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Art Jouraling 101 – Digital Gesso Textures in Action with Tutorial

Hello Friends! We have a new product to share with you, some new pages from the SBG Gallery, and a tutorial! After my post last week on Everything You Want to Know About Gesso, Tangie released a Digital Gesso Texture Set of  19 “painted” gesso textures (see Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 30} Apprentice Art Box Edition By Tangie).  As posted in the description, “It contains 19 gesso “painted” textures in .png format and includes 4 bonus gesso shadow styles in .asl format for PS/PSE users (won’t work in all programs but you can still very easily use the gesso textures!).  It is designed to work well with The Art Journal Caravan. It’s also great for everyday scrapping or altered art projects.”

Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 30} Apprentice Art Box Edition By Tangie


The Art Journal Caravaners embraced the gesso textures immediately and an outpouring of creations filled the gallery. Here are a handful…please click on the images to give them some love in the gallery.

Itinerary 30 Intensify by Grace

Itinerary 30 Intensify by Grace

Paper from Deconstructed Journals No 3 by Tangie Baxter
Paper from Gypsy Spirit Solids by Tangie Baxter
Parcel 30 Gesso Textures by Tangie Baxter
Art doll by Rebecca McMeen from Parcel 1 Tangie Baxter and Rebecca McMeen collab
Books from Tapestry of Time by Butterflies and Bluebells
Quote: Good fiction reveals feeling, refines events, locates importance and, though its methods are as mysterious as they are varied, intensifies the experience of living our own lives. Vincent Canby
Art Journaling Font Mock Turtle by Tangie Baxter



tangie_Parcel 30 – 19 gesso textures

Font: tangie_AJCMockTurtle Bold

Photo: Me



Intensify #30 by MsKaty

Intensify #30 by MsKaty

My background kinda says Intensify too!
Credits: Deviant Scrap’s Color Splash and Tangie’s 19 Gesso Textures Parcel #30.




Intensify by php57

Intensify by php57

Credits: Laurence Designs Chance Partie 2; Tangie Gesso Textures

Quote: The final purpose of art is to intensify, even, if necessary, to exacerbate, the moral consciousness of people.
Norman Mailer



Being True To Me by lmgdonahue

Being True to Me by lmgdonahue

Created with Studio Rosey Posey’s Being True kit. Also used the gesso styles from AJC Parcel 30.




AJC 2011 - Intensify by Bitte

AJC 2011 – Intensify by Bitte

I have been trying the gesso thing… This page kind of made itself.
There have been some terrorists bombing Oslo, Norway today.
It’s very scary… and the fact that it’s so close INTENSIFY my fears of what’s happening
in the world around us. The world is getting closer to our little corner here in Sweden…
This is my reaction on it.

everything is Tangie’s stuff.




TUTORIAL Using Tangie’s Gesso Textures

I do have a tutorial on how I used Tangie’s gesso textures myself to create an digital art journal page. This is my page…

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #30 Intensify by Julie Ann Shahin

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #30 Intensify by Julie Ann Shahin


Paper: Quickity Split N Print Vol 3, Journal Anthology IV,

Embellishments: Paperlace, Serendipitious, Journal Anthology IV, Journal Anthology II, Journal Anthology,  Black Licorice ATC, Altered Dividers, Dominoes Bliss, Quickity Split N Print Vol 3

Borders: A Door Opened, Diving In, Deconstructed No. 4, Day of Dead,

Gesso: Art Journal Caravan 2011 {Parcel 30}










Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #30 by Julie Ann Shahin

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Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com


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