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Highlights of Week 16

Another week marked off the calendar, the year is really starting to fly by.  But isn’t it exciting to watch and see what’s coming next?  Life is such an amazing and exciting thing.  So, are you ready for some inspiration for the Art Journal Caravan Gallery?  As usual, these folks are doing amazing things.  You’re going to love what I’ve got for you this week.  But remember, this is only a sample of what’s waiting for your eyes to peruse in the gallery.  Make sure to stop by this week and see what’s cooking.

AJC12 THE LETTER by scrappingramma
Oh how I love all these little bits of journaling!


Music of the moment by mimisgirl
I thought the element placement was so well done on this one.


I Fly by judyinsd
The emotion just spills off this page, it caught my attention immediately.


AJC12 – Itinerary 16 – Lachrymose by patriciaBB
I couldn’t resist this little raccoon and then when I read his story… I was wooed.


Over the Fence by enelya
Ahhh to dream…


Fly a Kite by lharvey81
I love this!  Look at all those swirls and the fantastical colors.  WOW!


single step- week 16 by thimbleberrie
This is just plain fun.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.


My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #4

What are the obstacles to overcome, and/or tough questions that you need to ask yourself about your dream(s) for your life?

Create an art journal page answering this question, include at least a paragraph of journaling.


by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

Happy Saturday friends! I‘m excited to see pages in the gallery based on these prompts. I posted a thread in the Art Journal Caravan 2012 forum highlighting your pages, feel free to add your new pages!

Confession Time

I have a confession to make. I am not perfect!

What?!!!! Yes, it’s true. I am not perfect. It’s awful. It’s embarrassing. I have a terrible memory. I’m disorganized. I guess the two go hand-in-hand. It’s very inconvenient and inefficient. I hate it, especially when it interferes with my work here on this blog.

Yes, it’s caused me to even make mistakes on this blog. I have this awesome, wonderful, lovely, friendly, talented, beautiful team that Tangie lets me ask to create pages for my prompts, and for the ones that agree, I have forgotten at least once to post their page.

Rarely it’s a matter of communication, but usually it’s my disorganization, faulty memory, rush, fatigue, etc.,  – my fault. And yet, they forgive me. I feel so blessed.

The latest survivor is Valentina aka zotova, as I left off her page from last week’s My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #3. Valentina went on to post her page in not 1, not 2, not 3 – but 11 galleries! Furthermore, her page was noted in three GSO: Gallery Standouts; GSO at DST; GS at Me So Scrappy. Congrats Valentina!!! You rock!

Here is her page for last week’s My Vision 2012: Dream Prompt #3 What is your #1 passion? Please leave her praise in the comments!

Valentina aka zotova

Journaling (Quote): Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life. ~Jesse Lee Bennett~

Steampunk Je T’adore {Collab w/ Studio Rebecca} by Tangie
Steampunk Maritime {Collab w/ Studio Rebecca} by Tangie
What I love to Do {Collab w/ Re Kneipp} by Tangie
{The Spark Project} The Greatest Curiosity The ENTIRE COLLECTION by Tangie
Being Me {Collab w/ Studio Rosey Posey} By Tangie
Thinking Of Thee {Construct A Shrine} by Tangie
March Hare [Art Journaling Font] by Tangie
Dinah [Art Journaling Font] by Tangie


What obstacles do you need to overcome to make your dreams come to life?

My confession served a purpose after all, it identified a couple of obstacles that pop up over and over…and I can add a few more stumbling blocks to the list, in addition to faulty memory, distractions, and disorganization – I also suffer procrastination, lack of  focus,  and fear.

Must Read:

What does one do now? After you get honest about whatever it is that is standing in the way…such as finances, lack of support among friends and family, education, etc.. then what to do?


