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Hot off the press: AJC 2013 {The January 13 Parcel Collection}

And here we are again, Happy New Year to you all!!
This is the first Hot off the press in 2013 and I’m thrilled to present you

Art Journal Caravan 2013
{The January 13 Parcel Collection}

Get going with the AJC Parcels in 2013 in a new format.
Every month there will be this huge, and I mean HUGE, Parcel for you to enjoy!
We are starting off with the January 2013 Parcel and it is filled to the brim.

Included are:
1 True Type Font “Cardiff”
Gesso Messy (4 pieces)
India Ink Doodles (12 pieces)
Mixed-media Pack (25 pieces)
Ephemera and Wordbits (40 pieces)
Kraft Watercolor Cuts (13 pieces)
Misty Ink Overlays (4 pieces)
Artsy Paper Bundle (22 pieces)
Vintage Stamps (6 pieces)
Papercuts Borders (17 pieces)
Doodle and Word Art (28 pieces)

I cannot possibly show you all, so I’ve selected only a few packs.
But check the store to see more of what’s included.

PS It’s not too late. Become a Caravan 2013 Member and receive this Parcel for only $10.

Art Journal Caravan™ {Expedition 2013}

Want to save even more on the Parcels?

Art Journal Caravan™ {Expedition 2013}

Get yourself this Parcel Pass to save time and money.
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (until January 15th)

(You have to be or become an AJC 2013 member to make use of this)

Till next time,


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