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What a Wonderful World LIVE Workshops at Artspiration Studio

I am so dang excited to announce a spring workshop as big as my annual October workshops! These are PACKED full of goodies, techniques and friendship! I hope to see you there.

What a Wonderful World Live Art Journaling Workshop with Tangie Baxter @ Artspiration Studio

This workshop will now be held at the NEW STUDIO!
The address of the  studio is

MESA, AZ 85203




Hyatt by Bass Pro Shop…otel/home.html

These are nicer hotels, if you want something more inexpensive, the  zip code is 85203 if you want to search for others.



AJC Highlights of Week 46

I have had a very delightfully busy day today, with still lots more to do I finally had to just walk away and steal a few moments to get my post ready and published.  I hope you like the selection I picked for you.

Here are my picks for week 46:

Its all Greek to me by nannangie
I love all the ink and paint and texture here.  It’s fabulous!!


Dreams without end by CarolW
This page definitely drew me in.  It’s kind of mesmerizing actually…


my past by drwhalen
This is such a fun page.  I really like the art doll hanging out all by herself in the corner.


No. 46: Is it Just Me? by kygirl
I really like the hand doodling around the picture and the thought provoking sentiment…


Week 46 – Flourishing by Billizetti
I thought this was such an intriguing page.  Definitely caught MY attention.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.


Art Journal Caravan 2014 – The Final Caravan!

Studio Tangie


You won’t want to miss the Art Journal Caravan for 2014. It is the last caravan leaving the station, I mean, studio. If you haven’t joined a previous caravan, join now for the journaling experience of a lifetime! There’s even an early bird special!

Art Journal Caravan™ {The FINAL Expedition 2014} ***EARLY BIRD*** By Tangie

Caravan 2014

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3


Please click on the link above to visit the store page to get all of the details.

There are exciting new parcels released each month to use while journaling in the caravan. You many purchase a special pass to get the parcels at one low price.

Art Journal Caravan™ {Expedition 2014} PARCEL PASS By Tangie

Parcel Pass

Would you like to share your 2014 journey with a friend? Are you looking for a special gift? Check out the gift package below.

Art Journal Caravan™ {Expedition 2014} GIFT PACKAGE By Tangie

Gift Package

Join the Art Journal Caravan for 2014 now! It’s your final chance to take this incredible journey!

Author Bill

Art Journal Caravan 2014 is Ready to Depart for the Final Time!

Early Bird Price for the Art Journal Caravan“Not all those who wander are lost” that is our theme for 2014!

Let’s make this the best year ever, really allowing ourselves the freedom to explore and MOST IMPORTANTLY learning to ENJOY THE JOURNEY! It is the PROCESS not the finished result that is important. There is no such thing as an ugly or unworthy journal page, there is only the process of discovery. Allow yourself to enjoy your art, allow yourself to mess up, to fail, to be bad, to make mistakes. In reality that is true success, the real freedom art journaling brings. . Let’s embrace the process together as we “WANDER” and explore on the LAST EXPEDITION of the Art Journal Caravan!

Art Journal Caravan by Tangie

Lesson 12 and 13: Making a Paperback Book into a Card Base



Hello all,

Today I am going to post for both this week and next as 11/27 is the day before Thanksgiving here in the US…our daughter’s family is coming from Hawaii tomorrow to spend the week with us in western Colorado and are all hoping for snow.  Yes, my sweet almost 2 month old grandson is coming with Mom and Dad for Grandma Rain to take a few thousand more photos of his beautiful baby-ness!  Maybe I will recover from overwhelming grandparent mania, by oh, age 18 or so, but then again, maybe not.  It will just be another phase.

These two lessons are about using a paperback book to make a 3-D card or desk topper.  There are so many paperback books available at library and tag sales for practically nothing…I have a small box of books I’ve picked up at the library sales for 5-10 cents, along with some hardbacks to make altered books for less than $1.  I occasionally match the topic of the book to the actual card recipient, but more about this later.

