Highlights of the Week that Was~Recap!

I love this caravan! Have I said that a few hundred times? I am watching it continue to grow in new people who are just as excited as those who began in January.  The comments in the gallery (almost 13,000 of them) show the support and encouragement that is beyond just a class, and the layouts! Oh the pages of your books, are full of pure discovery in both laughter, tears and all emotions in between. I think it is time to show a few highlights to see what is happening on the Art Journal Caravan 2011, what we call the trail. Please know that each page made is personal and your page and exactly what is for your own journal, these are just a few to share here on the blog to show the diverse and different, yet wonderful talent on the caravan.

Listen by JaneAgain
I just kept staring at the painting and blending in the backgrounds, then all the fun things added to make the soft title of WHISPERS just flow so lovely:

Hope by SpunMonkey
Every page of dear SpunMonkey grabs me, and makes me want to learn more about what I guess is called a zetti? I don’t know the background, but what I do know is that I love the look.  She takes the gorgeous complexion pictures and adds the most fun things, but still brings the emotions of her journey onto her journal. This is a technique I am wanting to try.

Nothing by svanderhaegen
If you are alive and breathing, I think this page could go in every single one of our journals! I love how simple she made the page. Her words are magical and seem almost to be breathing to me, and who doesn’t love the added, but that’s okay?

Hope by ms.bailey
What grabbed me other than the all the gorgeous fun colorful bits, was the font in the quote.  I am loving each one of Tangie’s fonts, and this one Cheshire is done up so lovely on the page, a perfect touch.

Anyone Can by Phylisd
She grabbed my heart, as one who a year ago felt the same exact way, and I am so proud of her for her decision to try. TO TRY! Gives me goosebumps in happy! I just am touched that this page will be in the beginning of her journal, and because she tried, she could and did.

~See you on the trail


I haven’t even seen it yet!! Egads, but I am in love with the bright colors already!! This sneak peek has my brain thinking! Thinking I can’t wait to open tomorrows parcel!!

See you on the trail~

Art Journal LIVE in Las Vegas!!!

On April 1st, I flew out of Sacramento to Las Vegas, to take an ART Journaling Class with Tangie Baxter! I was gonna meet my boss, friend and a woman I have admired for years! Excitement and nerves were ridiculously high! I would like to share my journey with you and hope that one day you can enjoy the experience of learning LIVE from Tangie Baxter.  I arrived a few hours before the class, and since I was only there for the day, had arranged with Tangie to help set up the room for the class.  The hotel was the Riveria, and sparkles and mirrors were everywhere! I have to admit, I am no longer a drinker, gambler or much of a party gal like goes on in Vegas, and it was a bit wow to me! But, it sure was pretty!
I finally found the conference center and took a picture of me in the walls, which were all mirrors! I went and got all gussied up in the bathroom and made sure I didn’t have chocolate on my face or spinach between my teeth and poked my head into the room:


There is Mimi (in blue), Tangie (bending in green), Rebecca McMeen (Studio Rebecca), then Molly (DeCrow Designs), I took a big breath and said hey! Oh it was like being at a family reunion.  I was in awe at all the fun things to play with on the tables, and just enjoying the banter and happiness before. I had brought a little present for Tangie, as her birthday was the previous Sunday and well, I kinda felt my fellow caravaners would want to give something to Our Tangie, so I found this cool sign and little camels, and Tangie was sweet as could be opening them.
Then dear Molly set them up by the sign in sheet and I was beaming and just so excited!
There was squealing and hugs all around as folks began to come in for the class.  Pictures of everyone with each other and laughter finding out that the face behind the avatar and matching with screen names! I admit I got them all confused and will need ya’lls help to get them all straight!
Me, Tangie, and GinaMichelle1111
Rebecca of Studio Rebecca and Spun Monkey
Me and Cheryl (gonewiththewind)

HeyJude, Jackie, Sharlamb, Linda, and darn where did Debora go?
The hotel brought in the most yummy lunch! Oh it was beyond awesome! I ate enough for two…and tee hee, wrapped a sandwich for the airplane ride home! Hey you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl! hee hee

Once we started eating, Tangie started teaching, I video’d only the very beginning to see how awesome and prepared she is, and it will tantalize you and beg her to have another class! SOON!

