, your supplies cabinet, etc) any size you wish (ATC, 12×12 etc) You could even do an “inspiration” board of “ideas” that you want your studio to look like! Honestly anything studio related will do! Don’t over think it and just have fun creating your own space.

Check out my blog {here} and {here} for some fun ideas. Also check out this {search} on Studios and this one on {Flikr}.

The basic guidelines for this Artspiration Challenge are:
1. Create a project of any size of your dream “Studio” workspace.
2. It needs to be a new project & please upload it to our new challenge gallery {here} then link us up in this thread so we can leave you some love, and know who participated (I give the coupons from here not from the gallery so please make sure you let us know you played)!

Everyone that participates in the Artspiration Challenges each week get a $2 coupon to Studio Tangie and my team will pick one person at random to win a $10 coupon! We want to help you build up your altered art stash of supplies.
You are of course welcome to use any products you wish on this challenge!


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