Saturdays Are Fun: Good Words

Happy Saturday! Words have power unlike anything else. They can make us laugh, they can uplift us, they can give us hope. In our art, words add deeper meaning and significance. To give you some inspiration, here are a few quotes I’ve found recently that are my favorites!

Source: None via Julie on Pinterest


I love this quote! Doesn’t it make you want to make something RIGHT NOW?!???



May positive energy flow to you and to all you love.


Source: via Julie on Pinterest


This is so true for me! How about you?  My name is Julie, I am addicted to my computer.



What a great way to re-frame the idea of  fail-ing. Beautiful.



Amen. Do what you love, and delegate the rest!


Source: via Julie on Pinterest


Ah!!! Very deep indeed. Where does your mind go when it wanders?


I hope you are inspired by these words today, and are excited to make art! Have a great weekend. xoxo


4 Responses to Saturdays Are Fun: Good Words

  • Sherry says:

    Once more you’ve hit the nail right on the head for me. These are all new quotes to me, and perfectly relevant as I’m off to try a new adventure today – zentangles! thanks for one more amazing blog post!

  • Awesome quotes!

  • Marie Conley aka eklektik says:

    Tangie! I totally love your entry for this day… quite uplifting and thought provoking!!! Thank you for sharing! The ‘Creative Process’ cracks me up – love poking fun at myself…and I can definitely see this pie chart behavior in myself!!! Luv all of them! Awesome way to look at ‘FAIL’!!!
    Great inspiration all!!

  • tangie says:

    OH I wish I could take credit but Julie Ann is the fabulous blogger behind this post! She’s doing a marvelous job with the blog don’t you think????


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