Art Journaling 101: Creative Use of Typography in Digi Art Journaling

Art Journaling 101: Typography

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Julie Ann Shahin, Social Media Team

I believe many of us in this industry collect fonts as a passion. Tangie has picked up on this passion when she started her Foundry earlier this year with her own fonts for sale.  Not only that, she has given exclusive video tutorials on how to make the most of these fonts in art journaling to the Art Journal Caravan 2011 to watch at your own pace.  It’s not too late to join!


Today let’s look at some of the talented Art Journal Caravan members and Studio Tangie Creative Team members, and how they’ve made the most of typography and font use.  We’ll see the use of rhythm, energy,  repetition, and scale. We’ll see the use of constrasting fonts, casual fonts, and fonts used for readability.  We’ll see text paths, text circles, and fonts that guide your eye through the design.  We’ll see fonts that offer mood, hierarchy, and emphasis. We’ll see fonts with a crackled effect, decorative fonts, and handwritten fonts. Also we’ll see typography and fonts that break all the rules! Here we go….

The artists in today’s post include:

  • sparklyduck75
  • Yvonne55
  • jonee
  • janeagain
  • Grace
  • DALE
  • SpunMonkey
  • joamosatcharterdotnet
  • Tangie Baxter
  • gerryglow
  • tarthur
  • ginamichelle
  • wanderer
  • Serenoa


This page by sparklyduck75 demonstrates creative fonts use with {rhythm}, which is appropriate for the lyrics.

Art Journal Caravan #35 by sparklyduck75

Art Journal Caravan #35 by sparklyduck75

You have something no one else has, or has ever had:
your fingerprints, your brain, your heart.
Be an individual.
Be unique. Stand out. Make noise.
Make someone notice.
–Jon Bon Jovi

Everything by Tangie Baxter and friends, from
AJC 2011 Parcels 35, 33, and 15;
AJC 2011 Grab Bag; and
aMUSEing and Ultimate Art Doll kits.
Fonts: Tangie’s Chesire, Jabberwock, and MadHatter.



This fun page by Yvonne55 demonstrates a {casual} use of a font mixed with doodling. She’s backed the font with color and patterns.

Fight by Yvonne55

Fight by Yvonne55

Font is Jabberwock by Tangie Baxter
All papers (fillings) are by Tangie Baxter.

When I was a teenager, I doodled every page in my agenda this way.



This page by jonee uses {contrasting fonts} for ultimate impact.

Organize - not! by jonee

Organize – not! by jonee

It’s not that I’m so disorganized actually but I am a bit messy!

Gesso2 by Studio Tangie
ARTistrokes by Studio Ztampf
Femme by Birgit Kerr
Wordstrips by Birgit Kerr
Art Mask Addon by Phuong Ton
Kaleidoscope by Lynne-Marie, creations, Leona Sanford at Catscrap
True to Yourself by Pink Reptile Designs at Zig Zag Scrap
Quote: source unknown
Fonts: You are Loved, Old Typewriter



In this page by janeagain, the fonts {guide} your eye around the design. The distinctness in font weights help to  achieve this effect.

My Journey by janeagain

My Journey by janeagain

Credits: Dream and Discover, Deconstructed Journals vol. 2 and 3, Steampunk Bandwagon, and Prose by Tangie Baxter Fonts are Five, Seven and Two and Knave by Tangie Baxter and !Paul Maul



This page is an example of giving {personality/mood} to typefaces.

Art Journal Caravan #25: Catch by sparklyduck75

Art Journal Caravan #25: Catch by sparklyduck75

“To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life,” said Samuel Johnson.

AJC Parcel 25 by Tangie Baxter and Beth Rimmer;
Catch Splatter Graffiti by Tangie;
AJC Deconstructed Journals Papers by Tangie;
Water droplets from Field Notes: Spring kit by… guess who?;
Swirls and leaves from Sweetums Garden by Maya.
Fonts: Tangie’s Art Journal Font Chesire and AJF Jabberwock; also 2Peas_Goofball.



This is an example of using a {textpath} or perhaps distorting the text path by Serenoa.