Top Ten Tips To Overcome Obstacles to Success

by Jeff at MySuperChargedLife

1.  Troubleshoot and diagnose the root cause

The quickest way to solve any problem is to find its root cause.  What is at the very source of the issue?  It usually takes some time to determine this. Read more…

2.  Listen to your gut instinct.

I can’t count the times that I solved problems by simply following my gut. Read more…

3.  Research the problem online.

Generally, if you are having a problem, someone else has already encountered it and solved it.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, just find out what they did and try it in your situation. Read more…

4.  Recruit the assistance of others.

Get your friends, family, and co-workers involved to help think of ways to overcome the obstacle. Read more…

5.  Hire an expert.

Sometimes you need to call in the big guns.  If the problem is in an area that is outside your expertise and it is particularly nasty, then you should probably bring in an expert. Read more…

6.  Change your attitude toward the situation.

Sometimes we are the problem.  Evaluate your attitudes and see if a change in the way you are looking at the situation might help to overcome the obstacle. Read more…

7.  Use trial and error.

When all else fails or when your situation is unique, you may need to experiment. Read more…

8.  Sleep on it.

I have had numerous stubborn problems where I spent hours trying to solve it with no success.  Then I gave up, went to bed, and awoke the next morning with a new idea that fixed the situation almost immediately. Read more…

9.  Never give up.

Don’t quit!  I am reminded of the quote from Vince Lombardi, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  This is so true! Read more…

10.  Start over.

When all else fails, start over at the beginning.  Maybe one of your foundational assumptions about the obstacle is wrong. Read more…


Inspiration for My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #4 Obstacles

Cheryl aka gonewiththewind

Journaling: My dreams are often buried in my comfort with my life. The life I know is infinitely safe than the dreams  I dream and the drive I have to make something better of myself and my life. So while I want to make the changes necessary for my dreams to become reality, the powerful thoughts in my mind that keep me stuck in my same place are a daily challenge that I must overcome.

CREDITS: Apothecary Set One by Studio Tangie; As If By Magic by Studio Tangie; Arsenic and Old Lace by Studio Tangie; She Found Her Bliss by Studio Tangie; Haute Soiree by Studio Tangie; Dream Spilling by Studio Tangie; fonts are Mad Hatter by Studio Tangie and The Last Something That Meant Anything


Julie Ann

Journaling: I need to overcome fear, disorganization, procrastination, distractions.

Word art: I am always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them. Pablo Picasso

Word art: Thinking will not overcome fear but ACTION will. W. Clement Stone

Word art: perspiration, brainpower, hard work

Word art: trying to find balance, fine line to find balance, moving forward

Word art: Don’t stress or overthink

Word art: I want my life to be BIG

Credits: Splatters: Verve Story Remnants, Verve Letter Art, AJC Parcel 12 (recolored);  Frame: Verve Splatter Graffiti; Flowers: AJC11 Parcel 1; Banner: AJC12 Parcel 10 (recolored); Tape: AJC12 Parcel 13; Word Art: Steampunk Lab, That’s What She Said No. 1, Deconstructed No. 4, Art Journal Printables, Studio Box Workshop No. 4; Background: Studio Box Workshop No. 1 Buildable Art Journals; Feet: Ultimate Art Doll Collab with sherriejd

Now it’s Your Turn!

Link up your page here (copy and paste the url) in the comments section of this post. Join our fun, lots of members are jumping in!

Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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Hot off the press: Mr. Darcy, Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} and AJC Provisions {Parcel 17}

Happy Friday!

Here am I again to show off the latest @ Studio Tangie!

A secret place in my heart belongs to Mr. Darcy.
A sentiment widely held in the hearts of millions I think.

Mr. Darcy

“Occupied in observing Mr. Bingley’s attentions to her sister, Elizabeth was far from suspecting that she was herself becoming an object of some interest in the eyes of his friend. Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she hardly had a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness. Of this she was perfectly unaware; to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable nowhere, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.”

For your Mr. Darcy,

Want a closer look?

The kit, with 10 papers and 40 elements

11 dreamy watercolor sketches

31 “Pagecuts” with quotes from the Jane Austen book “Pride and Prejudice”

And a very dotty alpha

Dreamy inspirational pages:

For Tangible Plans™, The Revolutionary new Planner & Template System

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #006

Event Cards

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #007

Kraft Cards

And for this week’s Parcel

Art Journal Caravan 2012 {Parcel 17}

For lots of inky printed fun!
3 extra large clock stamps and 7 medium gear stamps all grunged up,
inked up and ready to be “stamped” up!

Have a great weekend!

Art Journaling 102: Focus on Hybrid

by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team


Art Journal 2012 Caravaners are filling up the gallery with paper and hybrid journal pages, and it’s so exciting! It’s time to focus on hybrid here on the Studio Tangie blog, don’t you agree?


