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Saturdays Are Fun: Silhouette Inspiration

Source: google.co.nz via Julie on Pinterest


Today’s post is inspired by my mother-in-law. On her wall in her living room, she has a very charming vignette of frames surrounding a doorway, and these frames have random silhouettes in them, something similar to the photos above. These are random silhouettes, not silhouettes of anyone she knows. They are very simple, just a frame, a white background, and a black silhouette of a person. Yet they are enchanting. Everytime I see my mother-in-law’s display, which is about 3x’s a month, I think of all the silhouette kits in Tangie’s store! Please click on these links to see the amazing kits by Tangie.

This made me want to see what layouts in the SBG Gallery had silhouettes in them. Here are a few by talented Scrapbookgraphics’ members, using Tangie’s silhouette products.


be who you want to be by gonewiththewind

be who you want to be by gonewiththewind

CREDITS: Main Street Silhouettes 5 by Studio Tangie; Sunshine ATC Collab by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Phineas Comes To Tea by Studio Tangie; Paddy Whack by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Wonderland by Studio Tangie; The Frosted Arctic Waters by Studio Tangie; C is for Chandelier by Studio Tangie; Words With A Twist by Sherry Ferguson; font is Old Typefaces


Williams Tree by GrannyNKy

Williams Tree by GrannyNKy


My Life as a Tree by joannknnrd

My Life as a Tree by joannknnrd

My workspace is a big over stuffed chair that looks out our patio doors into our backyard. Our yard is full of trees that we planted to honor the loss of two pregnancies, the birth of two daughters, and the death of my MIL. It’s hard not to look at those strong (yet fragile) trees and draw a parallel between my growth as a wife, mother, and person w/the growth and care of our trees!

Silhouette {Collab W/ DeCrow Designs} FREE  Newsletter ADD ON! By Tangie


I am no bird by chengie

I am no bird by chengie

Silhouette {Collab by Tangie Baxter and DeCrow Designs}


Of course, no post of mine would be complete without some inspiration from Pinterest as well. Here are the best ideas from Pinterest. I thought it would be amazing to share the wonderful and creative ideas with you today.


Silhouette Labels

Source: fredflare.com via Julie on Pinterest

Birds on a Wire Photo Clips from Fredflare.com

Source: etsy.com via Julie on Pinterest


Word Art



Super-sized Silhouette






DIY Project Jewelry Bust



Source: None via Julie on Pinterest


Cardboard Roll Art



Silhouette within a silhouette



Book Cover



Source: etsy.com via Julie on Pinterest


Texture silhouette





Source: modcloth.com via Julie on Pinterest


Wearable Silhouette







Reverse Silhouette




Silhouettes Used as a Stencil







Source: None via Julie on Pinterest




On a Pillow










Ring Love Letters



Source: google.com via Julie on Pinterest




Thanks for visiting! Have fun crafting and scrapbooking this weekend. xoxo



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