“I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster NEW PROMPT

Welcome to our I Don’t Have Anything to Journal About” Myth-Buster Prompt #6 by Tangie!

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

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The Myth-Buster prompts, written by Tangie Baxter,  come from the Art Journal Caravan Expedition Navigation Guide PDF inside the kit when you sign up for the Expedition.

by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

If I had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, what show would I choose? I went through my DVR timers to see if any of today’s current shows that I enjoy would  be something I could stand as my life for a month. New Girl, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Harry’s Law, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Revenge, 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Fringe, Two and a Half Men, The Simpsons, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Up All Night, Hot in Cleveland, Smash, Pan Am, Happy Endings, Best Friends Forever, Scandal…whoa, seems like I sit in front of the T.V. all day but really I just let it play in the background often. Then I did some google research for the most popular T.V. shows of all-time to see if any shows of past decades could fit the bill.

Eventually, I came around to a former guilty pleasure that I’m taking a break from…The Real Housewives from Bravo. I’m not sure if this prompt had in mind Reality T.V. shows, yet I couldn’t shake the idea. I wouldn’t do it for the money or fame, I’d do it to share “This is me, take it or leave it. I love me.” Actually, when I read the prompt about a month ago or so, I had this same idea of doing the Real Housewives of my city for the page. I even thought of putting local high-profile scrapbookers faces in for the art dolls. Perhaps I’ll eventually do a “scrapbooker” theme for this page, but I kind of like just doing random, no-identity this time around. You’ll see what I mean in my page below.

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Inspiration for IDHATJA Myth-Buster Prompt #6

Heather aka sparklyduck75

I’ve always been a sucker for British period dramas, and Downton Abbey is no exception. If I could spend a month in that world, I don’t know whether I’d rather be upstairs or downstairs–the characters and stories are equally intriguing (although they do have the better costumes upstairs!). Something about our aggressive, high-speed, in-your-face, fast food society makes an escape to these kinds of stories irresistible: a place where manners are strictly observed, everyone understands they exist in service to one another, and sitting down to a family dinner is a carefully preserved event. And what would I give to follow Dame Maggie Smith around for a while? Although in many ways, I know life in those times was far more difficult (especially for women), I wish more of the gentility of the era could’ve stayed with us. It’s absolute agony that there are only seven episodes in a season… thank God for DVDs.

CREDITS by Tangie Baxter:
Jetadore collab with Rebecca McMeen; My Favorite Things: Family; Arsenic & Old Lace; A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Font: JellykaVampireStreet.
All cast photos from the Internet.


Julie Ann

I wouldn’t do it for the money or fame, I’d do it to share “This is me, take it or leave it. I love me.”

Journaling: If I had to live in a TV show for a month, why not a show about the real housewives of my neighborhood?

The background is a blend of three papers by Tangie. See above paragraphs for more about my thoughts on this page.

Credits: by Tangie Baxter unless noted

Shell: Mermaid Lagoon
Elements: AJC12 Parcel 15,  She Journals,Quickety Split Snippets Borders,
Dolls: Seaside Art Dolls, Parcel 44 with Amanda Sexton, Parcel 47 with Amanda Sexton, Parcel 51 with Amanda Sexton, Hello Dollies Art Dolls with SherrieJD
Papers: Haute Soiree, Art Stomp with Roben-Marie Smith, Wonderland

Other: Elements: Joyous Journey, Vintage Gone Funky both by CrowAbout StudioB; Arms: Odd People & Borders by Crowabout StudioB; Art Dolls: Maryanne CAH, Joyous Journey by CrowAbout StudioB


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