AJC Highlights of Week 1

Hey Art Journalers!!  Welcome to a brand new year of Art Journaling, Caravaning and getting creative.  Isn’t it exciting to start this new journey?  If you’ve been a “Highlights” reader in the past you’re probably used to getting your fix on Sunday.  This year it will be Monday.  I know, I’m sorry for making you wait another whole day, but alas, it is the curse of a busy woman.  For my first post for the 2014 AJC I wanted to highlight a few letters that the Caravaners wrote to themselves.  This is such an inspiring prompt.  The letters vary so greatly both visually and in journaling but all are moving in their own way.  I will refrain from commenting on each one for this post because each letter is so personal.  What I will say is that each one is amazing!  Enjoy.

Here are my picks for week 1:

Letter to myself by pajamarama


Letter to Self – Create by liannallama


My Letter by jewelsd


A Letter to Myself by karlimarie


Letter-to-Self by ArmyGrl


Letter To Myself by moodeebeth


lettertomyself by sugarmoon


Letter to myself by zippycat


Thanks for joining me for another week of highlights.  Don’t forget to check in next Sunday for more great inspiration.  Until then… I’ll see ya on the trail.



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