“I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt #2

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by Julie Ann Shahin, Social Media Team

Welcome to our second I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt!

Have you ever seen the T.V. show “Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmerman” on the Travel Channel? He travels the world over to find the most interesting dishes that most of us would not dare put in our mouths. But what is the most bizarre thing you’ve eaten? How about Haggis, Canard à la Rouennaise (Duck in Blood Sauce), Octopus, Bird Nest Soup, Tofu, Grasshoppers, Pickle-Flavored Beer, Strawberry Soup, Cranberry Ketchup, Fried Cheese Curds, or Okra Pie?

Did you crave some strange things while you were pregnant? Maybe you have a bizarre food phobia? These all make for interesting stories to journal about! Just start writing!

Must read:

“I Don’t Have Anythining to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt #2

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Participate: Create an art journal page with journaling focusing on this prompt. Upload it to a gallery or blog and share the link in the comments for this blog post!


Inspiration for Prompt #2

Julie Ann

100 Foods To Eat Before You Die by Julie Ann Shahin

Just the other day on Facebook, I took the “100 Foods to Eat Before You Die” Test. I was surprised to find some foods on the list as I expected them to all be exotic. Of course, they had alligator, caviar, and frogs’ legs as you might expect, but they also had on the list: BBQ Ribs, Funnel Cake, and Hostess Fruit Pie!

Journaling: I’ve eaten baklava, biscuits and gravy, tasted calamari, loved cheese fondue, and also loved churros. I’ve had crab cakes, funnel cakes, heirloom tomatoes, and I used to eat hostess fruit pies as a child all the time. I had “key lime pie on a stick” in Key West, lobster, and felt so fabulous drinking my mimosa. Pastrami on rye is a staple in my hometown Cleveland, but I love a Philly Cheese Steak more! Pistachio ice cream is yummy, and a root bear float also made my tummy smile (that is before I became lactose-intolerant – boo!) We have s’mores all the time in the summer by the bonfire. I can’t stand the taste of sauerkraut, something my mother loves from her mother’s German heritage. My father used to cook and make Spam sandwiches all the time, a tradition I have not cared to carry onto adulthood. Venison is also one thing that I wish never to eat again, I just think of poor Bambi.


Products used: (all by Tangie Baxter except where noted)

Paper, Brush, Art Borders: Art Stomp Collab
Tag: Haute Soiree
Measuring Tape: Journal Anthology 4
Label: ATC Tangerine, ATC Black Licorice
Fruit: Dia Los Muertos Tres
Dessert: AJC Parcel 47
Staple: Studio Remnants Portfolio
Other: Deer – ArtDollies by Holliewood; Score – ScrapSimple Embellishment Template It Collage Pieces by Syndee Nuckles
Fonts: Art Journaling Font Momeraths by Tangie Baxter, PeaLaurenAmerica


Christina aka caubin


Tastes Like by Christina

Products Used: Journal Anthology by Tangie Baxter. The gator is clip art.

Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for tangiebaxter.com on {Wednesdays } and {Saturdays}. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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3 Responses to “I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt #2

  • Cool challenge. I’m pretty straight and narrow when it comes to food…but I’ll give it a go. BTW…thank you for the ezine. It was so colorful and I got through half of it yesterday before the urge to move off the computer chair hit me. Enjoyed every beautiful page and will think about hopping on the caravan eventually.

  • Julie Ann Shahin says:

    I’m also a pretty picker eater, that’s why I only scored 22 out of 100 on the 100 Foods Test! I’ll pass on the comment about the ezine to Tangie! I do hope you’ll join us on the Caravan, it’s so much fun!!! xoxo

  • Tina C says:

    I was really inspired by this prompt, especially the Page “Taste Like” by Christina it reminded me of my Uncle Marvin and how he used to tell me everything taste like Chicken!


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