“BE” is just some awesome sauce.

Alright my friends, fans and family! It’s time to kick things up a notch with just FOUR DAYS LEFT!
"BE" an awesome sauce extra add on for kickstarter!


It’s soooooo close that every single pledge large and small will make a big difference! Just think of all the fabulous rewards you are going to get including things that will come in the future. Things like more workshops, free live streaming from the studio, studio time donated to non-profit/church youth groups, long distance classes via virtual classrooms and more! This studio is going to be hopping and even if you can’t visit in person there will be many benefits right here on the blog! It’s seriously going to be AWESOME. So grab some awesome sauce with the new kit,  please pledge & get awesome stuff because supporting art makes you…well…AWESOME!


I know in the digital community we are used to Paypal!  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using it instead. If you do not want to go through kickstarter you can paypal me directly [tangiebaxter at yahoo dot com] and I will make sure your pledge gets added to kickstarter with my husband’s donation! Your rewards will be delivered the same as everyone else’s once the project funds (Starting approx. May 15th, details will be updated on kickstarter so keep an eye out over there)! Although I encourage you to go through kickstarter so you can get all the updates directly and have your name listed as a project backer on their site, I do understand and wanted to give you another option to be able to use Paypal!


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