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Highlights of week 2

I’m stunned!  Seriously.  The activity in the forum and gallery is astonishing.  There is so much energy, so much self discovery and so much camaraderie going on.  The Art Journal Caravan is abuzz.

Usually when I write this article I pick 5 pages that really jumped out at me in the gallery over the course of the week.  It was impossible to pick just 5 this week, so I decided to pick a page from each day.  Even that was extremely difficult, but I couldn’t possibly post every single page… you’ll just have to go to the Art Journal Caravan Gallery if you want to see them all (which I highly recommend).

So here we go…

no bitch by annelies
I love this page!  I like the no nonsense quote and how it contrasts the soft colors of the page and it’s contents.


Dance the Journey by clepatb
I love the splatters and grungy paint on the background paper and the silhouette in the foreground.  Very artistic (and fun to look at).


Propinquity by MTerry
I really like the mirror imaged trees and how the weave in and out of each other so perfectly.  Great way to express the word of the week.


Propinquity by maddollmaker
I love all the texture in this page.  Sadly it seems like there are many people who can relate to this quote.


KHS-Circus-Fortune-Cookie by khshaker
I’m a sucker for the circus!  I’m an even bigger sucker for symbolism and I felt this page had a lot of that.


Propinquity by BamBoo07
Ummmm…. can I just say “WOW”?  I love the blending work in this page and the camels on their journey.  ROCKIN’!!


My Journey 1 by nettasaura
Not only is this page stunning and well done it’s so full of emotion and the journaling is from the heart.  I love the page… and I also love how so many Caravaners commented on this page leaving love and words of wisdom for the creator.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.




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