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Art Journaling 102: Spotlight on Judy Wise’s Blog

Social Media Team

by Julie Ann Shahin, Social Media Team

This week we have a new exciting blog to feature: Judy Wise!

Via her profile, “Judy Wise is an Oregon painter, writer and teacher whose work has been published over several decades in books and periodicals, on greeting cards, textiles, educational materials, calendars and in the gift industry. She is prolific and inventive, keeping daily journals of her writing and art since childhood and finding fascination in many divergent art related areas. She knows that art saves lives, that people who make art are more interesting than people who don’t, and that everyone can be creative if they are adventurous. She is a passionate lover of all things artful and of helping others find joy in the process of self expression.”

She is the author of Hot Wax Workshop Ebook (a comprehensive 4 wk. course in encaustic), co-author of Plaster Studio: Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving and Plaster Studio Workshop E-Book, and has been published in books such as Flavor for Mixed Media: A Feast of Techniques for Texture, Color and Layers, and Creative Time and Space: Making Room for Making Art. You can find links to these publications in the right sidebar of her blog.

Where Judy is Teaching in 2012:

  • MIXED MEDIA JOURNALING – Online – Mar. 12-April 6
  • ENCAUSTICAMP – Salem, OR – July 11-14
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    We Love

    We love this page at http://judywise.blogspot.com/search?q=for+the+love+of+maps

    Create an art journal page inspired by the title “My Journey”. Relate it to the theme of the month (i.e. My Vision for 2012 – January: Health)


    Heather aka sparklyduck

    My Journey by Heather

    I mapped my journey with Attention Deficit Disorder, beginning with the Oblivion of having no idea what was wrong; to Denial in desperately not wanting to believe anything could be wrong; to Acceptance, Diagnosis, and Medication, which didn’t help much and stopped abruptly with Pregnancy. Since Pregnancy, I learned more about Alternatives to medicine that I know work for me, and it brings me to where I am at this moment: Hope, ready to go forth educated, armed with new options, and giving myself grace.

    Everything used is by Tangie Baxter, mostly from the AJC Starter Kits from 2012, 2011, and 2010; The Princess with the Sea Green Hair; and Tangie’s Junque Journal collab with SherrieJD.


    Julie Ann


    Journey by Julie Ann Shahin

    This is part of my journey with Fibromyalgia, a degenerative muscle syndrome. You go from “start” aka “normal” or life free of pain to “Fibromyalgia Island” where you feel alone with the diagnosis. There is the “Land of Tears and Aches”, where you hurt from head to toe and just cry. Thank goodness those days for me were in the mid-90′s, long behind me.  Then we move onto the FMS Association, “land of respite” – where I found a welcome place to be, support, and a lot of information at meetings that I went to. Moving on, we travel to “Utopia of Dreams”: getting my lifelong insomnia under control with medication was a huge factor in helping my FMS symptoms. Next, we visit “Bones Beach”: a good chiropractor – essential to me. Then we travel through the feared “Injury Prone Zone” as my body is sensitive to slights, twists, and strains. This leads us to the place of “Biologic Restorative”: I found a really great physical therapist this year. (We’ve worked on everything from my shoulders and neck  all the way to my feet and everything in between). A journey to “Endocrinology Shores” was unexpected with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, which with research I’ve discovered is also linked to fibromyalgia or vice-versa, so I’ve consulted an endocrinologist. And we end at “Rheumatology Jungle” – as it was recommended that I see a rheumatologist for FMS so I have an appointment next month.


    Instructions: For the page, I downloaded the globe from Free U.S. and World Maps.com: Free Royalty Free Maps You Can Download and Use For Your Projects. I erased the white background in Elements, and underlayed the patterned and solid papers. Then I added my own text and embellishments.

    CREDITS: (all by Tangie Baxter except where noted) Art Journal Caravan Expedition 12,  Treetop Serenade, Up Up and Away, AJC Expedition 11, Art Journaling Font Alice

    Food for Thought:

    Check out these websites related to Healthy Journeys

    Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on {Wednesdays } and {Saturdays}. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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