Art Journaling 102: Hybrid Feature – Reverse Hybrid, Hybrid Canvas, & AJC Gallery Finds


by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team

I’m so excited to bring you some new hybrid ideas today featuring Studio Tangie products. Plus don’t forget to pre-order your exclusive Tangie Baxter & Co. Rubber Stamps Limited Edition bundle! I’ll bring you some ideas when I get my set of her stamps, but for now we have the following magnificient projects:

  • Hybrid + Reverse Hybrid
  • Hybrid Canvas Inspiration by Tam Hanley
  • AJC Gallery Finds

Let’s get started!


“Hybrid  + Reverse Hybrid” Project Inspiration

What is Reverse Hybrid?

When you add digital to a scanned or photographed art journal or scrapbook page, it is called “Reverse Hybrid”, popularized by the creative Tia Bennett. Since my project is Hybrid to begin with, I’m calling it “Hybrid + Reverse Hybrid”.

Why do Reverse Hybrid?

The first reason is just  for the art of it. It would be the same reason as creating a digital page.

The second reason is to experiment without ruining your page. You can add paint, overlays, elements, whatever you can imagine to your heart’s desire and take it away if you don’t like it, or add more! No consequences except taking up space on your hard drive.

The third reason would be if you have a flat page that could be run through your printer again, then you can make another design, run your page through your printer and add something spectacular to  your page. But you can make as many edits as you wish before you decide to print!

Let’s see my Hybrid + Reverse Hybrid Page. Here are the steps in my project:

Step 1. I designed a page using Tangie’s Tangible Plans™, and printed it out. I adhered it to my journal.


Step 2. I adhered border pieces around my page. I added some houses in the upper right corner.



Step 3. I continued adding some pieces to the border.

Step 4. I added the woman with the word art, which was cut from a magazine.

Step 5. I adhered circles and flower elements by Tangie to the page.

Step 6. I added my journaling and some doodling. My hybrid portion is complete.

Now for the reverse hybrid steps next…



Step 7: I photographed my page, uploaded it to my computer, and cropped it in my photo editing software (PSE).

Step 8: In PSE, I added one of Tangie’s new overlays Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #012. I did stretch it to make it fit my page from a square to a rectangle, but since it’s an abstract  overlay, no design was weirdly warped.

Step 9: I added stitching  from the new  Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #013 over the rectangle with the word art “Imagine the Perfect Day”.

Step 10: I added paint splatters from Tangie’s Silhouette Collab with DeCrow Designs.

Step 11: I added a canvas tag from the new Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #014.

Step 12: Finally, I adjusted all of the overlay and paint layers with the Paperworn Art Styles & BONUS Action.



Tangible Plans™

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #012

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #013

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #014

Silhouette Collab

2011 Collage Sheet Mania! 94 Collage Sheet Grab Bag!

Paperworn Art Styles & BONUS Action


Hybrid Canvas Inspiration by Tam Hanley

The inspiration was the original picture of the girl from Tangie’s “Thoughts of Thee” collection. So the edging and background are in keeping with that picture, even though I tore her out of it.

Other pieces are all from Tangie:
Keep Moving Forward
AJC 2010 parcels 20, 31, and 23
Broken Doll
Compendium of Daydreams
Anthology 8
Quote Collage

In addition to acrylic paint, beading wire, modeling paste, gel medium, hot glue, and buttons.


Inspiration from the Art Journal 2012 Gallery


Week 28

“Images by Tangie Baxter Photo found on-line “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” ~John Lennon



Chasing Butterflies

It is so good to be back to my art journalling after what feels like ages, Just had to create other things like birthday cards and design team things. This is my page for the word Apolaustic # 26. It started just as a session playing with my paint and I ended up with my fave background yet and then I just had to use that wonderful owl!! Just realised I missed my caravan image out, will have to hide him somewhere.

Images by Tangie
Letters by SherrieJD




This is a prime example of what happens when you are stuck in bed listening to old Dixie Chicks CDs while trying to catch up on old itineraries. Ha! It was fun though.

Tangie Baxter: fine lady
Cajoline: shovel
Hidden Vintage Studios: man head
old book pages, prang watercolors, sharpie markers, gel pens, glitter




I Collaged, gessoed, and painted with acrylics and pan pastel. Then I glued an Haikü



One Response to Art Journaling 102: Hybrid Feature – Reverse Hybrid, Hybrid Canvas, & AJC Gallery Finds

  • annie! says:

    VErrrry interesting technique! I’m a bit computer challenged but your step by step process might make it easier for me! Awesome results!


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