Then we got to work! We started by making an ugly page! I did good at that, but I tell you some of these ladies cheated, their ugly pages were beautiful! There were so many exercises in adding to the  pages in the journals that had been handmade by Tangie and sewn by her husband.
This next shot is from the mirror on the top of the wall, you can see the different station at the top for playing with glitter mist, which is gonna make me go broke, cause that stuff is remarkable!
Most of these ladies are from Scrap Orchard and were having a blast learning Art Journaling, I do see Penny Noel from the AJC with the glasses 2nd from right, in the purple shirt. I was so impressed with these ladies pages!
(sansan (in pink), jaye (in blue), jeminnfer, tommygirl, penny noel (with glasses), samara (with apron))
Here ya go, action shot, and there is Debora! She is a wealth of info and I tell you this table was full of knowledge, I was eavesdropping and loving every moment!
Tangie is famous, she had a couple layouts in the Spring 2010 Somerset Digital Studio magazine and was a featured artist in the Spring 2011!  I wanted to make sure I got her autograph!
The class went so fast, it was 4 o’clock before I  knew it, and we cleaned up, hugs and they all had to check in for the wild time of Digiscrapalooza sponsored by Scrap Orchard, and I had a plane to catch to take me back to Sacramento.
There were cameras snapping all over and my little camera isn’t the best, but my memories of Art Journal LIVE can never be erased, and I am amazed that I am even a part of this community!

Live From Las Vegas!

Stay tuned next week, right here for some fun pics of Las Vegas and the Art Journal Caravan LIVE!!

See ya on the trail!



Tangie is doing the Art Journal Live in Vegas this Friday!! I am so excited to be going, and I know everyone is wondering what about the provisions for this Friday??? Well, I heard from a friend of a cousin who used to date that guy at the butcher shop sister, that you might want to look early for them and the itinerary for this week in the forum.  Mucho cool-ee-o!  That being said, I have a sneak peek to show you right now, so that you are pondering and thinking what in the world, how can I….and all those other nifty keen-o things that go through your head. Ready??

I’ll be back after Vegas, with pictures and funny stories!
~see ya on the trail

Highlights of the Week that Was~ Week 12!

You will hear me over and over talk about the best part of the Art Journey Caravan, is the people on the journey right along side you.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Miss Tangie Baxter, her energy, her creative wow and the tutorials she makes continue to astound and amaze me! There is just something so incredible to the actual journey in the forums.  There are people from many countries, continents, and cultures.  The age difference would astound and the financial status of all I am sure would be enough to make me fall down and giggle.  The drive to just create and enjoy that process, along with seeing others enjoy trying a whole new technique or an established one a brand new way.
See the AJC2011 is not a class, but a journey with a whole group of people, and I am privileged to go through and find highlights of the past week. This has to include a few of the chunky books that appeared in the forum and gallery-
I have only posted one of each book featured, please go to the link and see the artist’s gallery for more wonderful pages!
Julie Ann Shalin’s


and the googly eye hole chunky book from nevermore:

I even have a chunky book painted and ready for the texture and plan on taking it with me to Las Vegas, for a 4 hour class with Tangie Baxter. See? This one is mine!! It is not even close to done, it is holding the info I can not forget for this Friday!!

Having some of my companions from the AJC2011 there will just add to the fun and fantastic learning experience!  I hope you all enjoyed this little highlight of the chunky books and that this might give you a little bit of oomph to give it whirl. It is fun and the most original thing to do, because it is all you!
~See you on the trail.


Sneak Peek for Friday!

It is divine! Just hold on until Friday!!!

Highlights of the Week that Was~ Week 11!

The week was started off with the gorgeous parcel with Rosey Posey, and I have to admit, that these pages were some of my favorites that were made with the actual parcel for the itineraries so far.
I start with a friend and team mate whose work is known throughout digi-land.
Fight Like a Girl by gonewiththewind:

and I have to admit I am drawn to every page this artist does,  Fight by spunmonkey:

I know I usually add more layouts from the gallery, but I was going through the forums, and just giggling at some of the happening there.  The forum is another perk of the Art Journal Caravan. That is where your fellow caravaners are posting questions, helps and responses, that may never be seen in the gallery.  There is so much in the forums!
If you have missed the conversation in the Chunky Board Book Tutorial, I so recommend you go read, Kim and the googly eye book is a joy to behold.
This is in the gallery, but so much more is told in the forum:
Be Your Own Sunshine by angelextreme

If you have missed it, there are also some fun interviews with collaborators of each months parcels. You can find out who owns a leg lamp, who would change their name to Penelope if they could and who would take Mac Gyver if stuck on a deserted island all in the Artists Interviews.
Please forgive me, for those not a part of the AJC 2011 Expedition, these links are not available, but they can be! The Caravan is in the 3rd month of 12 and zooming right along, it is not too late too join and partake in all the fun!

