With Great Awe, I Write This Post!! **joannknnrd** gasp *swoon*

Before I get to the meat of the blog post, you must have background and understanding.  I am not an artist, but I am a lover of lovely things.  I seriously would see one of joann’s canvases and my jaw would drop!  I looked forward to Lorie Davison’s new releases just to see what did joann do with the kit?  I enjoy her work immensely.
When I came on the “team” to help Tangie in a secretarial assistant capacity, meeting and getting to know joannknnrd was a perk!  She is a delightful lady, and has been known to even give me a hard time!!  Please relax and read about the lady behind all that talent:

How often do you go over the speed limit? 
  Define “over”? I rarely go ten miles over the posted limit.
What was your worst dating experience? 
 I had a blind date that sang Beatles karaoke to me all evening. It was pretty embarrassing at the time, kinda funny now!
How old are you in your dreams?
Do you still (or did you ever) paper scrap?
 I’ve never paper scrapped
Do you consider yourself a traveler? Where have you traveled?
  Southern US and East Coast, England, Ireland, and France.
What is your favorite LO you have ever done for Studio Tangie? 

I just fell in love with this image of Ophelia. I think it was a little rub on element, but  I had such a great time blending and fiddling with it. I’ve always loved the character and I eventually printed out the page and put it in my journal. I think Ophelia was tragically misunderstood!


What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
  I sing in the car, I don’t care if people are looking.

If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which 5 books, movies, people and foods would you take along? 

California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza, Diet Pepsi, The Wizard of Oz (the movie), The Grapes of Wrath (the book), and my hubs, I like him (or Oprah)
If you could go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive) who would you go with and where would you go? 
I try to go on an annual shopping trip with my old college roomie. We always have a wonderful time driving, shopping, and eating way too much. I always come home happy to have done it and happy to be done with it! Famous Person? Ansel Adams.
What is your favorite kit from Studio Tangie, will you show us your LO using that kit?

I LOVE both of Tangie’s Steampunk Kit’s


How did you get started and how long have you been digiscrapping? 
 I started digi scrapping after my first daughter was born. I bought cheap software and it was a very basic setup. I did it hit or miss for a few years. It’s been the last five years that I’ve been truly committed to creating on a regular basis.
What did you get in trouble for the most when you were a kid? 
 Talking. I was a mouthy kid!
What is your favorite thing about digital scrapbooking? 
I’m only limited by my creativity.
What were the three happiest moments in your life so far?
 When I went to Europe, when my babies were born, my wedding reception (my wedding was too hectic to really be enjoyable)
Did you have a nickname in middle school or high school? 
 No nicknames that I know of.
Which is your wish that is not yet fulfilled?
  I’d like to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.
#17 What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?  
 My rocking horse and cowboy hat. I wanted to be a cowgirl!
If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that be? 
 This Property is Condemned. I only put that because we are coming off a summer of home renovations. Does It’s A Wonderful Life sound lame?
How many languages do you speak? 
 Well, I think I speak three: English, French and Spanish. But my French is TERRIBLE, my Spanish is very basic (think Dora the Explorer), and sometimes I struggle with my native tongue)
f you had to change your name (first or last or both) what would you change it to? 
 Mrs. Ben Affleck

I don’t know about you, but if you see joannaffleck on the next new release from Tangie Baxter’s CT, we will all know how much power is in these interviews!!

I close out the interview with a few of my favorite Joann pages….I am always in awe how she can take an element and give it the ability to move, or make your brain see it move, these are my favorite two examples, the first is I will Fall and now, I had the same kit, I had that lady in my elements folder, and she was just standing there, Joann gave her the ability to fall and move…do you see that? Goodness, gracious!

But wait, like the announcers on TV, there is more, this next one, the shadows and the little dude, meander? I swear I saw the globe spin? Did you see it???
To me, this is pure genius!

Okay, but I have to tell you in the 3 short months of being with Tangie, and seeing Joann in action, she is funny, prompt (see she got her interview in to me, so I didn’t even make up any answers), and her talent in making a person feel comfortable is right up there with her creative awesomeness. 
I hope you enjoy this time with Joann, and as I bring it to an end, it would not be complete without my ultimate, most favorite layout of hers.  The first time I saw it, I really did gasp!   Goodbye Summer.  Here are some of the comments left on the page:  freakingly amazing!!, quelle imagination !!! bravo !!!!,  I think it is a perfect way to bring this to an end and say Good Bye!

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