Art Journal Caravan 2014

The Workshop Includes:

  • 52 Weeks of Friday INSPIRATION –prompts, journal starters and ideas to explore in your Art Journaling
    (Posted on time, every time with over a 4 year track record).
  • Navigation Guide– art journaling zine with over 150 pages
  • EXCLUSIVE Colossal sized digital Kit
  • $39.95 Coupon to Studio Tangie
  • LIFETIME access to the forum based classroom
  • Access to the “Caravan Tutorial Collective” (Currently over 36 Videos)
  • Passport to get each of the 2014 Monthly Collections for 50% OFF (–purchase is optional and not required to participate)
  • You get ALL content no matter what time of the year you start the workshop
  • Exclusive digital freebies, coupons and sales just for Caravan members

At Only $49.95–it’s an amazing deal wouldn’t you agree?




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