Here are two images of finished paperbacks, one is a card for a dear friend and colleague battling fourth stage breast cancer, and the other lives on my desk in my studio:

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Let’s first look at the mechanics of making the paperback into a card base.

This is all about folding.  First step, using a craft knife, cut off both the front and back covers of the book.  I often save these to use as backing for some of the tidbits I push between the pages later, or you can just toss into your recycling bin.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

This particular book is about playing Scrabble, and has special meaning for my friend as playing online while receiving chemotherapy infusions has helped her keep her sanity.  I loved the paper of this book, but honestly it was such a lousy Scrabble guide I had no qualms about tearing the covers off and folding the pages into my card base.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

When every page is folded in half to the center of the book spine, the base will form as a gentle arc.  There are many variations to this shape that are easily folded, including:

*Folding each page at a different height for a stair step look, starting over again with the smallest size every 5 or so pages

*Cutting and Folding in a stairstep from small to large, then continuing from the peak, folding back to the smallest.

*Folding partial pages into triangles, rectangles, squares, or any other shape desired.

*Folding and cutting to form an organic or geometric pattern

*Folding and cutting to create a landscape or cityscape

*The sky is the limit!

The photo of my desk topper above was made by making triangle folds moving from the right, across the middle, to the left, and back in reverse:..I started with a center triangle by folding the outer corner into the center on both sides of the page.  In between each triangular fold, I folded the page in half, towards the center gutter of the spine.  The half page folds increase the stability of the overall base.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

In the photo above, I am showing a center triangle.  In the image below,  my fingers are lifting the small right side folded into the center, while the left bulk portion of the page is folded into a left-sided triangle top.  In between are the folded in half pages.


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog


For this particular desk topper, I painted Walnut Ink onto the pages in a rather haphazard  way…the pages could be sprayed with inks or paints, painted first, or after folding.  I have a friend that can’t make anything without glitter glue, so of course, her books are heaped with lines of various colors of glitter.  Gesso or other base could be applied to the pages, other pages glued on or stuck in, then sprayed or painted or ?  There are a lot of options!

I brushed on Walnut Ink with a basic cheapo brush, going for a mottled look.  I actually painted on the ink on the first third and kept on folding, cutting and folding until I reached the peak of the base.  Then I folded groups of 6-8 pages in half, then 4 pages, then 10, just random numbers of half folds without triangular tops.  These will hold up the triangles, making it easier to put the bits and pieces in between the pages.





Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

In the image above, I have already started to tuck in pieces of painted, stamped, stenciled papers and cards.

Since my studio desk is over one hundred years old, made by Gary’s grandfather, I am super careful of anything touching the wood surface that isn’t absolutely soft.  I made a felt base for the desk topper with a  piece of cardboard attached with double-stick carpet tape to craft felt, then trimmed to size.  I keep all sorts of card around, backs of sketchbooks, watercolor pads, paper tablets, etc.  I love the thin card used to pack shirts or sheets.  If I am the least bit concerned about archival quality, I will seal the cardboard with a Golden GAC 100, to prevent acid drift.


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

I attach the base of the paperback book to the cardboard using either double-stick carpet tape or some type of glue.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Once the base is adhered to the cardboard/felt base, I paint on Walnut Ink all around the visible area.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Obviously, there are so many different ways I could choose to decorate the folded pages!  Or, just leave the pages alone and just fold.  The card for my friend battling illness is a Scrabble book, kind of a joke between us about 7 letter Bingo plays, and I wanted the pages to be visible.  In the next lesson I will show you some different types of insertions, including floral wire, seed packets, notes and journal cards, word poems, etc.


