"Freestyle Art based on This Ad"

The Tangie has oodles of inspiration and taking that inspiration, twisting it, add a bit of art journaling, and a pinch of hilarity brings it to this months Altered ARTspiration!  The ad was found a while ago, and it popped up this month for us to alter to our hearts content!  This means, you don’t have to recreate it, just pick something in it that grabs you, colors or one of the elements and run with it!!


All the particulars for the challenge are located in the Monthly Challenge section at ScrapBookGraphics (SBG). 
Here are a few highlights from the gallery, that can only delight and encourage you to open up a blank canvas and begin playing!!
First I love the backgrounds and woman in the decanter is just fabulous by Its only ME; Where to Next Darling.

The dramatic rose on display, so vibrant and alive against the old peeling background was just beyond tantalizing to me by defordj; Glory in the Flower. 

I just noticed this is the first layout in the SBG gallery by defordj!  I can tell you I am looking forward to seeing more!!!
There are many more in the gallery, to look at and just sigh over!  I hope to see yours there soon! There is still  plenty of time to do this months Altered ARTspiration challenge!!
I will be looking for yours soon!!

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