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Art Journaling 101: What to Write

This is a photo heavy post. Please be patient while it loads, it’s so worth it!

What comes first? The writing or the art? In art journaling, we’ll explore today the words. If you find that you get stuck after creating the art while transitioning to the words, I believe it’s because the art requires a different part of the brain than the writing requires, one uses the left brain, the other the right. So embrace the process, and relax, give yourself a pat on the back for realizing that there is indeed a transition that needs to be made.

On my personal blog, I have posted about various online creative journaling prompt resources. Feel free to check it out. Come back though and finish reading today’s post on What to Write!!!


I am pulling from the Art Journal Caravan Gallery examples to illustrate ideas for journaling. Thank you to everyone in the Gallery for sharing your talent. I wish I could feature everyone!

Art Journal Caravaners’ Examples on What to Write

From Thimbleberrie’s Gallery

Topic: All About Me

AJC Week 24 Affirmation by thimbleberrie

Show AJC Week 24 Itinerary: Affirmation by thimbleberrie some love!


Credits: Gal- Artella (i think); green monster-momseveryday ideas freebie;, emily strange; clock- fiddlette; red flower- Ztamp transformation; various kits by tangie


Topic: She

May Art Journal Caravan Adventure Quest by thimbleberrie

Show May Art Journal Caravan Adventure Quest by thimbleberrie some love!

Artist’s Notes: Enjoying the journey and inspiration found on the caravan so much to see and styles to try.

Credits: Background- Adolecent Antics everydaymom’s ideas; tape -gypsy rose; red.blue border- one eyed monster crowabout; glitter- being true rosie posey; blue polka dot pp- rebel joyful heart designs; black feather (wings) box society gypsy; enjoy- ajc 2011; flower- impossible things tangie; banner- Ajc parcel 31 (2010) ; butterfly- artella; paint brush & she words- she journals bliss ; doll- happy girl wish bliss studio; priceless-drama department rosie posey; light bulb- orange circle- unconvential wisdom; fying pig-this little piggy; fairy- tiny rock chick freebie; crow- flirty flamingo gypsy; binoculars- travel around the world; rooster-colorsplash deviant scrap; amazing-just say geek; art-crowabout studio; stars/blue border-tribalations; crower-vintage words; little devil- wild weeds halloween; it’s not down…Ajc parcel 11;
red cardboard- color AtC’s


Topic: Health

AJC Week 26 Itinerary: Do by thimbleberrie

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Artist’s Notes: time for me to get back on the “weight loss wagon”- had been doing really well and now up 8 lbs and starting over- 25 total to loose- so……..move more, lots more, eat less and eat better…..

Credits: far far away pin up gal freebie; strawberries/pepper/asperagus- everydaymomsideas; cupcake- rkd; sweets- bdate sweeties; remember this- SBG connect; various tangie kits


Topic: Art Journaling Process

AJC Week 30 Itinerary: Intensify by thimbleberrie

Show AJC Week 30 Itinerary: Intensify by thimbleberrie some love!

Credits: various kits by: Tangie, Sara Barber, Everydaymom’s ideas, rosey posey, RKD, SBG Transformation kit


Topic: Grief

I am going..... by thimbleberrie

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Artist’s Note: bitter • Resulting from or expressive of severe grief, anguish, or disappointment • Marked by resentment or cynicism….I never really understood the meaning of this word till my grandmother died. She had been sick & in the hospital for several weeks- no one called me until it was much too late- reasoning was “we thought she was getting better” followed by “you were always her favorite”. I would have rather been given the opportunity to get on a plane and fly the 2300 miles home to say goodbye…the bitterness pops up now and again at the most unexpected times.

Credits: kits by Tangie, RKD, Rosey Posey, into the darkness freebie from Deviant Scrap


From susan1255′s Gallery

Topic: Faith

Heritage by susan1255

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Artist’s Note: I seem to be very wordy lately…I think this journaling stuff is rubbing off on me.

Credits: Elements, mostly Dawn Inskip. Stitched Alpha – Karen Funk,
DHD, Sewing elements – Emeto


Topic: One of the Five Senses

Smell by susan1255

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Artist’s Note: I love how many fabulous lovely things there are to smell in life. It was a lot of fun journaling a few of my favorites.

Credits: Page made from various kits by Dawn Inskip, Brushes by Anna Aspnes, Flower Alpha by Holliewood Studios.


Topic: Beliefs

Map by susan1255

Show Map by susan1255 some love!