Hybrid is pixels plus paper, for the newbies. Any combination of the two. There are many fabulous ways to creatively use your computer and printer, your handwriting and fussy cutting skills, and mix it all up! As I say many many times, and  never get tired of saying, the only limit to it all is your own imagination.


Studio Tangie has lots of awesome New Printables in the shoppe, including the oh so FABULOUS Tangible Plans™. I have to tell you that these Tangible Plans are very addicting to make!!!! I love them. You’ll see one of my pages using a Tangible Plan below (right page of art journal below). To check out Tangie’s Tangible Plans and all the new add-ons, just search for “zippyplans” in the shoppe.


Tangie also has put up for Sale a whole bunch of PRINTABLES in her CLOSEOUTS section that were previously retired, I believe. Get those now too! They are called ARTist Sheets and Artspiration Boards.

For your pleasure today, we have hybrid art journal pages from the Studio Tangie Creative Team, and I also pulled some hybrid pages from the Art Journal Caravan gallery! Enjoy!

Inspiration: Focus on Hybrid

Tam aka tamhanley

These pages were made from a dismantled cookbook/notebook, using gesso, phone book pages, acrylic and watercolor paints, glimmer mist, gel pens, stamps, light modeling paste, embroidery thread and bracelet chain, and printed artwork by Tangie!

AJC 2012 parcel 15
AJC 2012 parcel 07
Cirque Joyeux
AJC 2010 parcel 40


Julie Ann

I used two of Tangie’s Studio Box Workshops to create these two pages in a 12 x 12 journal by Fancy Pants. I added fussy cuts from wallpaper, magazines, and collage pieces by Tangie. I had so much fun with these, and you can tell I just love color!

Left Page

This page was created from Studio Box Workshop #1, and I used water-soluble crayons on the edges. I journaled with an American Crafts Slicker Pen, added wallpaper that I fussy cut, and a few collage pieces by Tangie.


Right Page

I also used water-soluble crayons on the edges of the printables to give an artsy look. I outlined a few items with a black pen, and some of the journaling was done with a Zig Memory Marker. It was raining the day that I made this page so I added the girl with the umbrella from a magazine.



{Studio Box Workshops No. 1} Buildable Art Journals
by Tangie

Tangible Plans™ {Starter Kit & Workshop}
by Tangie

2010 Collage Sheet Mania! 92 Collage Sheet Grab Bag!
by Tangie

2011 Collage Sheet Mania! 94 Collage Sheet Grab Bag!
by Tangie

Other: Word Art border by CrowAbout StudioB


Inspiration for the Art Journal Caravan 2012 Gallery: Focus on Hybrid


Aplomb week 8


BG paper is a mixture between Nancie Rowe janitz papers and tangie,
Just jaimee: border, splatter,
Tangie: (up, up away, splatter graffitis, AJC 2012): elements
Nancie Rowe Janitz: sticht,
Marta van ecklette: bird,
maya: snapshot 2012 wordart,
The girl is a painting from Van Dongen

Keywords: art-journal, neo color crayons, hybrid




THE PROMPT: Something I really want to accomplish this year is __________.

Stay the course with my altered book called HAPPY NEW DAY. I want to experiment, explore, and practice new techniques in the hybrid world of art journaling as I document my days. In order to support this dream I have …
• Signed up for workshops & classes (probably way too many LOL) … AND … integrate the inspiration and prompts into my book
• Set up my hybrid art journaling space
• Am re-organizing my digital supplies
*Given myself permission to play in my art journal every day
Supplies used: acrylic paints, pitt pens, gel pens,
NBC Cutie Patootie (face & word art)




Thought I’d share these here at the AJC…I used Tangie’s Tangibles. The templates are awesome; especially if you don’t have lots of time to create (like me at the moment). After creating the pages digitally, I printed them out. I did not save the digital files…as this will force me to use pen and pencil (or maybe even crayon) to finish the page.



junque journal pages 2 Dream Awesome

So I also worked on my junque journal gifts I went all out on a few pages and had some fun – I will post my favs to share with you.

