Hot off the press: Tangible Plans™ {Starter Kit & Workshop} and AJC Provisions {Parcel 10}

It’s Friday and Studio Tangie has something NEW and HOT in her store right now!

Tangible Plans™ {Starter Kit & Workshop}

Tangible Plans™

The Revolutionary new Planner & Template System

It’s a Daily Planner, It’s a Journal, It’s a Calendar, It’s Everything all at once!

The Starter Kit & Workshop comes with the following:
*Letter Size and Junque Journal
* Size Templates
*Over 500 pre-made pieces divided into Sector folders
*Attachers and Word Art scaled perfect size for this project
*All Sectors to build your own Templates if desired
*1 Tutorial on how to build your pages and 1 tutorial with binding ideas

Create your daily pages like these

Here are just some of the previews,
with a tutorial video on the product page (scroll a little bit down)

I’m so excited about it, as I have been playing with it as soon as I could grab it, and all I could say it was totally fun and very easy to work with! I just couldn’t stop creating more pages.

I highly suggest you take a look and watch the video for more details…


And for this week’s Parcel

Art Journal Caravan 2012 {Parcel 10}


Inky printed fun!
Borders and a “stamp it” your way banner flag set to make any combination you want!

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 Responses to Hot off the press: Tangible Plans™ {Starter Kit & Workshop} and AJC Provisions {Parcel 10}

  • Balinda says:

    this is so yummy looking!!!! it will have to wait till after Digiscrapapalooza before I can go grab it…but grab it I will!!!!

  • Desi says:

    I so just bought the tangible plans! Looking forward to playing with it this weekend! I am addicted to being organized lol

  • chris granelli says:

    OMG – I purchased this kit this am and have made heap of pages since. I am now busy cutting and sticking them into a spiral bound book – JUST LOVE IT – and templates too to make your own pieces.

    Thanks a million Tangie – simple concept – but then the best things usually are!


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