Celebrating 40 with an Open Studio Day!

Hello all my friends, family and loyal blog readers! This is the year, the year I turn the big 4o! It’s exciting and crazy all at the same time (I remember when I thought 40 was SO OLD!) but, I feel great, I love my life and I am blessed beyond measure. A long time ago my sister sent me a blog link to a lady that did 40 random acts of kindness for her 40th birthday (it could have been 50 for her 50th or 60 for her 60th I don’t remember)–the point is the idea has stuck with me and I decided this year I was going to make that my mission. As my husband and I were discussing things we could do for it,  I told him the 40th one I do I want to be a whopper–a really big BANG at the end of the week. My first thought? Free Art Journaling in the Studio, sharing all my supplies, sharing my knowledge, sharing my passion for art journaling and helping people who have never done art journaling get started if they want to! So that is what we are going to do! Open Studio Day March 30th! WAHOO! My studio is in my home, and it’s not huge but we will make spots for everyone (I think, I hope?), everywhere we can find room. This wont’ be as fancy or as structured (or catered) as my once a year October retreats (I can only ask my family to live without  furniture in the house once a year wouldn’t you agree?) so we might be a bit squished in,  but we’ll have a blast I can guarentee that!  If you have any questions you can email me at the email on the poster or use the contact me page. I will only give my address to people I know (online or in real life) or friends of friends so make sure you let me know how I know you ;)! xoxo ~Tangie



*I live in the Phoenix/Mesa area of Arizona
*Sorry, no kids this time!–Mature 12 and up is fine!

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