This one uses Polka Dot Chicks and Soto Creations Altered Junk Adornments bundle (wings)
Mix-Up 15 (paper for hearts) & 7(white wings)
as well as some acrylic paint, heart punch, and gel pens




This year, I’ll probably have two art journals, a digital one, and a completely handmade one. I’ve started the handmade one already. The cover is done and my first page is done. Actually, the journal I have is a fabulous handmade journal by Tangie Baxter. You can find them in her Etsy shop. Anyway, I wanted to share my new artwork with you all.

2012 Art Journal Cover Art {collage fodder by Tangie Baxter, a Broadway post card, paint pens by Sharpie, label maker, distress ink by Tim Holtz, acrylic paint, PITT Artist pens by Faber-Castell, gloss gel medium by Liquitex, and Preserve It! Matte finish spray by Krylon.



Week 06 Page

The background for this page is some wonderful fabric with skulls and glitter on it! I glued it down and then glued on the pieces, I printed one of Tangie’s hearts with the word Listographs on it and glued it on, some bubble wrap gesso, stamped letters and journaling and I think the page is done.
Journaling reads: “Proud to of overcome. 1. Not graduating from High school. Got GED went to college. 2. Being molested. 3. Being raped @S 13. 4. Being in a very abusive relationship. (I left) 5. Depression. My past doesn’t control my present or my future!”



I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my painted collaged bits and after digitizing and playing with them for a while realized I’d never celebrated my morning coffee ritual in my art journal. No earth shattering philosophical messages here, just a bit of fun.

Full size version and credits at:…n/photostream/



One Little Word 2012: Embrace

For far too long, I’ve been a collector of art supplies, rather than a user. With this year’s journal, I’d like to change that, so I’ve delved into my stash. My word is embrace, and I was inspired by this short poem.

Supplies: Affliction and 1942 Report fonts, coffee for staining, watercolor pencils, Tattered Angels glimmer mist, Bo Bunny papers, letters and stickers (Gabrielle and Et Cetera collections)



Bohemian Rhapsody

I haven’t done a hybrid piece since the summer. But my amazing friend Ruth came by for a sleepover and I couldn’t resist. She is doing amazing work with tea bags but rather than follow her delicate example (she empties the bag and flattens it which provides an amazing background frame texture), I just threw on a filled herbal tea bag. Besides Ruth, I need to give a nod to Rabbit whose self challenge appealed to me immensely and thus my first challenge: to do a zeti type piece.

Materials: Acrylics and lots of modifiers (gels, pearlizers), Neo-Colours, Derwent Inktense watercolours, Tombow, masking tape, Sharpie Poster pen, Uniball Signo, Gel pen
Digital: Crowabout Studios Woot2 (head, arms, wings), Tumblefish Studios Fishy (shoes and stockings)

Lyrics: Queen



a scrapbook/ art journaling hybrid page- I love how this turned out because it is so out of my comfort one

Thanks for looking,



After all the colour of my previous pages I fancied doing something with a little less colour. So here is my mixed media page for My life in 3 sentences. I think its one of my favourites so far.

Images -Tangies Dream Spillers
Font – Tropical script BTN Bamboo
Border – Pitt pen black




Be BOLD and mighty forces will come to your aid.

I have had a block for months now. I haven’t even made a single Caravan page yet I think. I start a lot of pages but never really finish anything. Yesterday I heard that quote on a TV show (don’t remember which show, sorry) and it just kept repeating in my head. This afternoon I once again sat down with my journal and hoped to make something. I added some of the background paint and it was quite bold and 1 hour later the page was done. YAY.

Supplies: The circles are punched from some of the many backgrounds I have painted lately. The butterflies are from a vintage notecard kit by Maryjo Koch. The fonts are from our very own Tangie Baxter. I used cheapy watercolors and Crayola Slick Stix (love those).


and this one, below, I don’t think is hybrid- but since I’m writing this blog post, I guess I can put anything here! I don’t think you’ll complain! Isn’t it gorgeous?


2012 Itinerary #5

Mixed-Media week #5,
I knew my journaling was going somewhere I wasn’t ready to share with everyone so I snapped a picture with my phone before I finished writing!

LOVE LOVE this quote, and it has inspired me to be more BOLD


Now it’s your turn!

I hope this has inspired you to be hands-on and get your hands messy! Be sure to share your hybrid art journal pages with us in the gallery.

