Saturdays Are Fun: D.I.Y. Altered Hybrid Crow Halloween Decor

Happy Saturday! Halloween is almost here and it’s not too late to finish up your D.I.Y. projects. I have one more project to inspire you, an Altered Hybrid Crow/Halloween Decor!

I saw this crow on sale at the drugstore, of all places, and knew I could make a fun project with it!

Altered Decor by Julie Ann Shahin

Here are the instructions:

Step 1. (You can also get PDF  instuctions for a similiar altered crow and template for the hat at The Quilted Doll)  I picked out the digi label, ticket and digi patterned papers by Tangie that I wanted to use, and printed them onto matte photo paper (see photo below).  I used matte photo paper instead of regular paper because I wanted a sturdier, almost cardstock-like paper in order to make the crow’s collar.


Step 2. Next, I started painting my balsa wood round container. First I started with a coat of almond acrylic paint.


Step 3. Then, I added black to the edge, and went over the black lightly with almond again.


Step 4. I added black steaks to the sides as well and washed over it with almond as well.  Later, I also did a wash with white.


Step 5. Paint the lid black.


Step 6. Cut the strips for the collar 1″ wide. The lower collar is going to be 20″ long. The upper collar is going to be 18″ long.  If your paper is 12″ long, for the lower collar – then you need two strips, one = 1″ x 12″ and the second one is 1″ x 8″. For the lower collar, you’ll need: first one is 1″ x 12″ and the second strip is 1″ x 6″.

Step 7. Fold the strips every 1/4″. Fold the second strip the opposite from the first strip so it lines up to glue together.


Step 7. Take a black piece of cardstock 3″ x 3″. Punch a circle about 1.5″ or large enough to fit over the crow’s neck. (My circle punch was too small so I used my scissors to cut in a larger circle).


Step 8. Use another circle punch or I used my Coluzzle circle template to cut a  2.5″ circle over the smaller circle. (I’m pulling back the paper in the photo below).


Step 9. Put glue onto cardstock ring, and adhere pleated paper for lower collar. Glue ends together.



Step 10. I didn’t photograph it, but at this step I tied on the ticket with twine that I printed when I printed the papers, so that it would be between the two collar layers.



Step 10. Repeat Step 9 for the second layer, adding to the first layer. Slip the collar over the crow’s neck.



Step 11. I glued the printed label “toil and trouble” onto the container.

Step 12. I used a utility knife to make pinhole slits in the lid to get the wire in the crow’s feet through to attach the crow to the lid.

Step 13. I adhered the vintage costume pearls to the lid.

Step 14. I cut out the hat with the template from the patterned paper I printed. I adhered the side to make the cone.

Step 15. I threaded a bead and added it to the top of the hat. I adhered tinsel ribbon from My Mind’s Eye around the edge of the hat, and glued it to the crow.  Voila!



Altered Crow Decor by Julie Ann Shahin

Altered Crow Decor by Julie Ann Shahin




Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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