Lesson 13:  Optional Items to Make for Your Paperback Book Base

Once again, I am so totally in love with Tangie’s Collage Sheet collections for so many reasons, and for this particular project, the printed sheets are an easy and fun way to give a set of variations as a gift with the card base.  I tend to print off a batch of collage sheets, my own art journal layouts, photos,  or other pages, and keep a stack by the computer or TV or anywhere that time is spent listening to a video or tutorial.  I cut out bits and keep them all in a tray for the next project, many times first fusing the printed sheet to another paper or thin index paper or cardstock to stiffen, as this makes fussy cutting so much easier.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog


I also keep paper edge trimmings, little squares of card, photo trimmings, and other edge bits in a box as possible “attachments” for my collage pieces.  Sometimes I glue, sometimes I use double-sided tape, or even permanent soft gel medium, to attach the printed cutout to the floral wire or card.  I have a lot of covered floral wire from some mythical project lost in the mists of the past that I love to use for this type of insert as I can bend and bend over and over again without breaking the wire.  I often attach little stitch samples leftover from a project, or a City and Guilds sample set, or whatever, and attach it to the floral wire with Golden High Gloss gel medium, Soft or Hard Gel, laid out flat to fully dry over at least 24 hours.  The first image below is the front piece of free motion stitching on a piece of blue dupioni silk, glued to a spiraled floral wire.  The second image is the dried Hard Gel.  Once dry, all the Golden gel mediums can be cut or trimmed with a scissor.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Below is an image from my friend’s card, where I have glued a batch of bits together.  The wire or card or other bottom portion is tucked right between the folded book pages, and voila’, instant interactive card.


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

I have a large and wonderful base that I use to organize which seeds I will plant next in my greenhouse this time of year.  I found this paper from a now defunct shop in Colorado of vintage seed packets and decided to fuse each one to cardboard as spacers for my large seed collection.  Once late fall arrives, I like to stick one or two into a base book with the seeds so I remember to go toss a few rows into the greenhouse beds for winter eating.  In the spring, I would need a table top for all the varieties that I plant! Now, not so much, so the art work is a much appreciated reminder of all the gifts that gardening brings to my soul.  The paper had been crushed and rolled badly, so first I pressed the back with a dry iron to take out some of the crinkles, then fused Wonder Under two-sided glue to the back.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogOnce the fusible cooled off, I used a rotary cutter to slice through each row, then each individual packet.  Some of these I fused to card, others to scrapbook or Kraft paper.


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Word Art is another fabulously fun option for an insert.  Here is an image of another collage sheet of Tangie’s from the latest collection that I fused to Wonder Under, then after peeling off the backing paper, fused to a piece of thin card.  I used the rotary cutter to cut between the lines, then either rotary cutter or scissors to separate the words.  I keep a bowl of words on my desk and make little poems, affirmations, card greetings, or whatever with them.  Sometimes I just line up words on my desk then sweep all back into the bowl.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

So here again is an image of my desktopper:

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogI wish to you all a very safe and happy Thanksgiving…this holiday is always about gratitude for me.  I feel so blessed on every level of my being, and I thank God for a long list every day.  This month in my art journal I have been celebrating this incredible community of artists, the Art Journal Caravan, and our very own Tangie Baxter.  So for all of you, I hope there are some moments in this holiday season to make art, to express yourself in color and form, even if just for a few moments here and there.

take good care,




AJC Highlights of Week 45

Hey everyone!!  Hope you all are having a great day.  I’ve had an amazing day.  I got SO much done and managed to get in some creative time.  I even have a tiny corner of creative space all to myself, what a difference it makes!

Here are my picks for Week 45:

Week 43 – Beholder by thimbleberrie
I really like the bright pops of color on the black and white photo.  Very pretty.


Isn’t this a great art journal page?  I love all the ink and paint involved here.


Hello Germany by lorridiane
Loads of journaling, LOVE IT!!


No. 45: Beyond Logic by kygirl
That little guy is adorable!!  This is such a fun page.