Join the conversation! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this post.

Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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Highlights of Week 15

It’s that time of the week again!  Okay, it’s a day past that time of the week again LOL.  That’s right, it’s time to see what’s going on in the Art Journal Caravan Gallery.  I’m always excited to go rumaging through the past week and see what’s there.  It’s always something good.

In My Heart by firecracker55
This page is so sweet. I love that winged darling and the beautiful journaling.


AJC~Provisions #15 by pennyshilling
A fantastic quote!  I love the bright colors and all the great elements that represent the quote.


Woe Is Me by Jeanzie
I love how the artist did her journaling on this page.  I definitely have a thing for word strips!


Life the life You’ve Imagined by Zuzu
More pretty colors.  It reminds me of Spring.


Overused by Bush Girl
This page just makes me giggle.  The old guy screaming is too funny, totally made this page!


Hold Fast by jonee
Ahhhh so soft and sweet.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.




My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #3

My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #3

“My life’s #1 purpose and passion is….” Create an art journal page finishing this sentence, include at least a paragraph of journaling.


by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

The prompt this week can be inspired from our work last week, digging a bit deeper into our #1 purpose and passion. If you made a list of your top five passions, which of those holds the most meaning for you? Not only that, which one can be a lifelong, worthy purpose that will never have a completion date?

For me, my #1 purpose and passion is my marriage. Sure, I could have said, “Outside my marriage, my #1 passion is my art,” or something similar, however that would not be giving my marriage the respect that I feel it deserves.  Since I am unable to be a mother, being a wife is the most important job I have, and we all know marriage isn’t easy. For right now, I believe my marriage is my #1 purpose. It kind of surprised me to come to this conclusion, as I did think art or something else ambitious would top the list…yet I do put a lot of time into making this relationship work. It’s a little scary to admit that my marriage is my #1 purpose, not sure why, maybe because I haven’t heard it very often in my corner of the world. Yet I was really thrilled to make a page with my marriage as my focus, and excited to show my spouse when it was finished.

The Easiest Way to Define Your Life’s Purpose


According to Jeff at, there are three main ways to define your life’s purpose.

1.  Pick 3 or 4 values that really resonate with you.

“Look over a list of values and pick out three or four that are the most important to you. “ Read more…

Some of my values on my list included:Abundance

2.  Unpack the words that you selected.

“Take some time and write out what the three or four values you selected mean to you. ” Read more…

2.  Use your selected values to formulate your life purpose.

“A good life purpose is a simple statement that has strong meaning for you.

Jeff  prefers something like this sentence (insert your values):

I want to spend my life pursuing ___________, ____________ and _____________.

For example, I want to spend my life pursuing wisdom, patience and peace.  Of course, you can word it any way that you like, but for Jeff  this sentence really helped him clarify his life purpose.” Read more…



Inspiration for My Vision for 2012: Dream Prompt #3

Julie Ann

I am sharing a hybrid page with you this week! The main image was cut from a magazine, and my husband even thought it was a photo of us from when we went horse-back riding once…hahaha! Not quite.

Journaling: My No. 1 purpose, lifelong and worthy, is marriage. I value love, companionship, support, honesty, & faithfulness.


House, Rainbow, Flowers, Hearts, Grass, Butterfly, Journaling Lines: Collage Mania 2011 by Studio Tangie
Border, I Heart Him: Collage Mania by Studio Tangie
Background: Wild Things and Papers by CrowAbout Studio B
Border: Mega Art Journaling, Bits Borders & Parts both by CrowAbout StudioB


Now it’s Your Turn!!!

Link up your page here (the url) in the comments section of this post. Join our fun.


Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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Hot off the press: Close-Out Sale and AJC Provisions {Parcel 16}

Happy Friday!

It is that time of the year again….


GO, GO, GO, before those goodies are gone for good!


And on to this week’s Parcel

Art Journal Caravan 2012 {Parcel 16}
Collage Fusion #01

20 collage “fusion blenders” and 2 bonus papers
Use these new collage pieces to create all kinds of collage montages
as they fusion perfectly on any background!

A closer look

Have a great weekend!

“I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster NEW PROMPT

Welcome to our I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt #6 by Tangie!

