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Highlights of the Week of Oct 7

Ohhhhh this week the gallery has been so much fun with all the haunts that are starting to appear.  Halloween is my anniversary and this is my favorite time of year.  I picked out a few pages that really caught my attention, but please, be sure to stop by the Art Journal Caravan Gallery to see even more great pages.

Okay… if you know me then you know that I am a dog person.  This page by sbpoet instantly grabbed my attention.   I love the sketch of the jumping dog and the sweet picture of her loyal friend.


Then I saw this page by PatsFanGran and read the credits to find that she took this picture herself.  How COOL is that?  And then I read the quote… it’s beautiful.


I’m always inspired by ArmyGrl, she is so talented, I totally want to live in her head.  When I read her notes about this page it made me smile.  I’m always so happy to see people following their heart.


This page by tarthur is so touching.  I feel like there is a lot of symbolism here for her.  I think it’s really special when a person can get things off their chest and heal through art journaling.


And finally scrapper2009′s page with all of it’s pretty colors and the quote that makes me swoon.  Very nice page.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.



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