~ free to be me~ by pennyshilling
Ohhhhh this is gorgeous.  I love all the hand drawn elements


Peace by anniesmom
This page is so soft and peaceful, it works perfect with the song lyrics


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.


99 Collage Sheet Grab Bag By Studio Tangie!


It’s that time of year again when Tangie goes crazy and creates an incredibly huge grab bag of collage sheets.

(It must have something to do with the change of the seasons.)

2013 Collage Sheet Mania! 99Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

Main Pic

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

This gigantic grab bag is on sale for a short time only. Please click on the link above to be taken to the grab bag store page where you will find more examples of the beautiful pages.

In case you missed previous years’ collage sheet grab bags, please check out the links below, too.

2010 Collage Sheet Mania! 92 Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

pic 2010 kit

2011 Collage Sheet Mania! 94 Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

pic 2011 kit

Grab these collections quickly, too, as they are also on sale for a limited time. It looks like we are all going to go journaling crazy with all of these collage sheets to choose from!

Author Bill


Art Travels Week 11: Shadowboxes

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog


Good evening!

The weather in Colorado has been magical this last week with days in the low 60′s and colder, crisp nights.  The heirloom apples from a neighboring organic farm have been so delicious, and the big quandary is simply which variety of the 7 or 8 in the root cellar should we eat next.  I love this time between Halloween and Thanksgiving as it feels truly like fall, with all the sights, sounds, and flavors of the season.  Winter starts for me after Thanksgiving, despite the date on the calendar or the weeks until the winter Solstice.  In today’s post I will be showing the process of making the first of three shadowbox collages with a fall theme,  including my new grandson of course!

Here is an image of the first shadowbox finished:

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Little Danny boy was just 3 weeks old in this photo.

I already have three shadowboxes that are 8 X 8, and right now I am “shopping” at home!  So the size has been determined by the stash.  I love shadowboxes that have three main parts, the outer box, the inner box, and the backing.  These particular shadowboxes have a glass sheet that fits inside the outer cover.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

I did the exact same process of adding the green in a layer below the photo…this was the same PSD file as the “pumpkin baby”, I just turned off this layer when saving the jpg file of the pumpkin photo, and vice versa.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

While these two photo files were printing, I made some Photoshop backgrounds to cut up for the outer box.  I wanted to cover the outside of the shadowbox because it was black and also more opportunity for cool collage.   I used Tangie Baxter’s kits, “Field Notes:  Fall”, and “Fairies”.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Art Travels with RainArt Travels with RainIn the middle of making these three 8.5 X 11 files to print, I received my Art Journal Caravan email from Tangie with the news that the 2013 Collage Mania collection was available in the ScrapbookGraphics store!  So of course my plans for the boxes needed to alter to include some of the collage sheets printed out.  Below is an image of one of the collage sheets I used, along with #694, #707, and #768, and the preview.  I highly recommend checking out the new 2013 collection as it is on sale right now and fabulous!

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogAvailable at (

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogThe next step in prepping my printed photos, after giving each a bit to dry completely, is to trim off the white edges.  I use a rotary cutter to eyeball these types of cuts, but a craft knife or scissor works fine.  If you are using a rotary cutter, please, please practice safety at all times…these are essentially rolling razor blades that are super sharp and deadly to tender fingers.  Always use the safety guard every time the cutter is put down, and keep your other hand to the side or behind the blade.

Having said all that, I adore cutting photos with a rotary cutter for clean, effortless trimming.


Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Next, I will then confirm the size of the shadowbox inner area for the photo using the printed paper ad. I cut the photo paper edges away, then re-confirm using the inner box.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Then I cut a painted backing paper as I have never seen a shadowbox that is exactly 8 X 8 or other designated measurement.  I use the same inner paper ad as a cutting template, then using double-sided archival tape, affix the paper to the backing of the frame first.  Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogHere are the two glues, above, that I used for this project.  Obviously similar products will work just fine.  I avoid using wet glues with photos that are home printed, and frankly, most of the time regardless, just to be safe.

