Did you get your Dream Maker Freebie?

Hello everyone! Wow what a month it’s been so far, I have been working so hard on the kickstarter campaign, and dreaming up a million classes to offer, the live streaming events, the online parties, the local art parties, donating studio time to non-profits and so much more… my head is spinning (in a good way of course). I am so thankful beyond words to those of you who have pledged and are helping me make this possible! You are awesome, truly!

I want to make sure everyone got their Dream Maker freebie that went out in the SBG newsletter last week! Think of it as a —> thank you in advance for pledging and spreading the word. Plus, of course you get all the other cool stuff at the reward levels too!

I hope you have a wonderful day, make it a great one (and hopefully find some time to art)!

Thanks for pledging and spreading the word about our kickstarter!

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