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{Thursday Nonsense} Our New Home on the Web

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our new home on the web! I can’t believe what a whirlwind trip it’s been! I got a little bug on Friday night that I wanted to learn to build a website from WordPress so I just sat down to figure it out (the craziest whim EVER)….little did I know what an all consuming passion it would end up being before it was over! I’m so excited though as this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time (everything I do all on one site) it seems that having all the different blogs, sites  and such was really spreading the team and I thin! I hope this new system works better! I do hope you will subscribe to our feed (you can still use google reader! (or any other reader you prefer) and I’ve even set it up so you can get our posts in your email if you want! Technology is amazing!).

Also–the tabs should really help you get to the information you want most! All the AJC info will be under the AJC tab just like it’s own AJC blog! The “Features” tab will have articles, interviews, challenges and more! And the Digital Shop @SBG will have all the latest news and products! If you want to read it ALL use the “Blog {All News}” tab it will have every single post there!

We have so much planned for the upcoming months, including new articles and tutorials including everything from shopping, to flea markets, to great finds on Etsy to art journaling, digital scrapbooking and beyond!

If you have ANY questions or suggestions for the new site or a regular article you’d like to start seeing please let me know via the contact me page!


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