The continuous line glue dots I mainly use for the decorative bits later on. I use the tape lining up to one corner, then peeling off the protective cover, all around the square.  Then I line up the top two corners of the painted paper and firmly press down.  I smooth from the top to the bottom, then turn the backing over and trim right up to the edge of the backing with the rotary cutter.  Once I have the painted paper mounted and trimmed, I center the trimmed photo into roughly the middle of the backing, confirm with the inner box, and tape “glue” the photo down.  Be gentle smoothing over the surface of the photo, and consider covering the print with tissue or other paper first just like a press cloth when ironing.  This is another reason to wait until the photo is absolutely dry before mounting.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

Now comes the really fun part…decorating the outside.  Using one of the collage sheets, I made a measurement of the length, and cut a strip of paper.  There are many ways to do the next steps, so my way is not the proverbial highway! Some folks would rather do strips for each part, but I find that a bit tedious.  I line up the front inner corner with an extra 1/8 inch, make a fold along the outer box, then holding the outer box upright, I make another fold from the side to the back.

Then I poke my index fingernail into the inner corners in prep for the continuous glue line.

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogArt Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blogLaying aside the folded paper for a moment, I attach a glue line to the inner bitty frame, then double-sided tape to the edges all the way around to the back.  Now I line up the fold on the outer side first, and press down firmly, then the inner portion of the frame.  Third, I hold the box upright again and smooth my hands over the paper from the center out.  Last, I press down the portion that wraps around to the back, trimming carefully if there is excess paper.

I repeat this for the opposite side of the box first, then piece together the other two sides using the same method.  I once again confirm that all is attached.

Now I line up the mounted photo, the inner box over the mounted photo, and the outer box on top.  I want to add further cut pieces of the collage sheets and my printed backgrounds to the outer and inner portions of the shadowbox and I want to make sure I don’t obstruct a clear view of the photo itself.  I used the  glue lines on smaller pieces like the branches, and the double-sided tape for larger pieces and underneath the bits that I mounted inside the inner box to create depth.  So here’s another look at the first finished shadowbox…it’s late now and I’m off to bed, planning on finishing the other two tomorrow!

Art Travels with Rain for Tangie Baxter's blog

take good care,


AJC Highlights of Week 44

Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining me for another look at last week’s highlights.  I’m so happy to get to do this every week, it definitely keeps me inspired looking through all those pages of gorgeousness is the gallery.

Here are my picks for week 44:

Hello Mexico by lorridiane
I just love all the fun colors of this page.  It looks like transfers and ink and paint all combined to create a thing of beauty.


~Brave Courage~ by pennyshilling
Diggin’ that quote for sure.  I thought this page made a very powerful statement.


10 reasons by rarou47
This page is so inky and dreamy.  I’m still swooning over it.


Falling in Love by papertrail
That background really caught my eye, then throw on some starfish and you have my full attention.  Great quote too.


Hello Old Friend by Billizetti
I really like the collaged look of this page.  I think it’s so neat that a prompt from the ATC brought back fond memories of the artist’s past.


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.


November AJC13 Germany Collection and Fall Free Autumn by Studio Tangie

tangie header

Visit Germany with with Tangie’s AJC13 November Collection. Don’t forget your lederhosen!

Art Journal Caravan 2013 {The November 13 Collection} By Tangie

nov collection

pic 1

pic 2

Tangie has been so busy designing this week that I hope you will click on the link above to see all the elements in this huge collection!

It’s fall in many parts of the world. There is a fun new sunny autumn kit below.

Fall Free Autumn Journaling By Tangie

autumn kit

autumn pic 1

If you missed the live “Face Your Fears Workshop,” it is now available as a self study course.

Facing Your Fears {Self-Study} By Tangie

face fears self-study

Wow! It looks like we are going to be busy journaling this week with all these new elements to choose from. Have fun!

Author Bill


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