Credits: Wow, lot’s of contributors to this layout, won’t remember them all. Background is Lorie Davison, Wonky punchies on striped paper is Dawn Inskip. Lots of elements from AJC packets…sorry I can’t be more specific…I’m sleep deprived! A good time to scrap……


Topic: Venting

In a Funk by susan1255

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Artist’s Note: Trying to work through my lack of mojo…just keep making pages til it comes back…

Credits: Lots of contributors – Tangie, Cali Designs, Holliewood, Marta Wan Eck, Starlight Designs, Fiddlette.


Topic: Wisdom

Test by susan1255

CBorders – Fiddlette Designs, Artsy Itsie Bitsies – Page One, Journaling lines – Tangie Baxter



From Artgirl’s Gallery

Topic: Who I Am

AJC 2011 - August Self-Portrait by Artgirl

Show AJC 2011 August Adventure Quest Self Portrait by Artgirl some love!


Artist Note: This required some super-duper thinking which is really hard to do when you have just returned from vacation! I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s pages … what a great bunch we are!!!

Credits: Crowabout Studios: trailer, body, be yourself sign, play sign, black/white striped background, leaves; Lorie Davison: blue flower, heart, compass; Shabby Princess: journaling strips; Tangie: background paper; Model face: Me!!!


Topic: One Little Word

AJC 2011 - #2 Thrive by Artgirl

Show AJC 2011 Itinerary #2: Thrive by Artgirl some love!

Artist Note: I’m catching up with the Caravan … since I started with #20 I’m going back and trying to make some progress! I initially posted this in the main gallery and forgot to post to the Caravan, so all my credits can be found on that posting. Thanks for looking!


Topic: Family History

AJC 2011 - July Adventure Quest - Heritage by Artgirl

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Artist Note: I became addicted to Ancestry.com this year so the timing is perfect for this project! I am the keeper of old photos for both my mom’s and dad’s families and a relative (Sam Champlain, who is mentioned in the narrative) started a family tree, so with this information and Ancestry.com I have accumulated some massive family history. It is such a pleasure to put some history behind these old photos and see the stories told. To clarify the narrative, the Bowler brother married the Champlain sister, and the Bowler sister married the Champlain brother … confusing? Thanks for looking and for giving me such inspiration from all your wonderful artwork!!!!

Credits: CreateWings Designs for all elements, except the photo frame, which is from JenU.



From Bitte’s Gallery

Topic: Goals

I Want by bitte

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some love!

Credits: Tangies stuff.

Artist Note: I really can’t do orange ! So, out of the box I climb. Sorry for the bad english, I do my journaling in swedish on my lo’s and then translate it into english…

Journaling :

I really, really want…

- a long,healthy and happy life – and higher salary
- that my family – both two- and fourlegged – shall have a long, healthy and happy life
- to keep our familys house for ever
- that me and my man keeps having steady jobs to go to
- that my daughter ‘grows up’ and can take some responsibility with having a job and her own place
- that I may have my mother and father for a long time yet
- some ‘real’ use for my creativity, maybe even make some money on it
- to learn more about using my camera
- a big lottery winning, to pay off some of the housebills
- to find a friend who likes digiscrapping and other things that I like
- more energy and less sick days
- more energy and time to make some more scrapbook-albums


Topic: Art Journal Manifesto

AJC 2011 - art journal by Bitte

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Artist Note: We were told to make positive pages about our art journaling, caravaning etc… this is my way to tell myself why I should keep going this year.

And trying to get myself to use borders more often.
I love them, but don’t use them much… go figure!


Topic: Write Your Own Poetry

AJC 2011 - poetry by Bitte

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Note: Ok… this week Tangie said, write your own poetry.
So I did.
Pleeease, bee kind ! Remember, english isn’t my ‘cup of tea’.
But I had fun.


Topic: Being a Mother

AJC 2011 - Breaking free by Bitte

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Artist’s Note: When I see the words ‘Breaking free’, I just keep hearing
‘I want to break free !’, the song by Freddie Mercury and Queen, in my head.
And in the video there’s a housewife, that want to ‘Break free’.
Sometimes I feel like that, even if I’m not a housewife.

Credits: Wordstrips – Tangie – She journals-kit; frame – Tangie – Being me collab w Rosey Posey; paperstrips – Tangie – Plays, Poetry & Prose words collection; bg paper – Berna – Walk in nature collab w Manu


Topic: Inspired by a Book

AJC 2011 - Art saves... by Bitte

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Artist’s Note: Art saves me, myself and I from going nuts !
Life have this year more then ever, felt like a whirlwind,
and I really neeeed to create to stay sane. Since I
joined AJC, I have felt it so clearly and strong.
Apparently the universe knew I needed AJC this year…

The journaling is very inspired by the book
‘The legend of Bagger Vance’, that more or less dropped
on me a few weeks ago, and I just had the time to read.

