Free Rocks and Tutorial to Put them in Your Own Bowl!

After the much sought after techniques I used to make my first rock layout,  I’ve written you a tutorial with links to the resources to get everything you need to make YOUR OWN including a ROCK FREEBIE by Tangie!

Here’s the bowl of rocks we’re going to be making!

After reading all the fun things in the March Adventure Quest from the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}, I was inspired to create something that was real. I just wanted to do it digitally.
I am working in CS5, and don’t know of it would work in your specific program. But give it a whirl, and play and push buttons, that is the best way to learn! So let’s Get Started!
First, Find a Bowl
First I had to find a bowl, and you will need to find yours also!  I can give you a place to look! Lol  Try here! (do a search for bowl) You have to get it yourself, because I am not able to give it away, nor sell it, I am using mine for personal use and so should you. Find one that you love!
(Don’t worry about the cauliflower, only you and the millions that read this tutorial will know it is under my rocks!)
1. Lighting
Now pay close attention to the shadows and lighting.  This is of the utmost importance.  Watch the light.  I turned my bowl so the light was coming from about 10:00 on the scale or 120 degrees in the angle on your shadows.
2. Extraction
I extracted my bowl by using the eraser tool and then the Elliptical Marquee Tool (the circle cutter) to get a good clean cut around the bowl.  

3. Effects
Then added a nice shadow with a bit of a glow in my fx panel:

Now you need some rocks…

Tangie Baxter has made you a set of your very own rocks!  You can find the link to get them
Wasn’t that the nicest thing? I wanted to do this tutorial, and Tangie made this completely 100% original Tangie.  You will not find these rocks anywhere else! Then she gives them away! I love this woman!
1. Place all the Rocks on Your Canvas
Next I used the “BAM BAM” technique from the Art Journal Caravan to fill my canvas with rocks, but you can do it however you want to get those rocks on your canvas.The “BAM BAM” technique is not top secret, but a fun thing to learn on the AJC2011 in the forum, on one of the many FREE tutorials included with your journey. 

2. Place the Rocks in Position

Now, you want to make sure you don’t spin the rocks, if the light is on them a certain way.  They need to stay in that position, but you can warp, change perspective or puppet warp the fire out of them.  See how the light is hitting, and turn to accent, but not make it look all funky.
Now, positioning the rocks took some time, I wanted a mixture of rocks, and shapes.  This is really all in your eye and what looks right to you.  I linked all the rocks and applied a shadow to them to my liking.
Ready for the Words?
The fonts are all from The Foundry by Tangie Baxter, Tweedle Dee and Mock Turtle –  Mock Turtle is one of the AJC Provision Parcels and if you are part of the AJC 2011, you get it for ½ price.
1. Glass Rocks
Click on the rock of your choosing.  This way the text will be in the layer right above the rock. For shiny rocks and to get the engraved look, I then  applied Paula Kesselring’s FREE burning action. I had to lighten the opacity and play with the actual colors of the bevel and shadows to get the look I wanted on each rock, and again I say, play and make your eyes happy with your heart.
2. Natural Rocks
For the non-shiny rocks; use the same directions, click rock and add font layer above the rock.
This is the most important part, you need to make the text look realistic on the rock. When you put text onto something, it doesn’t have a shadow; it is ON the object, not “floating” above it. One of my favorite things with Tangie Baxter and her amazing mind is that she made this out of this world tutorial for working with blending and text (also available FREE on the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}) or you can buy the action/styles in her shop {Paperworn Art Style}.  Sometimes, I duplicated the text and played with the styles to get the right effect of paint on the rock.


I didn’t put words on  all my rocks, but this is totally up to you
You have your own bowl of rocks and are responsible font owners and no longer allowing your fonts to float, right?!I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ( and of course you get a small glimpse at some of the perks of joining the  AJC 2011– I am telling you it is sooooooooo worth it!), I would so love to see your rocks on display and we’ll see you on the Caravan trail! .  

14 Responses to Free Rocks and Tutorial to Put them in Your Own Bowl!

  • tangie baxter says:

    HOLY SMOKES ANNE! That is a great tutorial!!! Way to go lady!!

  • barbara says:

    Oh! You made my day! Off to play with my bowl of rocks. Great tutorial and thanks so much!
    (do you think my friends will understand when I tell them what
    I'm doing today?!!!)Yep, we're crazy! And having fun being so.

  • Stirlingdesigns says:

    Thank you Anne for the tutorial and Tanagie for the rocks. I love this Art Journal adventure!

  • Lucia says:

    What a great tutorial! Kudos!

  • Julie Ann Shahin says:

    LOve it!!!! Great inspiration! xoxo

  • Tinkerbell says:

    Great fun. Thanks Tangie & Anne. Sorry to ask here in comments but new to Art Caravan only recently. Is "Paula Kesselring’s FREE burning action" available in the AJC forum? TIA.

  • tangie baxter says:

    No Paula is a designer in another shop but if you google her you can find her free burning action! ;)

  • tangie baxter says:

    Actually come to find out it's no longer free, but you can simply use an "inner shadow" for starters, or you can wait for Paula to reopen her store ;) we're not sure where she's going.

  • Anne of Alamo says:

    You can also use the bevel and play with the fun things in there too! that is the main thing, to etch it into the rocks! :D

  • Tinkerbell says:

    you both are the best. Thanks for the extra tips.

  • Sandra says:

    gah, this is one awesome tut Anne! you rock!
    Tangie rocks too!
    *no pun intended* LOL
    thank you both!

  • Cindi aka Ericksoc says:

    This is so cool – I can't wait to try it! Thanks, Anne and Tangie – you guys ROCK!

  • Cheryll says:

    Oh boy! I will be trying this for sure! I want to be a rock star…this kind anyways! THANK YOU Anne and Tangie!

  • Unica says:

    This is so much fun Anne. Love it.


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