Art Journal Caravan #25 Quiet Times by Serenoa

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #25 Quiet Times by Serenoa

Elements and papers from Studio Tangie kits – Golden Ocean, Briny Deep, Seaside Art Dolls, and Parcel 22.



This is a beautiful page showing a bold font with a {crackled effect} by jonee.

Light by jonee

Light by jonee

background papers (blended), blended butterflies – She Follows her Heart by Studio Rosey Posey
paper lace, leaves – Gypsy Rose collab by Studio Rosey Posey and Gypsy
Splatter Grafitti Celtic, AJC 11, AJC 33 by Tangie Baxter
stamp – Naturally by Pink Reptile Designs
butterfly – Creation 23 by Catherine Designs and Createwings
bird – ReCreation 23 by Catherine Designs and Createwings
beaded lace – Natural Abandon by Gypsy
stitched border – Cozy by Lynne-Marie
Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Font (with effect) Cracked



This page by DALE shows us a {decorative} font from Tangie’s foundry.

The Good Fairy by DALE

Art Journal Caravan #13 Hope

The Good Fairy by DALE

If I had influence with the good fairy I would ask that her gift to each child be a sense of hope and wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life. If I had influence with the good fairy.

For this page I used:
Studio Tangie: Knave Font (just love it!!)
Studio Rebecca: Merrit
Studio Lori: Artist Faeries



The typography on this page by SpunMonkey creates {energy}.

Life – Make it Shine by SpunMonkey

Life – Make It Shine by SpunMonkey

Made with A Door Just Opened, Mock Turtle Art Journaling Font, Walrus Art Journaling Font and Paperworn Art Styles & BONUS Action by Tangie Baxter @ Scrapbook Graphics




This page by joamosatcharterdotnet demonstrates several typography details. One is {scale} as the fonts go from larger to smaller to create hierarchy.

JusT OnE kiSS by joamosatcharterdotnet

JusT OnE kiSS by joamosatcharterdotnet

just havin fun and practicing with the warped journal texting–trying to get back in the groove again. Took a long break…

Gotta thank my help:
(backgrounds) TumblefishStudios-EastisWestExtras and Juno-NotePaperOldies
(bird cage, asian lady, butterflybird and flowering branch) TangieBaxter-AlteredArtSheet65 and SheJournalsKIt
(fonts) TangieBaxter-AJF MockTurtle, TweedleDee and Dinah
(brushes) Redju-ArtisticPaintBrushes and EHI-PaintStrokes @ scrapgirls



This page by Tangie Baxter {breaks all the rules}. She flips words along the same line. She also outlines the fonts, and fills in the centers of the “d’s” , “e’s” , “a’s”, and “o’s” of some of  the words.

{June} Adv Quest Week #1 by Tangie Baxter

{June} Adventure Quest Week #1 by Tangie Baxter

Merritt by Studio Rebecca
Metal Momma by Holliewood Studios
Compendium of Daydreams, daydream & pause splatter graffiti, Celtic Traditions, Call of the Gypsy, dodo font, mock turtle font, plum pudding font, tweedledum font all by Studio Tangie



This page by Grace shows us a {sunburst} design placement of the text.

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #31 Organize by Grace

Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #31 Organize by Grace

Whim by Rebecca McMeen
Eliaz by Rebecca McMeen
Parcel 30 Gesso Textures by Tangie Baxter
Gesso 2 from Parcel 31 Grab Bag Madness by Tangie Baxter
Quote: Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true. Author unknown
Art Journaling Font Dinah by Tangie Baxter
Art Journaling Font White Queen by Tangie Baxter
Art Journaling Font Mock Turtle by Tangie Baxter
Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter


This page by sparklyduck75 is a great example of several types of typography, in my opinion: {decorative font, scale, and rhythm.}

Art Journal Caravan - Hope by sparklyduck75

Art Journal Caravan – Hope by sparklyduck75

Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul,
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all,
-Emily Dickinson

Hope: a joyful and confident expectation of good.

