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Where I Live

Creative Team Spotlight on Christina aka caubin


Home Sweet Home by caubin

What is the name of where you live, and where is it located?

I live in Saint Lucie County, Florida. It’s located on the southeast coast of Florida, North of West Palm Beach & South of Vero Beach.


Did anything interesting happen here in history? Are there any interesting stories or events that took place here historically? What is where you live best known for?

This area is called The Treasure Coast. The combination of tropical,storms and multiple offshore reefs was a deadly hazard to ships back in the day and many wrecks took place off our shores. Treasure from Spanish galleons and pirate ships have been found off our coast.


What is special or important about this place? What are the best tourist attractions? What are your favorite places in your town/city?

Right in the Saint Lucie area there isn’t a whole lot, we’re kind of a quiet, hard working (when we can get jobs) place. We do have beautiful nature, state parks, beaches etc. and we are only two hours from Walt Disney World to the north and Miami to the south and one and a half hours from Kennedy Space Center. My favorite places right in town are the beach, The Savannas Preserve State Park and the North Fork of the Saint Lucie River. Oh, how could I forget, we have the New York Mets! Their spring training is here but to tell the truth we enjoy the minor league team more.

We’re foodies and if you’re in town some of our favorite restaurants are 11 Maple Street, Naiya, Tin Fish, Courtines and Shindigs Pub.


The average temperature is:
The average temperature is: About 75f


Natural disasters (i.e. floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc.) most prevalent here are:

Hurricanes. They are big, scary and destructive. We take them seriously, prepare and if they’re a 3 or higher we get out.


The local economy is based on:

Tourism and Hi-tech. We have a number of scientific research facilities and also a major special effects house that does work on very big feature films.


My favorite store is _______ minutes from where I live. (If you don’t ever go to a local crafting/scrap store then substitute the name of your favorite store)

I’m really struggling with this question. I don’t like to shop, avoid stores and don’t have a favorite store! How about this, here in St. Lucie in the western part of the actual City of Port Saint Lucie is the village of Tradition, which is a lovely place to,walk around and shop and grab a bite. To the south Downtown Stuart is also a nice place to browse boutiques and dine.


The best description of the place I call home is:

Warm, comfortable, cozy (That refers to my actual house!)


I share my home with:

My mother and her brother, my uncle, and my kitty, Dandy


My favorite no cost/free thing to do where I live is:

Oh that’s easy, it’s so beautiful here just get out and take pictures or go,the the beach. We have passes to Disney World so while it’s not technically free we don’t have to spend any money to go there other than gas, so yeah, love doing that of course!


If I didn’t live here, I’d live:

Somewhere further north where I could have autumn and lilacs and tulips.


The best/worst/weirdest thing about where I live is: We are pretty much the poster child for unemployment and the housing crash.


One last thing I want you to know about where I live is: People tend to talk down about this area but we have beautiful nature, lovely homes, lots and lots of water and we’re convenient to a lot of things. It’s an okay place to live. Oh, and if you live in South Florida, you can generally find 3-4 day cruises for about $75 – $100 a person as long as you’re willing to grab your passport and go on short notice! It’s cheaper than spending a weekend at home usually!

Thanks Christina for sharing your corner of the world with us!!!

Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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