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Enjoy a FREE desk top for January 2011

What a year! The 2010 ART Journal Caravan was completed! Numerous new kits that blew my mind were revealed!  I have had a grand year, but eagerly await the new.  I hope you will enjoy this desk top:

This has my crazy schedule written on it, but a blank one is made for you to add your special days for January!  It is made using Tangie’s Field Notes III – Winter.
Happy New Year to each one of you!

Your chance to get the sold out 2010 Workshop

Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2010}

It sold out, you missed it, but you want it!

It is available now!

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See ya’ on the trail!

Highlights of the Week #51

Can you believe there will only be one more edition of Highlights of the Week for 2010?  This year has gone by SO fast.  But… just on the horizon is Art journal Caravan 2011.  I’m so excited that Tangie has decided to continue with our journey.  Will you be joining us in 2011?

As the year is winding down the gallery is shining with lots of gorgeous pages.  This is just a sample of the inspiration to be found in the Art Journal Caravan Gallery.

Insp.#51 by seniorgal
 Aspire by php57

Fabu! AJC wk 51 by joannknnrd

i (don’t) write by JaneAgain

Hot off the press: Oh Chilly Day! and AJC {Parcel 52}

Merry Christmas everybody!
Here is a quick peek with the latest goodies in the shop!
A little bit of sparkle in this kit…
it was yours for free when you are subscribed to the Studio Tangie newsletter ;-)
Don’t want to miss out on freebies like this?
Oh wow, this is it,
this is really it, the last Parcel for the 2010 Expedition.

by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton
I cannot believe the journey we’ve all taken together,
I’ve learned so much about myself and all my fellow travelers.
It was a fantastic experience and am so glad the Journey goes on in 2011.
 Don’t hesitate and join us again.
Creative Team inspiration:
by Billa

by skyezak
by oldvwblues
by anneofalamo
by Fifi
Enjoy some quality time with your family and see you next week!

I saw this and had to share!! Hybrid with Inksplats!

Don’t you love it!?!  I am trying to figure out this Facebook thing and apparently Tangie was “Tagged” by the creator of this ring.  I just had to search her out!!  Lilach Oren is one talented lady!  I have to admit, I have never really looked at ETSY stores.  I am not into kitschy handmade things.  This grabbed me because I love the inksplat kit and to see others use it and in such an unusual way! 
I don’t if I am inspired to go try something new or go buy the ring!! Have you seen different things made with scrap kits? I would love to see them! Let me know!! 

oh woo hoo the blinkies are here!! The blinkies are here!!

I am so excited!! I love the zip and colorful wow of the blinkies and blog buttons!! I had to go throughout digi-land and change my signatures! Next I think I may have to redo my whole blog to match!! That camel has so much energy!! Is it 2011 yet???????

For forums(and signatures)

For blog sidebars



For blog headers or footers


Now if you haven’t joined yet, don’t worry,
is still available!!!
The AJC 2011 forum is up and already hopping with excitement!!
Hope to see you there soon!!

Highlights of the Week #50

Can you believe we only have 2 weeks left of the Art Journal Caravan 2010?  But not to fear, AJC 2011 is taking reservations!  Now is the time to re-commit to YOU, because you do deserve it.  If you’re already on board for 2011 and ready to be inspired, or you’re not sure if AJC is for you and you want to see what everyone else is up to stop by the AJC Gallery and have a look.  Below are just a few of the highlights.

Color outside the lines by svanderhaegen
Aspire by oldvwblues

A relaxing and fun challenge!

This year I was introduced to the world of ATC’s.  The little cards of wonder!  I had become so accustomed to a 12×12 inch canvas, switching to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 was a bit rough (I admit I do 5×7 and then shrink).  But having different size canvases has become a favorite thing of  mine.
This month’s Altered ARTspiration from Tangie is Gothic Arches. I love how people are using these arches in so many different ways:

Scrappie Irene blew me away with her digital one, but then her hybrid card “Merry Christmas” is just unbelievable with the elegance and old fashion Christmas feel:

Then CarolW took the idea of the arch and made it an entrance to this fabulous scene called Gothic Christmas – altered artspiration:

 For a completely different look ladynorth used 3 arches and made this wonderful page “Winter Solstice Longest Night”:

As always, I love the comments in the gallery.  I do believe that people in the altered world of creating can leave the kindest and most uplifting comments:

Ramona to Janelill first arch page:  Lovely wish and … creation! Did you know that the first thing to getting your wish is to visualise it first? Here’s Wishing you all you Wish For!
MamaBe to seniorgal: The double arch with the offset looks incredible! I love how some of your elements are clipped with your photo to the arch and some are out in front of the arch…gives the whole page a very eyecatching look.
joannknnrd to lmgdonahue: Wow, this is such an amazing mix of products. It all adds up to one beautiful piece!
 So, take a moment this hectic season, sit and enjoy a relaxing challenge, please pop over to the Altered ARTspiration Thread and pick up the free Gothic Arch templates.  

It needs to be a new project & please upload it to our Altered Artspirations Gallery {here} then come back and link us up in this SBG thread so we can leave you some love, and know who participated (Tangie gives the coupons from here not from the gallery so please make sure you let us know you played)!

Everyone that participates in the Artspiration Challenges each month get a $3 coupon to Studio Tangie & each entry will also be put into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Studio Tangie (you may enter up to 3 pieces per month for a chance to win)!
DEADLINE: December 31st!

Can’t wait to see yours!!

Itinerary UP!

I did a bit of artistic license on the number today!! I needed to feel the illusion of warmth.  I see the snow and freezing temperatures hitting parts of the world, and here in northern California, we are socked in with drizzling non-stop rain for the next 10 days!  I have the coldest feet in this hemisphere, and just looking at this fabulous provision package has me feeling a bit cozier:

As my fellow caravaners know, you don’t need to have the provision for the itinerary.  The prompts this week will help you “aspire” and share those aspirations!  We have just one more week, finishing this long and satisfying journey of art journaling!
My apologies to those not on the journey, the link is not available to you, but I would like to invite you to join us all for Expedition 2011.

Hot off the press: Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 51}

Happy Friday everybody,
We’ve all come a long way, this week it is already {Parcel 51} that is up in the store.
Only one more week left, and the Art Journal Caravan of 2010 will go over into the next 
Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Take a look here for all the details and jump right in with us.
And here it is, the one Parcel before the last!
by Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton
So, to get you inspired and going through the weekend,
I have some must-click-those-links for you:
Need some inspiration?
Want to see what everybody created during the 2010 Expedition?
Find out everything about the Art Journal Caravan
with weekly highlights and a regular member spotlight to tell about their outstanding pages.
if you sign up for the Studio Tangie newsletter
there will be a free kit for you all tomorrow!
Till next week, with lots of love…


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