Credits: Everything is Tangie’s stuff, cut, recolored… etc.



From Balinda’s Gallery

Topic: Create Your Own Quote

Treasured Collection by Belinda

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For week 32 of the Art Journal Caravan 2011

Artist’s Note: Quote is my own -
Bits of treasure
collected over time
become as precious as
the memory when the touch
of it can transport you back
to the instant the memory
was made.

Credits: Serendipitous by Tangie Baxter @ Scrapbookgraphics (paper, charms on chain, winged doll, butterflies); Parcel 32 Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions by Tangie Baxter and Studio ZTAMPF! @ Scrapbookgraphics (the word collect); Parcel 25 Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions by Tangie Baxter and Beth Rimmer @ Scrapbookgraphics (arm); Uncle Henry (clock) by Holliewood Studios @ Deviant Scrap; On the Edge Overlays 12×12 by CrztalRain @ Deviant Scrap; Font~Never (I have no idea where I got it)


Topic: What Bothers You

Fat Bottomed Girls by Balinda

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Artist’s Note: A little bit of a soapbox at the frustration of fashion designers catering to tiny sized women. 99% of the women I know have curves and it would be nice for fashion to ONE day really recognize that and not call it “plus size”. Curvy is by no means = to being fat. It’s being real. And also a bit of a tribute to Queen with the “fat bottomed girls” portion of it. And even though I HATE their Bicycle song…I just had to add a bicycle since it was in the Colorsplash kit and went with the idea of something I didn’t like. Queen is actually one of my all time fave music groups.

Credits: A Niche in Time by Beth Rimmer @ Deviant Scrap; Color Splash – A Somerset Digital Studio Exclusive by the Deviant Scrap Designers; MFT HiLightz by Cryztal Rain @ Deviant Scrap; Font used is Mock Turtle by Tangie Baxter from the Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 08} Apprentice Art Box Edition at Scrapbookgraphics

Journal lines are by Tangie Baxter from the Art Journal Caravan 2011 Provisions {Parcel 12} Apprentice Art Box Edition at Scrapbookgraphics


Topic: A Feeling that Needs Healing

AJC Itinerary #10 Belong by Balinda

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I did not follow the unspoken
rules. Expectations were not
met. The hearts opened but
the key not given. The
outsider I stayed.
Judged I became.
It was evivident that
I would never

Artist’s Note: This prompt brought made me think of how my ex-in-laws made me feel. I was never accepted for who I was by them and judged harshly for any mistakes I made. I was 18 when I married their youngest son. It did not help that I was 7 years younger than him, so I was disapproved of before they even met me.

The smaller tree on the right represents my family that I left and the larger tree on the left represents his family that I was to join. I am standing behind his tree because even though we married, I never felt a real part of his family. The ladder leads up into the branches and the cozy chair which is representing the warm welcoming arms of his family…which felt unattainable. I did see goodness in them which is what the heart is for. Their hearts however never fully opened up to me nor accepted me so the “key to the heart” was never given. I made the tearful moon very large to represent how sad and lonely I became to feel over time.

Credits: I used Maya’s Blue Moon Kit and Blue Moon Alphas from here at Scrapbookgraphics; Font used is DJB Tweenybopper by Darcy Baldwin at Sweet Shoppe Designs


Topic: Self Portrait

Balinda's Self Portrait by Balinda

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Artist’s Note: Adventure Quest for August of the AJC was to do a Self-Portrait. I altered my photo using the New Manga effect tutorial found at PSD Box

Thanks for looking!!!!

Word Art~Studio Bethany~Scrapbookgraphics; Acrylic letters~Lauren Reid;
Word Strips, Crown, Wings, background paper ~TumbleFish Studios~Deviant Scrap; On the edge ATC overlays~CryztalRain~Deviant Scrap; Camera and Ruler~Holliewood Designs~Deviant Scrap; Cloud~Gazebo Interlude~Beth Rimmer~Deviant Scrap; Alice legs and Dress~Marta Van Eck~Deviant Scrap



From PatsFanGran’s Gallery

Topic: Change

My Attention by PatsFanGran

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Artist’s Note: In the past few weeks, my sisters and brother have learned that my mother can no longer live alone. She is now where her needs can be met, but it is such a painful transition for her and for us. The Art Journal topic ” My Attention ” helped me put some feelings to canvas.

