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Art Journaling 101: Fall and Halloween Journals with Bonus this Evening! *Updated

Happy November! I hope everyone who celebrates Halloween had an amazing holiday. Today we have two Fall and Halloween Journal Follow-Ups to share with you: my finished Halloween Journal, & Kay’s ongoing Fall Journal.  We were inspired by Tangie’s Halloween Art Journal Workshop.

I’ve posted my journal, part of Kay’s and the Bonus Update will be posted as well as another Surprise Art Journal this EVENING so check back!


as well as more of Kay’s Fall Art Journal

If you are participating in the Art Journal Caravan’s November Adventure Quest!: Color Inspiration - perhaps you’ll find inspiration here to do pages on autumn colors.

Let’s take a look.

Fall and Halloween Journal Follow-up

Julie Ann

You can see my previous Halloween Art Journal posts here and  here.

Above is a look at my hybrid Halloween Art Journal in it’s final finished form. I used metal rings to attach the pages. Most of the pages were completed fully as digi pages, and I added additional printed digi borders onto each page, as well as added dimension and highlights with my watercolor crayons. The last two pages I just printed off blank  pages, added ephemera that I printed and cut out, and hand-wrote my journaling.

UPDATE: I have been asked what I used for my pages. I didn’t realize that posted a (tutorial: link ) on my personal blog that I never shared here. I used a chipboard album by Prima Marketing, as well as a cardboard album kit from Prima too. I needed one more page which I made out of an oatmeal box and just cut to size. It’s a different thickness which is okay with me as a hodge-podge of artsy-ness! You can see a view of the bare chipboard pages in this previous post { here. }

Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 1 and 2: Halloween Memories and Lettering

Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 4 and 5: Quote and Zentangle


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Bonus Page and Prompt 6: Greatest Fear


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 9 and 10: My Halloween Happiness Jar and Quote about Origin of Halloween


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 11 and 12: Must Do List and Sensory Chart


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 13 and 14: Lucky #13 and A Ghost Story


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 15 and 16: Quote and Fear


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 17 and 20: Costumes and Scary Movies


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 22 and 25: Altered Photo and Quote



Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 26 and 27: ATC and Candy of the 80′s


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Prompts 28 and 29: Ghosts and Edgar Allen Poe quote


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Days 30 and 31: Thoughts on October 30 and October 31


Halloween Art Journal by Julie Ann Shahin

Back cover

Thanks for looking!!!



*UPDATE: Pages added this evening are titled in RED

Fall Journal by Kay aka kayoft


01 Fall Journal: THE COVER

Fun painting with acrylics … scary at first but then I thought, “anyone can paint a scary tree,” and went for it.

Acrylics on the cover of my moleskine notebook.


Fall Journal by Kay


lots of journaling about my process – in a nutshell – gesso is my hybrid “undo” key The tree page is the front/back cover -all hand-painted (can’t believe I did that) and my journal will be a combination of hybrid and digital pages.
Stay tuned for more updates … and come join in the fun with your own Fall or Halloween journal.



Fall Art Journal by Kay

#02 Early Memories (Left Page, Right page is below)

I’ve racked my brain, but there aren’t many memories to go with this holiday. I have always loved this poem/story and do have memories of my Granny saying these words to me …

“an’ the goblins’ll getcha iff’n ya don’t watch out”


Fall Art Journal by Kay

#02 Early Memories (Right Page)


Fall Journal by Kay aka kayoft

#Prompt 3

more fun play with text – prompt 3 was to illustrate a quote and play with lettering. Fonts used were AR Hermann and 1942 Report.


Fall Art Journal by Kay

FALL JOURNAL: Prompt 4 (quotes & lettering)

First you paint the background, then you add some printables (Tangie’s Collage Sheet Mania 934) and a flourish from the paper stash. Scan. Then you’re ready to start playing with text in Photoshop.



Fall Art Journal by Kay


A Fall Journal page on my own: I seem to be stuck on a “tea” theme lately – a little bit hybrid a little bit digital on this spread. But then I guess that’s what hybrid is, isn’t it. Kind of a mix of all kinds of techniques and materials.

Anyway, funny story, I had nearly all of my magazine images stuck in place when I realized I was using my husband’s chapstick for glue rather than my new glue stick. LOL Still fighting to get the pages to stick the way I want them but it gets better each day. Heh heh …

I thought this was a great quick substitute for traditional scones or cucumber sandwiches for tea time. I have a hard time settling in for quiet time and this is a good incentifive to REINFORCE the need for developing that habit.


Fall Art Journal by Kay

Fall Journal: Prompt 5: Pumpkin Zen

After being inspired from all the wonderful “tangles” from our September quest, I had great fun creating this tangle over a scanned pumpkin photo.



Fall Art Journal by Kay

#7 Fall Journal: Moonlight Walks

Prompt 7 was all about making hand-print Halloween characters but no one in my house (DH and the dog) really wants to play in the paint like I do so I changed my prompt to fit what they do like to do. I painted my moon scene and played with some lettering and free-form poetry/journaling describing our night walks.

After I scanned my painting I added a more personal journaling segment and some digital paint splatter layers to the next page. I wrote about my feelings about being able to take late night walks with DH and the dog after a long almost 2 years of living on opposite coasts.



