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Halloween Freebie 2009!

Halloween Freebie from Studio Tangie!
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Honoring the Day of the Dead

First off, thank you to Lotta for playing along; even though you were all by your lonesome. I’ll pm you with your gift coupon code just for playing along :)

Day of the Dead or All Soul’s Day is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and by many Latin Americans in the US and Canada. It’s a couple days (Nov 1 & 2) set aside to celebrate those that you’ve lost in life by building alters, marigolds, favorite foods and beverages of the deceased, using sugar skulls, and visiting their graves.

Normally this is not a holiday I would honor, but this year is different for me. In May 2009, I lost my niece, ate, to the heavens. She just turned one years old and lost her battle with a rare bacterial meningitis after being in the hospital for two weeks. I think about her often and what she would be like today. Now that I’m five months pregnant, I think about her even more. I just recently found out that we’re having a girl. After trying to conceive for the past two years, it astounds me that these two girls weren’t meant to share the same lifetime, but I have to believe that everything has it’s place and time. This November 1&2, I’ll be celebrating the life of my baby niece Kate and hoping that my little girl will be able to live the long fruitful life that wasn’t meant for my niece in this place and time.

This week’s challenge is to honor someone that you’ve lost. It could be your grandparent, your cousin, or your best friend. It doesn’t have to be a person or someone that you even knew. It could be a cultural icon that made an impact on your life. If you haven’t lost anyone significant to you, think back about other parts of yourself that you might have lost during your journey of growth. Maybe you want to honor the loss of your childhood or you want to honor the loss of your favorite stuffed animal. There are many variations of loss and no one is can be the judge of its significance, but you.

Join me in this challenge by creating an ATC, a scrapbook page, or maybe a card you wished you could’ve sent. You have until next Tuesday, Nov 3 to submit your entry in the comment section below. I will choose the random winner of Studio Tangie’s gift coupon before next week’s challenge.

I will leave you with a picture of the loss I’m honoring and celebrating next week, created with Tangie’s Dia De Los Muertos kit .

Did you Know?{Tangie’s Back}

Did You Know Tangie’s Back
Nuff Said…
I’m sure she’ll be giving everyone a run down
on Journal Fest and who her favorite teacher was, is, or could be…
Stay tuned…Same Tang Channel ..Same Tang Time..
Now you know!

Creepy Inspiration

Being that this is the last Sunday of October, I thought I’d bring you some creepy inspiration. I am a huge Disney fan and love how Disney has incorporated Tim Burton’s a Nightmare Before Christmas throughout their Disneland amusement park for the entire month of October. I recently came across this artisit, Jeffrey Thomas, and I have to say, he is a pure comic genius. He has incorporated his own creepy twist on the beautiful Disney women characters that we’ve grow up to love and admire. Here are some highlights of my Disney favorites looking all dark and twisty….

You can check out his full collection of his Twisted Princesses here. For this Sunday, I inspire you to look at something cheery with the most twisted and dark outlook. Create an ATC. You may be surprised what you might come up with. It might me one of your greatest works of art. Here’s a suggestion: Check out Tangie’s Halloween Magic kit. It might lend you the extra boost of inspiration to explore your creepy side.

Spooky, Creepy, Crawly Challenge!

I LOVED looking at all of your layouts about the weather. I also got to read a funny journaling about being in the dark with no power. Isn’t it amazing how much we miss our internet when it’s gone.

The lucky random winner for the $6 Studio Tangie gift card is commentor No. 2: Barbara (seniorgal). Thanks everyone for participating. I really do enjoy looking at all of your layouts.

On to this week’s challenge. One of my favorite things about Halloween is having a day where you pretend to be something you’re not, and it’s totally ok. I’ve got some awesome pictures of me as a little kid, pariticpating in the wackiest halloween outfits just for the fun of it. Some of it my mom made. Some of it I had to wear for school. But all of it was FUN. I was a nerd, a cheerleader, Esther from the Bible, Witch, Strawberry Shortcake, Hula Girl, a baby, a girl scout, and an 80′s punk rock star to name a few.

