The Fifi – there is no other like her.

Her name is Ferryl Kathleen Suzanne Fisher Simonian, aka Fifi and various other deviations of said nickname.  Here is her story:

Anyway, I can tell you two stories about my name and nickname.  My mother named me Ferryl when she heard that name in the hospital when I was born, but I have always delighted in the fact that Ferryl is a homonym for “feral,” a word that means “wild thing” in the dictionary.  Oh, and my husband’s middle name means “fire eyes” in Armenian, which quite amuses me as well!  As for my user name and nickname, Fifi, it comes from a stint in high school where Multi Impaired students were allowed to call me Fifi on Fridays.  We all got a big kick out of it!

 What was your favorite subject in school? 
English, from Day 1 all the way thru high school until college.  I’ve always been a word queen.  My Junior year English teacher called me verbose!   Then came college and French…stop the world…I became a Francophile!

  When you are scrapping what are the sounds around you? 
The sounds around me, wow, that could vary wildly!  It depends where I’m scrapping, upstairs or downstairs.  If I’m on the floor level in the Family room and Raffe’s around I hear the record player going (yes, a real live old fashioned 33 1/3 disque record player!) as well as the TV blasting sports or whatever, but sometimes I’m lucky and there’s only one.  If family is around for dinner there’s lots of noise and I have to stop scrapping and actually do dinner, darn them!  If I’m Vincent sitting, I fit a little in while he’s mesmerized by some goofy cartoon show.  I’m a night owl, so there could even be dead silence!
What is your favorite book of all time, and why? 
I have always loved Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  It’s just so delicious, all the elegance and wonderful conversations and comebacks among the characters, you do remember, word queen here!  And, it’s a romance with a happy ending.  In tandem with that the original move starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier is a fave too, and Keira Knightly does a fine job in the new version.  Anyway, love it, but wouldn’t want to live then.
Where is your dream vacation? 
I love Asian things so I would love to go to China while I can still get around, and Hong Kong.  Would love to see Australia too.  I’ve been lucky to have gone to Japan many years ago, DH has a good record friend who lives in a suburb of Tokyo and sometimes visits here.
Which is your favorite genre of movies?  
I like any movie that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, like give me something with a happy ending, make me laugh, there’s enough sadness in the world, I prefer not to see it on the big screen too!
How old are you in your dreams?  

Funnily enough I did a page on this.  I like to think of myself as Forever 42, right in the middle of my life with the kids growing up, still fairly young, no terrible crises to deal with, just happily alive. (Of course the sad part is that I was no where near being a scrapper yet!)
What is your favorite layout that you have done with your VIP goodies from Studio Tangie!  

Too hard to pick one favorite, but I do love the one with Kira using the She kit 

and the one about me using Ink, then and now.  I also love doing the grandkids, especially with the recent goodies!
Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? 
  I suppose I should because I am totally uncoordinated when it comes to dancing.  I have always envied people with a good sense of rhythm and style.  Love watching them, no way I can do it myself!  (which is why I love Dancing with the Stars, I admire anyone who can try and puts themselves out there like that!)
  Fifi is like a drop of happiness that once released takes the powerful winds of others and touches each person.  I, personally have watched her thru the Art Journal Caravan, and seen her lay her beating heart onto almost every layout.  The trials and tribulations along with the joys and jubilation come thru time and time again. 
During the Spring, Scrapbook Graphics (SBG) had a wild and wooly competetion in the chat room.  It was like a game of no other, inpired and created by the one and only hostess Kate. (hey this is about Fifi).  The essence of the challenge was each regular chatter joined up with either a designer or crew CT member from SBG.   This is when I came to know and just love the Fifsters!!  Every week her take on the challenges would put a giggle in everyone! This is by far my favorite she did with Kate:
The left is Fifi’s and you have to know Fifi is a lover of all things French!!

this contest had winners and no losers!! We all won, because the friendship with Fifi was a prize to be cherished.
I close with Fifi and her layout Free to Me!

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