Fall Art Journal by Kay


Prompt 9: come up with a spell or potion for happiness and contentment. After spending a few days studying different styles and page compositions, here we are


Fall Art Journal by Kay

FALL JOURNAL: pages prepped

Two more page background prepped and ready for journaling. Nothing is speaking to me yet as to how to use these pages … time will tell.

Left side: How fast and easy to use a background already put together by Tangie from the workshop box – just added a couple of paper scrap pieces and gessoed some of the squares.

Right side: gesso, light orange wash with acrylics, add paper scraps, torn book pages, and some magazine images. And lastly, finish off with a bit of gesso again.


Fall Art Journal by Kay

Prompt 10: Halloween Magic and a Spooky Tangle

Much fun playing with two process: tangling and collaging. And on the left side even more fun playing with Tangie’s spooky kit called Phantom Sparks.



Fall Art Journal by Kay

05 Einstein zentangle

a little bit of collage (to hide some bad “tangles) and a fun sticker (love adding in Einstein) and why not have a googlie-eye spider join in the fun, too


Fall Art Journal by Kay

10 Halloween History

Having taught school, I’ve read lots about the history of Halloween and thought this page kind of sums everything up nicely.



Fall Art Journal by Kay

Prompt 11: 10 Things I love about Fall

The real prompt was to record the to-do list to be ready for a Halloween party. I changed mine around to a list of all the things I love about the season of Fall.

You may remember me sharing about the painting of the page. Today I added the leaf rubber stamps and did some pen work. One thing I learned with this page is how much longer it takes for the pen ink to dry when layered over paint. Hence, a few smudges and smears here and there



FALL JOURNAL: PROMPT 13 Superstitions




Fall Art Journal by Kay

FALL JOURNAL: PROMPT 14 – a Ghost Story


It’s a favorite and always has been but I had no idea it was written in the early 1800′s or that it was even an actual written piece – THE GOLDEN ARM!!



Fall Journal by Kay


Lots of fun playing digitally with what would be much easier by and … namely white pen work … but much fun playing with the ink blot paper, face pieces, and text.



Fall Journal by Kay

#16 my solution for facing my fears ??? keep the lights on, honey


Fall Art Journal by Kay

FALL JOURNAL 20: Scary Movies

Listing of 3 movies that have scared the daylights out of me …

I never really saw Tarantula. I was about 5 or 6 when I saw the previews to this movie while waiting for the REAL movie to start. That was enough to scare anyone away from spiders for life.

War of the Worlds: I was babysitting late at night, all alone, … ahhhh … right in there with the Wax Museum movie

Scream … speaks for itself – never saw any of the sequels.

My journaling: The most fun I ever had pulling one over on Mike was when I made a date with him for Halloween night to watch a scary movie, a movies with all kinds of monsters. I kept my secret to the very end and a wonderful Halloween tradition was born … watching MONSTERS INC.

Oh, and the funny thing, as I was scanning this page I noticed I had mispelled “scary” on my original page. Photoshop to the rescue … just a little tweaking here and there. Still need to fix the original with a sticker or a little gesso … LOL … there’s always a solution for the boo-boos.



Fall Journal by Kay

FALL JOURNAL: Prompt 17 Costumes on Parade

A truly hybrid page … starting with painting, adding some pieces from paper supplies and then adding some digital doodles from Tangie’s Darkroom kit.


Fall Art Journal by Kay

Fall Journal: Prompt 18 Create a Monster

A fun prompt to play with … I didn’t create any of the monsters but had fun mixing and matching appropriate monsters from different kits to help tell the story.


Fall Art Journal by Kay

Fall Journal: Prompt 18 Create a Monster (Left Page)


Fall Art Journal by Kay



This quote just seemed to fit as I started playing with the background I started with from the workshop kit.


Fall Art Journal by Kay aka kayoft


Tangie didn’t actually give us this prompt but in view of our record-breaking weather this year in the Northeast I thought it might be fun to keep an on-going record of the weather for Halloween Night.

And one of the biggest resources I’ve used on nearly all of my pages has been the wonderful tutorial Tangie did for all of us on the AJC teaching us how to manipulate text. I have used that lesson more than any other … big thanks to Tangie!



And now our Surprise Artist:


Front Cover by SpunMonkey

Mischief and Mayhem 2011


A cover for my “31″ Halloween Art Journal. Made with the following:

Scrapbook Graphics: Tangie Baxter – Steampunk Spooktacular Spectacle collab by Tangie Baxter and Rebecca McMeen, Steampunk Spooktacular Spectacle collab Extras, {Studio Box Workshop No. 2} “31” Halloween Art Journal, Midnight Mischief collab by Tangie Baxter and Sherrie JD


Halloween Art Journal by SpunMonkey


Beware! The Vampire: October 2 page for my Halloween Art Journal.

Quote: Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!” Dexter Kozen

My earliest Halloween memory – Age 6 or 7, I was a vampire. Made with Moonlight Hollow by Tangie Baxter, October My Scrapbook Art Designer of the Month kit.


Halloween Art Journal by SpunMonkey


The Moon Laughs: October 8 page for my Halloween Art Journal.

Phantom Sparks and Alice’s Curiously Spooky Night by Tangie Baxter @ Scrapbook Graphics



Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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