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VIP Tour #7 Interview with Sandy

Every few months I do VIP Tours of the backstage of  ”Studio Tangie”. These special passes allow guests get all new products for one low price, a very special guest appearance here on our blog and sneak peeks of what is going on behind the scenes at Studio Tangie! Make sure you join the newsletter for info on when the next tour will be available.

What continent do you live on?
- North America, in a wonderful corner of the mountains of WV along the Ohio River

What was your favorite subject in school?
Math, in fact I have a teaching degree in Math. It was like working logic puzzles.

Do you have any animals? What kind?
- I’ve had many dogs and cats over the years but my DH has developed allergies to them so we’ve chosen not to have any at this time. I tell my husband that the day he dies, I’m getting a cat. :D

When you are scrapping, what are the sounds around you?
- I like to scrap in the silence. If I want background music, I use the Symphonic channel on DirecTV

Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
- Yes. I love to dance and it has been the biggest challenge of married life since he doesn’t. lol

What would subject or material would you like to see in a kit from Tangie?
- I saw “dripped paint” in a mixed-media article once and would like to work with it as a digital element. This technique applies paint at one edge of a page and then lets it drip down in lines. I thing they would be wonderful for text.

What do you sing in the shower, if you do sing (we know you do!)?
- Afraid I’m old school, I sing old show tunes, hymns, or songs from my youth.

Do you buy cookies or things from kids that knock on your door? -
Always, of course, but the kids don’t come around much any more.

What do you think when you hear rain start outside?
- Now that I’m retired, I relax. Rain means a lazy day at home.

Where is your dream vacation?
- Ireland, we went there once and it felt like home.


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