Highlights of the week #28

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by WOW!!! Christmas is going to be here before we know it and I’m not even sure what happened to Spring yet.

I’ve decided to start doing things just a little different. I’ve noticed that each week more and more people are slipping behind (especially now, in the summer months- for the Northern Hemisphere people). So, I thought I’d truly do highlights of the week, rather than highlight’s of the week’s topic. I’ll still post the week’s theme, but the pages may come from a variety of different topics, depending on where people are on their journey. For week 28 the theme was “Chasing Down Your Dreams”. Doesn’t that sound found? Of course Tangie and Amanda have provided all sorts of wonderful prompts (as usual) and a fun verb of the week, but you’ll have to jump on board the caravan to get that information : ))

First, here’s the parcel for week 28:

And the Splatter Graffiti to match:

Here are a few pages that were posted last week:


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