Credits: background paper~Tempest Tossed by Tangie Baxter; smoke~Prince of the City by Lorie Davison; match, skull, staples~ Helter Skelter by Flergs; barbed wire~Industrial Collab by Gypsy and ViVa; font~Gridshift


Topic: Taking a Risk

She Jumped by PatsFanGran

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Artist’s Note: I changed the Simply Stated for this week from ” I jumped ” to ” She Jumped ” to make it fit the idea of news reporting. Totally dreamt this page last night…the typewriter part anyways.

Credits: background paper, typewriter & paper, type keys and “have you heard” blurb~Old News by Raspberry Road Designs; Alpha~Impossible Things, dragonfly brush~Journal Anthology, bathtub girls brush~Journal Anthology 5 (all by Tangie Baxter); black teardrop~Black and White by Soval


Topic: Continue Where Word Art Leaves Off

Belong by PatsFanGran

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Artist’s Note: After Tangie’s word art at the top of the page~ my journaling reads: “but all too soon the fairy wings fade away and make believe is tucked away in the dress up box. We have to belong to the grown up world. But if you believe, the magic is never really gone. If you are very very lucky…you will have your own magical moments…and you’ll be looking over your shoulder to try to catch a glimpse of the fairy.
I have had so much magic in my life, I know I belong to both worlds.”

Credits: background paper~ Prince of the City by Lorie Davison; “magic” word art~My Fairy Friends by Tangie Baxter; fairy, extra fairy wings, pink circle brushes, white circle brushes~Secret Garden by Sussie M; crow on lampost~Into the Darkness, designer unknown { sorry! }; journaliing font~jaques


Topic: I Am Statement

Self-Portrait ~ August Adventure Quest by PatsFanGran

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Artist’s Note: This was sooo hard to do, but very worthwhile!
I cannot WAIT to see the entire Portrait Album!

Credits: background paper, key~Shadow Box by Kimla; tree and owl~Voo Doo HooDoo by Finecrafted Designs; silhoette~Collage Fodder Silhoettes by Tangie Baxter; photo words and time line~Film Bits by Vinnie Pearce; camera brush~Focused and Photographed by Sue Cummings and Val C. Designs;
butterfly and paintbrush~Field Notes Spring by Tangie Baxter; photograph, by me~ taken at the Daniel Webster Audubon Preserve in Marshfield, MA



From Ladynorth’s Gallery

Topic: Nature

AJC 2011 April Adventure Quest: POETRY by ladynorth

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Artist’s Note:

and the roan deer dance
upon the green hills

your wild scarlet fuchsia
my heart
and the roan deer dance
upon the green hills

your gray stone walls
mark the boundary
mist and magic
and the roan deer dance
upon the green hills

your sacred groves
echo to
midnight pipe and bodhran
and the roan deer dance
upon the green hills

when will you invite me to dance again?
and the roan deer dance
upon the green hills

LadyNorth © 1996

This was written with longing after a trip to Ireland in 1996.
Luckily I was able to return to Her Green Shores in 2006 and hope to go again soon.

Credits and Kits:
Fuchsia photo: Wild Flowers of Ireland net site; Roan deer: c/r free flickr; Background Paper and Frame:: Tangie’s Celtic Traditions papers; Book: Bkerr: World Traveler: ; Clock Picture Frame: L Davision: FallingLeavesAutumnTea;
Background photo: private collection; Poem : mine


Topic: Timeline

AJC 2011 Itinerary 19: MAP by ladynorth

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AJC 2011 Itinerary 19: MAP
Finding Our Way Home

Artist’s Note: To say it was a Labyrinthian Journey to our Island Home at Quail Hill is indeed an understatement.
We went through the Move From Hell, to being literally Homeless and a bit panic stricken in a motel at 2am, with a frantic cat who did NOT LIKE being caged!
So no, that is not a typo at No. 5 – it was exactly a DAY after we moved out of our Condo (and catching the last ferry to the Island!) that our Realtor Janet helped Quail Hill find us the Next Day!
It was the 7th Listing, on the 7th Day, in the 7th Month, 2007!
(I think the word you might be looking for is ‘fated’..grin)
The best description of why we came back here, after a 25 year absence toiling in the City, is found in Eileen’s song.
Sung and composed by Islander: Eileen McGann
From her CD: Beyond the Storm

The tall Firs wave and look out on the morning
They shake themselves a touch
And gaze down on the bay -
An Eagle cries and circles round the mountain
The dawn light paints the water blue
As Orcas rise to play.

O what could be more beautiful?
What could touch my heart?
What place on earth
Could keep me from this part
I call Home?

