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Highlights of Week 5

Welcome back to another week of wonderful highlights.  I’m so excited to see so many Caravaners documenting their travels through life.  The gallery is just bursting at the seems, but don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.  I had a lot of fun picking the pages for this week’s highlights.  There was so much beautiful stuff to look at and so much inspiration to find!  Take a look-


Itinerary #3 — 5 People From History by piggiepie
I thought that the combination of a real picture with the hand doodled elements was really fun and creative.


I’ll Think About it tomorrow by Zuzu
What a great “Alice” page.  Isn’t she darling sitting in the woods?


Itinerary 05 by thimbleberrie
Who doesn’t love a dancing skeleton?  I know I do!  All the colors drew me in to this one, but when I saw that dancing skeleton… I was won over!


Am I worth it ? by profolly
I believe this page took a lot of strength and courage to make.  It made me sad for the artist and full of hope that she’ll come around.


Dark Days by CherylM
Another very emotional page.  It fills my heart with joy to see people working through their thoughts and emotions on this journey.


Discipline 2012 by danadew
I really enjoyed this page.  The colors are great, the quotes are great and the grungy, hand made feel are GREAT!!!


Speak Up by msmauk
I definitely needed a good giggle when I saw this page in the gallery!  That queen on her chicken is having SO much fun, isn’t she?  I do hope her crown doesn’t fall of!


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.



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