AJC Highlights of Week 21

This has been an excessively maddening week for me.  I had some creative time early in the week and sat down to play and wouldn’t you know my computer crashed?  BEFORE I saved anything.  So I spent the week transferring files to a brand new external hard drive because I’m certain my computer is dying a slow death.  Today I spent the week playing catch up on all my creative endeavors.  And that is why I’m just now getting this post done.  But I assure you, my lateness in no way reflects the talent showcased this week.  In fact, I might venture to say this has been one of my favorite weeks in the gallery.  The layouts are amazing.

Here are my picks for week 21:

Pebbles of Knowledge by RuthGu3
If you don’t adore this art doll than we can no longer be friends.  J/K lol.  Isn’t she super cute thought?  And the waves and sail boat in the background, I’m really diggin’ this page.


Week 21 – Plato quote by Zuzu
That quote… I must use it!  Very inspiring page.  And who doesn’t want to ride a whale?


Mermaid with Plato by Rain K
This page is really pretty.  I like the boarder and the beautiful background.  The quote, big and centered on the page is perfect.


Week 18: Atlantis by RucolaDesigns
Have I mentioned that I ♥ mermaids???  Oh my gosh!  And these 2 beauties are just hanging out there asking me to bring them home : ))


I Cannot Fathom the Mysteries by acreativeneed
Awesome, awesome page!  I like all the paper elements and the wavey quote, it blends into the page perfectly!


No. 10: I am a Blossom by kygirl
Great collaging here.  This is a perfect example of where your imagination can take you.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.


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