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

Journal your thoughts and upload your page to your blog or favorite gallery. Link it up in the comments of this blog post.

Scroll down to the see Studio Tangie Inspiration pages!

The Myth-Buster prompts, written by Tangie Baxter,  come from the Art Journal Caravan Expedition Navigation Guide PDF inside the kit when you sign up for the Expedition.

by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

If I had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, what show would I choose? I went through my DVR timers to see if any of today’s current shows that I enjoy would  be something I could stand as my life for a month. New Girl, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Harry’s Law, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Revenge, 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Fringe, Two and a Half Men, The Simpsons, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Up All Night, Hot in Cleveland, Smash, Pan Am, Happy Endings, Best Friends Forever, Scandal…whoa, seems like I sit in front of the T.V. all day but really I just let it play in the background often. Then I did some google research for the most popular T.V. shows of all-time to see if any shows of past decades could fit the bill.

Eventually, I came around to a former guilty pleasure that I’m taking a break from…The Real Housewives from Bravo. I’m not sure if this prompt had in mind Reality T.V. shows, yet I couldn’t shake the idea. I wouldn’t do it for the money or fame, I’d do it to share “This is me, take it or leave it. I love me.” Actually, when I read the prompt about a month ago or so, I had this same idea of doing the Real Housewives of my city for the page. I even thought of putting local high-profile scrapbookers faces in for the art dolls. Perhaps I’ll eventually do a “scrapbooker” theme for this page, but I kind of like just doing random, no-identity this time around. You’ll see what I mean in my page below.

Must Read:


Inspiration for IDHATJA Myth-Buster Prompt #6

Heather aka sparklyduck75

I’ve always been a sucker for British period dramas, and Downton Abbey is no exception. If I could spend a month in that world, I don’t know whether I’d rather be upstairs or downstairs–the characters and stories are equally intriguing (although they do have the better costumes upstairs!). Something about our aggressive, high-speed, in-your-face, fast food society makes an escape to these kinds of stories irresistible: a place where manners are strictly observed, everyone understands they exist in service to one another, and sitting down to a family dinner is a carefully preserved event. And what would I give to follow Dame Maggie Smith around for a while? Although in many ways, I know life in those times was far more difficult (especially for women), I wish more of the gentility of the era could’ve stayed with us. It’s absolute agony that there are only seven episodes in a season… thank God for DVDs.

CREDITS by Tangie Baxter:
Jetadore collab with Rebecca McMeen; My Favorite Things: Family; Arsenic & Old Lace; A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Font: JellykaVampireStreet.
All cast photos from the Internet.


Julie Ann

I wouldn’t do it for the money or fame, I’d do it to share “This is me, take it or leave it. I love me.”

Journaling: If I had to live in a TV show for a month, why not a show about the real housewives of my neighborhood?

The background is a blend of three papers by Tangie. See above paragraphs for more about my thoughts on this page.

Credits: by Tangie Baxter unless noted

Shell: Mermaid Lagoon
Elements: AJC12 Parcel 15,  She Journals,Quickety Split Snippets Borders,
Dolls: Seaside Art Dolls, Parcel 44 with Amanda Sexton, Parcel 47 with Amanda Sexton, Parcel 51 with Amanda Sexton, Hello Dollies Art Dolls with SherrieJD
Papers: Haute Soiree, Art Stomp with Roben-Marie Smith, Wonderland

Other: Elements: Joyous Journey, Vintage Gone Funky both by CrowAbout StudioB; Arms: Odd People & Borders by Crowabout StudioB; Art Dolls: Maryanne CAH, Joyous Journey by CrowAbout StudioB


Highlights of Week 14

I’m happy to say that spring may finally be in the air in the cold and gloomy state of Washington.  It’s been a rough winter for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, but we’ve actually had 2 days of sunshine in a row now and that is major!!  I must say it puts a spring in my step and creativity in my soul.  If you’re experiencing the gloom in your neck of the woods maybe these pages will inspire you and cheer you up.  And as always, remember, these are only a few of the pages uploaded to the Art Journal Caravan Gallery.  Make sure to stop by to see many more!

Go Underground by Nevermore
This page is just… WOW!  The detailed map and how it’s beautifully framed mesmerized me!


Kismet – Itinerary 11 – AJC by CarolW
Isn’t this a fun page?  It makes me very happy.