And in a place of dark primeval glory
The Old Ones stand and guard the land
Where they began a millennium ago-
The poets Dream
A Painter’s Inspiration
The Joy of Life on every side
As Nature meant it so.

When evening falls and shadows gather round us
The Sea-Lions fish in twilight’s glow
As Herons float back to their nest
The only sound
The wind among the treetops
An ocean’s whispered lullaby
As I go to my rest.

Credits: Photo background: Quadra Island – Cape Mudge Lighthouse – my own photo; Parchment background: Tangie AJC11 Parcel 19; Parchment tags: created from parchment in Tangie AJC11 Parcel 19; Labyrinth design: St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England; Compass stencil: Tangie AJC11 Parcel 19;
Fonts used: Tangie’s Mockturtle, Arial Narrow and Antique Type


Topic: Create Your Own Character and It’s Story

AJC 2011 Itinerary 20: Understand – Whatever Happens by ladynorth

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Artist’s Note: For something different, I combined the Simply Started: “Whatever Happens” with the Verb: “Understand”.
Sophie filled in the rest.

Blue background paper: Tangie’s Parcel 20; Polka Dot Rain: Tangie’s Parcel 20; Window and Parchment: Tangie’s A Door Just Opened; Understand and Cinnamon Rolls: Tangie’s A Door Just Opened Alpha; Tangie’s Fonts: Jabberwock, fiveseventen, tweedledee; Other Font: Apple Boy BTN


Topic: List-Making

August Adventure Quest: Self Portrait by ladynorth

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Artist’s Note:
or…Me and My Shadows..
Inspired by Angela Cartwright’s amazing artwork

Credits: My Shadow photo taken by Mr Bear; Forest photo of me: taken by Mr Bear; Sophie and Kevin snuck in their own shadows when I wasn’t looking. Background paper: Tangie’s Field Notes (Spring); Font: Smartypants


From wombat146′s Gallery

Topic: Repeat A Word


I AM A COLLECTOR by wombat146

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Artist’s Note: Finally finished it! Its taken me all week! It started off totally different but like a lot of my pages they decide to go off another another tangent!!
This page features my 8 grandchildren, who are all so very precious to me and my greatest collection!
Thanks for looking

Everything from SBG
Parcel #32, Splatter Graffitti – Indifference: Both from Studio Tangie; Pic of me nursing Taj is actually cut from a page I made using Magic Reality Designs products. Software: PSE8


Topic: Lots of journaling subtlety blended into page

ESCAPE by wombat146

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Artist’s Note: My first ever Art Journaling page I did last last month (July 2011) which was the start of my journey.
Thanks for looking

Carla Gibson Designs: Majority papers from Rustic Memories PP, Isabella PP
Majority of elements and all brushes and some wordart from Altered Elements, Altered Fairywear, Altered Wings, Dragonfly Brushes, Flourish Brushes; Joanne Brisebois Designs: Paper from Faery Tales Papers, Overlay from Touch of Whimsy Overlays; Designs by Sue Cummings: Paint Splat Circle – From My Notebook range, Wordart from 2010 Inspirations Week 40 – Attitude; 2009 Inspirations Week 13 – Artistry; Ashalee Wall Designs:
Dandelion flower Dreamy kit; Faery card from Faeries and Elves Pieces (Elements only); Font: Dymo, Polaroid 22, Burst by Bubble, Pea Jamie;
Software: PSE8


Topic: What Inspires You?

INSPIRATION by wombat146

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Artist’s Note: I was thinking last night about all the things that inspire me!!
Thanks for looking
Look around and see nature alive with beauty and inspiring thoughts.
In the colours of a sunset or a rainbow stretched across the sky.
In the joy of a baby’s smile or in the sweet laughter of children at play.
In the morning sunshine or in the moonlight, the world is alive with light and love.
In the sweet innocent faces of the young or the creased and weathered face of age.
In the songs we sing and in the stories we tell, in the poems we write and memories we share.
In the pictures we paint or the photos we take.
In the ideas and dreams we carry in our hearts.
In the love that we give and the love we receive or the love that we have lost.
In the thoughts of the future and memories of the past and the dreams we have yet to create.
LIFE is around us each and every day, look deeply and you will find inspiration.


Most of the things are from Digiridooscraps. Art From the Heart kit – Digiridooscraps Designers; Essence kit – collab by Sarah Barber Designs and MCD Designs; Reflections (Elements pack) – Scrappie Irene Designs; Touching Artistic kit – The Urban Fairy; **Except for the lined overlay which is from Studio Box 1 by Tangie Designs at Scrapbook Graphics**; Software: PSE8



Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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