Saturdays Are Fun: 2011 In Review

Happy New Year’s Eve! Are you ready to ring in the New Year? We had a lot of fun with the Art Journal Caravan this year. There’s a lot to be grateful for. There was also a lot of notable events to happen in the world including

  • Republicans assuming control of the House of Representatives in January
  • protests oust President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia from power
  • protests in Egypt demanding President Mubarak be ousted from power, an uprising begins in Libya
  • Charlie Sheen is fired from the television show Two and a Half Men with erratic behavior that continues for many weeks
  • Donald Trump questioning whether President Obama was born outside of the United States
  • a major earthquake strikes Japan triggering a devastating tsunami
  • the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton
  • the raid on Osama Bin Laden and his death by the CIA
  • the space shuttle Atlantis lands on July 26 for the last time ending America’s space shuttle program
  • protesters march through New York’s financial district forming Occupy Wall Street
  • American Amanda Knox is released from an Italian prison acquited of murder
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “oops” moment in the GOP debate
  • the passing of Steve Jobs – chief executive office of Apple, Inc.
  • Gadhafi is killed by opposition forces
  • and Obama withdraws all remaining U.S. troops from Iraq by December 31, 2011.

Instead of focusing on such facts as the ones above, my art journal pages were more emotional this past year. It would have been perfectly okay to journal about any current events going on, I just happened not to. Perhaps I’ll go back and do a few pages reflecting on some of those events now.

Tangie has a most creative and unique Adventure Quest! for December – a year in review freestyle challenge in the AJC 2011 forums. You get to roll the dice to decide how to approach your 2011 in review!

Here are some of the pages from this fun Adventure Quest! {December 2011} Let’s Roll…


Adventure Quest! {December 2011} by Heather aka sparklyduck

I rolled the dice and got 9, so my task was to summarize my experience with the Art Journal Caravan 2011 in 9 words. Honestly? Here it is:

This was the best year of my creative life.

BY TANGIE: Background paper from Steampunk Spooktacular, Candle from Thinking of Thee, Splatters and graffiti from Virtuosity; Splatter Graffiti – Nest; Splatter Graffiti – Gold; Splatter Graffiti – Mystic; Splatter Graffiti – Wonder, Frames from: Thoughts of Thee; Timeless Masters; Queen of Cakes; Orchid Elixir; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Creative Felicity; Um… oooooh, no, I’ve lost track of a few. I’ll update when I find ‘em!  Font: Don’t Step on the Momeraths.



Review by DALE

I have grown in so many ways, made so many wonderful friends and realised that, like calligraphy, art and photography, art journaling has become a passion!

Thanks for looking!

For this page I used:

Studio Tangie: Luminescence; AJC Parcel #49; Splattergraffiti – Paper Ink; Studio Rebecca: Violet; Studio Christina Renee: Pure Essentials backgrounds & textures. Laitha’s Designs: Vintage Carousel; Nicolle Young: Vintage show Drama Queen; Irene Alexeeva: Altered Ego. Fonts: Studio Tangie – Mad Hatters Font, Lauren Reid Designs – Sugar shock, Stamp Act Jumbled, Waiting for the sunrise




AJC Adventure Quest: Roll the Dice by sbpoet

For credits & larger sizes see at flickr:



Adventure Quest_Dec by rabbit

In which Rabbit & Arabella near the end of their quest.

We left our intrepid caravaners facing the dread-inspiring golden griffon, but rescue was at hand. The magician (for that is what he was), banished the creature with a loud incantation, then lifted his staff high above his head. There was a mighty crack & a grinding sound & the rock face beside them split in half & opened. To their great surprise the centre of the peak was open to the sky, & a gentle flight of stairs led up towards the prize. For there before them was the Tree of Eternal Joy, & hanging from it, by a slender gold chain, was the Pearl of Loving Kindness.

This is a reflection on my word for the year, kindness.