Castless fortress by rarou47
I like the gorgeous colors here and the painted feel.


Get Off the Bus by Jeanzie
Very admirable.  I thought this was a fantastic subject to journal about.


This is me. by Lady wolf
Love all the bits here, so many things to learn about the artist.


Itinerary #11: Kismet by snowdropz
This one is stunning!  That mermaid is so pretty and I love that she has wings to fly away when she’s ready for change.


My Secret Desire (Itinerary #14) by carrottop
It’s good to dream…


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My Vision for 2012: Dream – Prompt #2

My Vision for 2012: Dream – Prompt #2

Create an art journal page based on the quotation, “Live the life you’ve imagined” – include at least a paragraph of journaling.

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by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

I love this quotation. I like it because it says “Wake up! Get off that sofa! Turn off that T.V. Get away from the computer, Ipad, or Iphone! Just do it!” It acknowledges that I’ve been a dreamer, and now is the time to make good. It says, “Yes, believe in yourself. Why not?” Isn’t that so awesome?

Just what have I been imagining for myself? I wrote down my top 12 dreams for my have-it-all, quintessential existence. (I narrowed down the top 5 for my page below.) These fantasies evolved around what would my lifestyle look like if it were tailored made for me, and included: enjoying creating the most beautiful digital, hybrid, and handmade scrapbooks; having fun adventures as a world traveler; enjoying the journey of art journaling; enjoying excellent health with lots of energy, vitality, stamina; enjoying a loving, committed, solid, fun marriage; living in a gorgeous, well-designed home with gardens; having lots of free time to be; enjoying life with abundance; knowing peace and joyfulness; practicing mediation and yoga consistently; being the most loving, involved Aunt; & being charismatic, well-liked, and respected for being me. (The top 5 are in bold.)

For as long as I remember, I have had the goal of self-actualization. To self-actualize is to fulfill one’s potential. Actually, in all honesty, somehow I left a huge goal, perhaps my #1 goal of all-time off this list for some reason. Oh, I know why…because it’s a goal, and not a lifestyle choice. My #1 goal is to write and publish a book. I don’t have the wish to live the way of life of book tours, public speaking engagements, and travel obligations that some authors live though. That would interfere with my desire to have as much free time as possible.  So I left my goals off my list for this week….goals are for another list…as they don’t quite fit this quotation  – Live the life you’ve imagined. The full quote is from Walden by Henry David Thoreau,

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

How do you want to live your life? Do you understand the difference between achievements and style of living? You can infuse both your ambitions and habits with purpose, if it gives more meaning to the process. You may also have a goal that is influenced by a talent you’ve developed. However, do not confuse talent with Purpose, as was recently spoken by T.D. Jakes, a famous preacher, on Oprah’s Lifeclass The Tour Interactive Event.

Ivana Kvesic writes for The Christian Post, “Half the battle is not spending your life to be what you aren’t,” he said, before sharing with the audience that the key to fulfilling their purpose is to find passion.

“It is your passion that empowers you to be able to do that thing you were created to do,” Jakes said.” Read more about this at Bishop TD Jakes Talks ‘Living With Purpose’ on ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass‘. Visit Oprah’s Lifeclass online.


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Inspiration for My Vision for 2012: Dream – Prompt #2

Julie Ann

I love the result of this page. To know more about it, please read the paragraphs above!

Credits: by Tangie Baxter unless noted otherwise
Butterfly: Curious Adventures Curious Elements Lot 79c
Papers: Up Up Away, Enchanted Art Box Stripes, Quickety Split N’ Print Vol. 3, Unconventional Wisdom
Graffiti: Verve Graffiti
Word Art: QuotesPaint, Quotes Borders
Dot,Painted Border: AJC12 Parcel 15
Splatter: Wishing Waiting
Font: Tangie AJFbreadbutter, TangieAJFtweedledeeALT
Style: Paperworn Art Journaling Style by Tangie
Template: A Little Altered Art by Studio Jen D
Alpha: Markerific by CD Murkosky


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Julie Ann Shahin is a New York-based art journaler, scrapbooker, mixed media craftster who specializes in hybrid and altered art techniques. She will be blogging regularly for on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You may contact Julie Ann directly at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com

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