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Art Journaling 102: Technique Feature – Actions


Social Media Team

by Julie Ann Shahin, Social Media Team

When I discovered the magical world of Actions in Photoshop, actually those made for Photoshop Elements, I was entranced!  Not only could I transform photos with the click of a button, but also give effects to almost any paper, element, or alpha that I wanted to use in digital art journaling as well. The computer did all the work, and I just sat back and watched!


What is a Photoshop Action?

In Photoshop, (not PSE), one can record a series of steps that you do to an image. This is a time-saving measure so that it can be repeated on many other images with one-click of a button and the recorded series plays by itself, quickly. This Complete Guide to Understanding Actions explains for PS how to load an action, open an action, view an action, run and undo an action. Photoshop Elements Users read this.

Where To Get Actions?

There are actions for photographs, for alphas, for text, for paper, for glitter, for glows, etc. You can find free ones online, or quality ones for purchase. In fact, Tangie has several in her store.

  • These 7 styles will make your elements & text look worn over your background paper, as if they are really interacting with it! No more floating paint or titles!

4 Light Saber glow styles for PS/PSE By Tangie


Art Journal Inspiration Using Actions

Julie Ann

Art Journal Page by Julie Ann Shahin

Actions used on this page:

1. On the text, I used a different color Light Saber glow styles for PS/PSE By Tangie on each line.

2. I also used the Light Saber glow styles for PS/PSE By Tangie around the silhouette.

3. I used the Paperworn Art Styles & BONUS Action By Tangie on the quote text, and the green heart word art.


Art Journal Caravan Member Gallery Inspiration Using Actions



Accomplished by nevermore

I am feeling extremely isolated and cut off. How are you? Everyone asks. “We are all fine,” I say. The art of becoming an accomplished liar.

Background: Sausan Designs Altered Experiment with a Ruth Davis “Seabreeze” border (recoloured);
Woman: A googled adult Pinocchio costume superimposed on Rosey Posey’s Women figure (used some Atomic Cupcake chipboard action and layer blending and effects); Eyes and Lips from Tangie’s “Faces”; Crown from Catherine Designs “Create”
Journalling: Tangie’s “AJC11 Parcel 12″ with Manipulative Lovers font and Tangie’s AJC heart superimposed on font heart.




Live by phlf003

Spray action atomic cupcake
Background Hearts Fiddlette Designs




Fear by Serenity

crowabout studio – rusty and abandanded papers and buildings;
overlays from dsp;
PSE 7 and actions with
Adobe Lightroom
how many children have that fear?
how many people lose their home and it’s
not because they are lazy or irresponsible?
sometimes you have no choice or no way out
and you lose it all….
I have seen poverty and children and pets
in these surroundings and it breaks your heart.
thanks for looking and leaving a comment.



priceless bliss by gonewiththewind

CREDITS: Oh What Rapture! by Studio Tangie, part of The Digi Files for Sept 2011; Urban Rainbow Photo Actions by Faith True; font is Grant’s Ghosts




Move by joannknnrd

I was really struck by the Walt Disney quote Tangie included in this kit (used on the figures back). It was about curiosity being the thing that keeps us moving forward. I’m not sure if that applies to everyone, but I do know that most of us just keep coming back no matter what terrible things we endure. Being human has it’s rewards!

Keep Moving Forward by Tangie @ SBG

Papeworn Art Styles & BONUS Action by Tangie

Figure from Flickr Creative Commons




Scarlet Begonias aka Moon Mother by orachel

This was published July 2010…in Artisan Notebook zine. I’m on the ‘Song Writers’ team there, so my prompts involve lyrics of songs.

The prompt was to make a page about a woman of strength in our lives.

Created with:

* Kits by Tangie Baxter, Studio Tangie @ SBG
Elements drawn from the following kits… Tangerine Dream ATC Collection, Collage Fodder Stars, Haute Soiree, Black Licorice ATC Collection, Audrey Roo with artwork by Rebecca McMeen, iNSD TCOI Gift, Abundance of Asia Collab w Amanda Sexton, Ultimate Art Doll Collab w SherrieJD

*Poirot Clown vintage photo and realistic rose by ItKuPiLLi *Carnivale Mask, and part of Background (recolored) from Once Upon a Time A Girl and Once Upon a Time A Boy by Miss Honey. *Gold glove by SherrieJD from Ultimate Art Doll Collab with Tangie Baxter

*Fonts are Pappo’s Blues Band Official Font (Scarlet Begonias), Tempus Sans ITC (journaling), and Misproject (She wears …Lyrics) by Eduardo Recife at MisprintedType, actions used are Shadow Style #1 by Paula Kesselring @ SA and Atomic Cupcake’s Inked Edges
Here’s journaling and blurb….
When we’re talking about women and strength, I often think of my amazing mother, Heather Moon. On Mother’s Day, I realized that she’s been gone 20 years. All the inner strength I’ve relied on to get thru these past few very difficult years I can attribute to my mom‘s example of strength in the face of adversity, and the joys I’ve recently found in an artistic outlet are her legacy to me. I remember how difficult things were for her, but she never stopped being unique and creative and fabulous. I knew I wanted to focus on Tangie Baxter’s elements as there are so many clever and slightly bizarre pieces of ephemera in her kits. When I found the vintage image from ItKuPiLLi of the woman in the poirot clown costume, and thought about my mom’s incredible talent as a Costumer and her wild and eclectic style, the rest just kind of happened! I can’t explain how my wacky brain works! As for Scarlet Begonias as the song choice, that Jerry Garcia song has always made me think of her…My mother most certainly was not like other girls! lol

Lyrics: Scarlet Begonias She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes. And I knew without asking, she was into the Blues. She wore Scarlet Begonias tucked into her curls. I knew right away she was not like other girls. Not like other girls. {lyrics by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter}
Journaling: Meet the Divine, the Fabulous, and the Utterly Unique Heather Moon…aka Mom. Talented COSTUMER, Best Friend, and Guru of all things Wacky, Eclectic, and Fun! As an adult, I realize how much STRENGTH it must have taken for her to resist being stuffed into that ‘June Cleaver’ Box, but she never stopped making each day Magical, and she had a CREATIVE SPARK that could LIGHT UP the NIGHT SKY. I Miss You, Mom xoxo, rachel 2010





Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on {Wednesdays – new day} and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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