My Vision for 2012: Creativity – Prompt #4

My Vision for 2012: Creativity – Prompt #4 Develop a Creative Mantra for yourself.

Journal your thoughts.

Upload the page to your favorite gallery and link up the url here in the comments!

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by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

Jordan Lejuwaan writes at High,

“Studies have shown that people who are inspired are happier, nicer, productive and will not stray away from their chosen path if life gets difficult.

So print a quote and tape it to the mirror. Have an inspirational video as your starting page. Use an inspirational mantra for meditation. Get a principle to live by. In short, get your dose of inspiration each day!”

What do I do after I have my mantra?

Peaceful Meditation free creative commons

Peaceful Meditation free creative commons by Pink Sherbert Photography, on Flickr

Besides creating your art journal page, I highly suggest trying out meditation with your new mantra. There are different types of meditation, and Transcendental Meditation – click the link for instructions – “TM is the only meditation method that has over five hundred independent scientific studies shore up its claims. The studies were done at over two hundred independent universities as well as research institutes in thirty three countries regarding different benefits of TM technique; the results were published in over one hundred respected scientific journals,” according to Tony at Natural Healing for All. He continues:

  • “A meta-analysis in 1989 that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology compared one hundred and forty six independent studies on the effect that different relaxation and meditation techniques in lowering trait anxiety.”
  • “TM was found to make a larger difference than other types of relaxation and meditation in reducing trait anxiety.”
  • “A study that was published in the Japanese Journal of Industrial Health in 1990, done at Sumitomo Heavy Industries by the Japanese Ministry of Labour , researched transcendental meditation as well as its effect on industrial workers and mental health. In this study four hundred and forty employees learned TM. Three hundred twenty one workers served as controls. After five months, the researchers found considerable reductions in anxiety, impulsiveness, major physical complaints and emotional instability in the meditators in comparison to the controls.”
  • “These meditators also had considerable decreases in depression, digestive problems, and tendencies towards smoking, insomnia and psychosomatic disease.”

I recently watched Oprah’s Next Chapter where she visits The Most Unusual Town in Iowa. People interested in Transcendental Meditation move to this town in order to have support, and live in a community of like-minded individuals. Oprah practices TM herself, and paid to have her whole staff learn the practice this summer, and she claims that everyone in the office is getting along better, among other benefits. The benefit that I keep hearing about that stands out to me is that people who practice TM no longer experience migraines!!!

Video: Oprah Visits The Most Unusual Town In Iowa

Video Description: Rush hour in Fairfield, Iowa, is unlike any other town in America. Twice a day, residents stop what they’re doing and head to two giant golden domes to meditate. Watch as Oprah meets with the town’s mayor and a founder of a nearby community to learn more about the practice of Transcendental Meditation and then tours the Bagambhrini Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge for women.


How to Do Transcendental Meditation

How to Learn TM from the “Official” Transcendental Meditation Program, with an Oprah Special discount for a limited time (click on tuition)


Now create your own Mantra for creativity!

Mantra examples: (click on each one to see a poster example)


Free Printable from the letter


Must Read

Cultivating a Mantra & Ministry in Your Creative Life


Inspiration for My Vision for 2012: Creativity – Prompt #4

Julie Ann

My Mantra: Make Your Life Your Masterpiece


Credits: All by Tangie Baxter unless noted otherwise

Splatter Graffiti Sweetheart
Blue: AJC12 Parcel 8 Collage
Tulle: Dance Like Everyone is Watching
Cupcake liner: AJC11 Parcel 15

Other – Swirl: Holliewood Stencil; flower.png (yellow): unknown; Sunshine/Freedom/Flower: Elegant Wordart by Bethany; Fonts: Many Weatz, MTF Kim, Pea Aimee


Now it’s Your Turn!!!

Link up your page here (the url) in the comments section of this post. Join our fun.

Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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