Floral paper, branches, bling, Western Union telegram, and graffiti from AJC 2011 Parcel 13,
by Tangie Baxter and Studio Rosey Posey;
Blue flower from AJC 2011 Parcel 1 by Tangie Baxter and Rebecca McMeen;
Pink paper, notepaper palm fronds, graffiti splatters, and bird, all by Tangie.
Fonts: Chesire by Tangie; 2peas_PlatformShoes; TypicalWriter.

I also used a set of Tangie’s journal lines to arrange my text, but removed them after–just felt kind of structural, and I wanted my bird to feel uninhibited. Love the effect, though, in more ways than one: it was kind of calming, adjusting one letter at a time.




This page has fonts that {varies a distinct font with a neutral font}.

Know by SpunMonkey

Know by SpunMonkey

Made with What I Love to Do a collab by Tangie Baxter and Re Kneipp and Jabberwock Art Journaling Font by Tangie Baxter.



This page by gerryglow demonstrates a great use of a bold {handwritten} font.

I'm Going To by gerryglow

I’m Going to by gerryglow

Credits: BG and elements Happy to Be Me by Tangie
Doll is Happy Girl from Wish Bliss Studios




This page by tarhtur demonstrates {emphasis} with the different fonts for the words “courage” and “dreams”.

portal II - dreams by tarthur

portal II – dreams by tarthur


The fancy font is Tangie’s Jabberwock and the other is called Idolwild. swirl brush by KPeriet. I have no idea where I got the chicken image. It’s been in my gallery for years. If anyone knows the chicken’s owner, I will happily give credit.




This artistic page by ginamichelle is an example of {repetition}.

Fast and Free by ginamichelle

Fast and Free by ginamichelle

Credits: Journal Anthology 5 by Tangie Baxter…thology-5.html , template: by Lilacs in Bloom, fonts are TweedleDum and Tweedle Dee by Tangie Baxter



I love this page by wanderer for her use of  {warped text}, {text circles}, and {sunburst text placement}.

{Try} by wanderer

{Try} by wanderer

Tornado- my first attempt at Art Rage
Supermii- designed by me on, recolored in Photoshop
Glitter: Trixie Scraps
Background: Tommys Garage by Studio Gypsy
Fonts: Pea Tonya, Pea Danley,Pea NJH Script, Pea Chit’s Bits, Pea Bhea Script, & Pea Teran from Fonts for Peas



This page by SpunMonkey uses a journaling font for {readability}.

Itinerary 2 – I Can by SpunMonkey

Art Journal Caravan #2 – I Can by SpunMonkey

Scrapbook Graphics: Tangie Baxter – Seaside Art Dolls, Bee True, Various Collage Fodder Sheets, Painted Grunge Papers, Curious Adventures
Deviant Scrap: Clementine Design – Eleanor’s Avenue
Crowabout StudioB – Funky Birds and Borders, More Wild Things, Borders and Bits, Odds and Ends, Dirty Alpha
Sherrie JD – Body Farm
Teesha’s Land of Odd: Teesha Moore – Collage Sheets





This is a very interesting infographic by Noodlor, and blogged about in detail by Cliff Kuang here. I thought if you are interested in learning more about typography, this would be a great place to start!

Type Guide by Noodlor

Shop Tangie’s Foundry.



Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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5 Responses to Art Journaling 101: Creative Use of Typography in Digi Art Journaling

  • Monica says:

    Julie, I just love your articles. I read them over and over and savor all the good info! Thank you so much. :smile:

    • Julie Ann Shahin says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It makes my day. I’m glad that you find it useful. xoxo

  • Heather (sparklyduck75) says:

    Wow, Julie Ann! Thank you for so generously featuring three of my pieces in this wonderful article. Aren’t the Caravan artists so inspiring? I appreciate keeping company with them, and am so grateful to you for including me here. Also really love the Type Guide at the end!

    Just FYI–if you or your font-loving readers have Netflix (or another way to get your hands on obscure titles), look up a documentary called “Helvetica.” It’s about the history and use of that font, but also explores the purpose of decorative and plain fonts and various schools of thought on the subject. Really fascinating and surprisingly entertaining, too.

    Thank you again! What a great thing to wake up to this morning. :mrgreen:

  • Heather T. says:

    Love the pages you’ve picked, and how you’ve described them. Great post!!

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