VIP-Interview with Carolyn

You may have seen her work at Scrapbook Graphics under the screen name rajns, today you will meet her as Carolyn one of the ladies on the VIP tour of Tangie’s team! These ladies are taken behind the scenes to the craziness and banter of the Creative Team forum and see the releases before they hit the store.  It is an exciting time, and as we get to know and love them, you should get a glimpse of their lives also.

First off, the ladies are given a whole bunch of questions and they can answer as many as they want, or just a few to help us learn about them. Here are a few of the questions that Carolyn answered, and she said she did this on small amounts of sleep (must be that addicting art journaling habit keeping her awake), so all incoherent answers are from her and I did not change them! hee hee

1. Do you have any animals? What kind?
Our shih tzu  lhasa apso mix, Chewie (Chewbacca Voldemort), who has taught me lots about life!    He turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and he chewed on everything!  Next dog we are naming Obi.  Not short for Obi Wan Kenobi, but obedient!
2. When you are scrapping, what are the sounds around you?
Ipod tunes or terrible tv shows.  The shows I enjoy usually don’t win awards and often only last one season.  I love the noise of tv shows, especially if I have already seen them because I don’t really watch them, I listen.  They are just background noise.  For some reason I love the sounds of certain voices.
3. Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
Yes, at it looks like I am having a seizure while riding a merry-go-round.  Remember Elaine’s dancing episode on Seinfeld?
4. What would subject or material would you like to see in a kit from Tangie?
Architectural!  I love old buildings, castles, ancient ruins.
5. What do you sing in the shower, if you do sing (we know you do!)?
I only sing 1-2 lines of a song and mumble the rest because I am terrible at remembering lyrics -except for one song, “One Tin Soldier”.  Why that one? Learned it at camp and it hasn’t ever left me…
6. Do you buy cookies or things from kids that knock on your door?
Of course!  I love that the Boy Scouts now have the option to buy a thing of popcorn to be sent to a soldier serving over seas.  I get to help the Boy Scouts, a soldier, and I don’t have to sweat the calories!
7. Where is your dream vacation?
Any place with really old rocks in the shape of something(that’s how my family describes the vacations I’ve dragged them on….) I love ancient history.  The first time I saw ancient Greek ruins I lost my breath.  The part that is really my dream is the instant travel part!  I do not do well with the transatlantic flights and I am a bit of a princess to travel with so to be able to see Nero’s Golden House in the afternoon and be in my own bed at night is my dream!
8. Can we get a snap shot of at where you create?
My happy place! See below.

9. If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?

I can’t answer that one yet but give me time.  I just left my job to do just that!

My family tried to help me come up with fun facts for the ATC – here the ones that didn’t make it to the final ATC
I own the MacGuyver box set and I actually watch it.
My husband and I once renewed our vows with an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas.
I tried to get my Beatles obsessed daughter to skip school for a DAY to fly to Arizona to see Paul McCartney.  She said no – she didn’t want to miss school.

Oh I am in love with that studio! I mean I told Carolyn, I was in jaw dropping awe of it! I create out of a milk crate at this moment, and her studio is a joy to see! I have  included one of Carolyn (aka rajns) pages, so you can see her work on the Art Journal Caravan:
Her chosen word Trust, and I trust you have enjoyed this little interview and come back next Sunday to meet another of the lovely VIPs!
~never lose your joy

3 Responses to VIP-Interview with Carolyn

  • Sherry says:

    Awesome interview! But, I couldn’t see the photos except for the Trust one at the end – is it just me?

  • Anne says:

    hmm? I will have to have Tangie check it out, they are all showing for me? forgive me, I am learning word press!

  • Julie Ann Shahin says:

    I love her studio! Great interview Carolyn!!! xoxo


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