Highlights of the Week that Was!!

I keep confusing myself, but I am one week behind on highlights, I am looking at the dates of January 14th through the 20th.  I like to give a full week for the pages to steep in my mind!  Sometimes, the pages come to the forefront of my thinking and I go, yep, I have to show that one!!
The Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011} is a growing organism.  Not all are at the same pace, yet it clicks together like cogs on a well oiled machine.  You can find yourself on week 3, and finally have the inspiration to complete part of the itinerary of week 1. This is acceptable and encouraged!  I saw that in Ina’s Process:
I loved the hope and expectations in her page!

Perhaps seeing Ina’s complete rapture in holding her son, and the hopes that a mother has for her child caused my heart to soar at nancyr’s 2011 AJ Thrive.  The wonder if we are doing the right thing for our children weighs on every parent, and this page reflects that and relief, that they did good!

I love this next woman, I mean she is a dear and precious friend, and although I could fill this blog with everyone of her pages (btw, she is on overdrive creativity), so, this one has so much to see, so much to read and the heart in it, I know you will all agree is beyond worthy to be highlighted! Look at the houses, on the left, the bird house, to a shack, to the grandeur of palace behind that.  I adore this page almost as much as I do Kate2!

Now, I wanted to pull a page that is completely different, so that you see, that it isn’t all collages, borders, the thing with art journaling is it is YOURs, and Fhung has completely and totally claimed her corner of wonderful with her pages, here is one called Balance! Just stare at this piece of art and the shadows alone cause me to gape in wow!!

Again I go to the thoughts that the Art Journal Caravan has no deadlines, or must dos.  GirlBoheme aka Aimee has been tearing up the gallery with her work, pages to remember quotes and this is her dedication to her word from the first weeks itinerary! Dedication Page.

One of the coveted parts of the AJC that is not advertised, it just happened, is Nevermore aka Kim’s process with hands on canvas’.  Kim has a way with words that cause the reader to be totally enchanted and gasp, or giggle at the complexities that happen in her world.  The emotions run a gamut. Then on top of it, we are treated to her art with the digital brush.  My heart dipped and hung on the edge at this page, Travel.  Her words and the haunting feel of being lost, totally covered me. 

My hopes is this has encouraged you as your fellow companions are highlighted to give a taste of what is in the AJC 2011.  Each week, the emotions and determination of this class of 2011 goes thru the education of Art Journaling Tangie led!  I love it, and am enchanted by each and every page.  If you are not in the the AJC, go look at the Gallery. It is the first month and already there are 657 images.  Each page is viewed and loved by many of our compatriots! It is inspiration in a minute, determination of lifetimes and joy that is beyond!

See you on the trail!

One Response to Highlights of the Week that Was!!

  • ina says:

    Wow! I never expected to be one of the highlights, thank you! The "complete rapture" you describe is because the photo was taken in the underwater tunnel of the Georgia Aquarium, and I was pointing out all the amazing fish. :)


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