What also cracks me up is seeing the costumes for women, which marketing tries to cleverly pass them off as “sassy”. Let’s face it, they’re all slutty. There’s the slutty nurse, the slutty vampire, the slutty fairy, the slutty school girl, the slutty mermaid, the slutty pirate, the slutty french maid, and the list goes on. Are the manufacturer’s really trying to save money by only offering outfits that are 1-2 inches below your butt cheeks? I’m sure back in college, I would’ve been all over these costumes. Nowadays, just give me a sheet, poke holes for my eyes, and I’m a happy camper. It’s all about comfort baby.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, this week’s challenge is to scrap about the best costume you’ve ever seen/worn/designed. I want to see them all. Maybe you could even piece together an awesome costume from Tangie’s Ultimate Art Doll.

Here is some fun inspiration from our amazing CT members:

To participate in this fun challenge, place a link to your layout in the comment section below before Tuesday, Oct 27. The random winner of a Studio Tangie $6 gift coupon will be announced before the following week’s challenge.
Thanks again for participating and I look forward to seeing some wacky stuff!

Did You Know? {Journal Fest}

Did you know Tangie is off to Journal Fest?
Did you know she is going to be meeting sherriejd for the first time since they started creating smoking hot colabs together?
Did you also know that she is flying to one of the wettest places on earth?
Did you know how hard it is to find an umbrella in Arizona at 10:00 the night before you leave?
Everyone wish Tangie Luck and Fun as she’s off to Seattle and then to Port Townsend Washington.

I’m so excited to be able to take classes from Ty & Marcia Schultz

Journal Fest 017

Journal Fest 018 (Medium)

Anahata Katkin



Roxanne Padgett!



These images were taken from the respective artist’s blog and all credit for their amazing work goes to them!


Hot Off The Press: Feline Dreaming

It’s here, it’s here!!
For all the feline lovers out there,
Studio Tangie has the newest part in the Dreaming Series

To complete the kit, an alpha

and just the cutest word art
Wanna save?
Get them all in the Feline Dreaming {The Bundle}
Some fab inspiration from the team
by gonewiththewind
by livybug
by marnel
and introducing the newest addition to the team, one by craftyamanda!
Till next time!

Rain or Shine, I’m here with your Blog Challenge for the week!

It’s another week and another fun challenge! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful entries from last week’s scraplift challenge. Isn’t Britt just inspiring? I hope you added some of her layouts as your favorites for future inspiration on those creative block days. I’d like to take this time to congratulate Melissa for being the random winner of the $6 Studio Tangie gift card. I hope you enjoy shopping!

I am currently in the middle of a rainstorm, and I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT. I love being surrounded by rain whether I’m sitting in traffic, hunkering under my umbrella, or sitting on my couch. There is something comforting about the way rain makes me feel. When I was younger, my mom use to let me stay home from school on rainy days because she was afraid I’d get sick. LOL. So we would cuddle up on her bed, watch old movies with Gene Kelly or Doris Day, eat popcorn, and take long naps. As a mother myself, I find the idea absolutely ridiculous. But as a child of my mother, I LOVED every minute of it. I have to honestly say, I still struggle with that mentality till today. When it rains, my tendency is to stay home, and I have to use every ounce of my will power to get my butt out of bed and live normally on a rainy day. But those memories are precious.

For this week’s challenge, I want you to scrap a memory related to the weather. Is there any particular weather that you love the best? How does it make you feel? Were you ever stuck in a snow storm? Or walking along the side of the road just to get a puddle splashed on you from the moving cars? I want you to scrap about in ATC style or a digi page.

If you’d like to participate, leave a link to your layout in the comment section below. The random winner will be chosen next week before the announcement of the next blog challenge!

I leave you with inspiration from naughtsncrosses:

Did You Know? {Phong}

Here’s a quick little did you know. I ran across one night while looking for Photoshop tutorials. Phong’s tutorial are a little advance but I was even able to finish this one for a reflective gazing ball kind of thingy (technical term). Phong also has some lighting tutorials.
Try it out and let me know what you think.
This was what I made:

And Now You Know!

Hot Off The Press: ARTist Sheets

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The ARTist Sheets are ready to be printed. Instructions included!

Have a great week!


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