Those of you who have followed this year’s adventures of Rabbit & Arabella will have realised that they represent two aspects of myself. One, though intuitive & imaginative, tends to like a quiet life. The other is ornery & argumentative & likely to dig her heels in at inopertune moments. Rabbit isn’t sure she’s up for the 2012 caravan; Arabella can’t wait!

Bunny: Adapted from Lulu’s Egg Garden by Lori Davison
Camel: adapted from Tangie’s AJC starter pack
Rocks & wizard: adapted from Dragons Kit by January
Tree: ATC_4 by Holliewood
Egg & Background: Enchanted by Holliewood
Stairs: adapted from A Rose is a Rose by Holliewood
Pearl: adapted from Cherish kit by Scrappers’ Guide
Pair of doves: By Magic kit by Tangie Baxter
Single dove: Love & War kit by Holliewood
Gold flashes: Color Theory: Gold by Cristina Renee



#49 Review by MsKaty

I had a lot of fun with this but it took a long time! I used Tangie’s Parcel #26 and Parcel #32. The border is Tinker from Dawn Inskip. Fonts are DigsMyHeart and Tangie’s Bread and Butterfly.



Fly-Revisited by ArmyGrl

Following Tangie’s Dec. adventure quest, I rolled the “dice” and got a 6. So I decided to pick 6 creations this year that had some theme of flying–birds, butterflies, feathers, wings, bird cages etc in addition to my original Fly LO.

My journaling reads:

As I look over my creations of 2011, I find I have often used images of creatures that fly…birds, butterflies and angels. I’ve also
used feathers and birdcages–elements that represent flight or being caged in. At times my LOs are whimsical, like Steampunk
Reggie and Lizzie; with flight representing fun and adventure. Sometimes my butterfly or bird represents hope or something
desired, as my LO Hope depicts. In Still Searching, I am flying in a balloon with a bird cage attached. The door is open and only
feathers are left behind. Sometimes I feel I have yet to find my voice–I am an empty cage, still waiting to be filled. In Deliverance,
I am strong and powerful–I have found my wings and I am flying. But in Taking Flight, I realize that at times my goals and dreams are lofty. I need to ground myself and focus.
In my life I have taken flight in several areas…I took a photography class to learn to take better pictures, I went to many concerts
and plays (a goal of mine was to get out and live more); and I definitely took flight in my career by putting in a direct commission
packet and getting accepted as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army.

For this LO I used a template by Ju Kneipp as the base, 2011 Parcels 46 and 49, and Lost and Found by Studio Tangie.




Reflect 2011 by Sarah Barber Design


Julie Ann

Adventure Quest! {December 2011} by Julie Ann Shahin

Journaling reads: These four pages are my favorites that I’ve  created  in the Art Journal Caravan 2011. The first one in the upper left corner received the most comments. I really felt the mojo flowing that day. The quote on this page relates to my word for the year “fabulous” as I worked on living fabulously in 2011. I was indeed determined. I still feel determined. The next one I love for it’s color and vibrancy, and I still love every inch. I can’t believe it’s mine! In the lower left corner, this page reflects growth as I stepped out of my box. I love the messiness of this page. The last page I am super proud of. I created it for the Studio Tangie blog for the affirmation challenge. It is unique and original, and I get excited looking at the colors  and type. All  of   these pages reflect the amazing journey I took by participating in   the  Art Journal Caravan 2011.

Credits: Paper -Lost and Found, Steampunk Lab, Thankful Heart, Junque Journal, Los Muertos Tres, Journal Anthology 7; Elements – AJC11 Parcel 52, AJC11 Parcel 42; Border – AJC11 Parcel 46; Alpha – Junque Journal


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Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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2 Responses to Saturdays Are Fun: 2011 In Review

  • Heather says:

    These are so great! I hadn’t seen some of them. Wow, what an awesome group of travelers, seekers, and visionaries. Thanks for including me, Julie Ann.

  • Dale says:

    What an amazing journey we have all been on! I am so happy that I decided to join the AJC 2011 and am really looking forward to being a cartographer in 2012! Thanks Julie Ann for including me here and for your incredible encouragement and wonderful ideas throughout the year! xx


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