See you on the trail~


Learn how to use journal lines-digitally!

Find yourself looking at those cool and nifty layouts in art journaling circles, that have those lines and the letters are all perfectly written inside the lines? Then some folks even take those Copic markers that color like a water color brush, but with control, and add to the letters.  I mean they are just gorgeous!
Look at this example by Tangie Baxter:
She made this on her computer, not with pens and stamps, and paints but with pixels and elements all available at her store!  
This week, the Art Journal Caravan is learning the hows and oh my gosh, that is so cool ways of getting your words to look more hand done and achieve some really cool effects.  There is a 25 minute video tutorial, that I counted 3 extra tricks in it that will help your pages to get the end results your heart wants to put on the page. 
The video is of course free with your membership to the AJC2011.  
The fear of drawing lines and not getting them exactly how you want them is taken out with the tool for your Apprentice Art Box in the Provision for this Week:
As a member of the AJC2011, you also get the Parcel for 1/2 price and all the parcels all year long!  This Art Journal Caravan is a deal and still available for purchase, you can be a part of this fantastic group of folks and encourage and be inspired to travel on a new adventure!
~See ya on the trail

Free Rocks and Tutorial to Put them in Your Own Bowl!

After the much sought after techniques I used to make my first rock layout,  I’ve written you a tutorial with links to the resources to get everything you need to make YOUR OWN including a ROCK FREEBIE by Tangie!

Here’s the bowl of rocks we’re going to be making!

After reading all the fun things in the March Adventure Quest from the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}, I was inspired to create something that was real. I just wanted to do it digitally.
I am working in CS5, and don’t know of it would work in your specific program. But give it a whirl, and play and push buttons, that is the best way to learn! So let’s Get Started!
First, Find a Bowl
First I had to find a bowl, and you will need to find yours also!  I can give you a place to look! Lol  Try here! (do a search for bowl) You have to get it yourself, because I am not able to give it away, nor sell it, I am using mine for personal use and so should you. Find one that you love!
(Don’t worry about the cauliflower, only you and the millions that read this tutorial will know it is under my rocks!)
1. Lighting
Now pay close attention to the shadows and lighting.  This is of the utmost importance.  Watch the light.  I turned my bowl so the light was coming from about 10:00 on the scale or 120 degrees in the angle on your shadows.
2. Extraction
I extracted my bowl by using the eraser tool and then the Elliptical Marquee Tool (the circle cutter) to get a good clean cut around the bowl.  

3. Effects
Then added a nice shadow with a bit of a glow in my fx panel:

Now you need some rocks…

Tangie Baxter has made you a set of your very own rocks!  You can find the link to get them
Wasn’t that the nicest thing? I wanted to do this tutorial, and Tangie made this completely 100% original Tangie.  You will not find these rocks anywhere else! Then she gives them away! I love this woman!
1. Place all the Rocks on Your Canvas
Next I used the “BAM BAM” technique from the Art Journal Caravan to fill my canvas with rocks, but you can do it however you want to get those rocks on your canvas.The “BAM BAM” technique is not top secret, but a fun thing to learn on the AJC2011 in the forum, on one of the many FREE tutorials included with your journey. 

2. Place the Rocks in Position

Now, you want to make sure you don’t spin the rocks, if the light is on them a certain way.  They need to stay in that position, but you can warp, change perspective or puppet warp the fire out of them.  See how the light is hitting, and turn to accent, but not make it look all funky.
Now, positioning the rocks took some time, I wanted a mixture of rocks, and shapes.  This is really all in your eye and what looks right to you.  I linked all the rocks and applied a shadow to them to my liking.
Ready for the Words?
The fonts are all from The Foundry by Tangie Baxter, Tweedle Dee and Mock Turtle –  Mock Turtle is one of the AJC Provision Parcels and if you are part of the AJC 2011, you get it for ½ price.
1. Glass Rocks
Click on the rock of your choosing.  This way the text will be in the layer right above the rock. For shiny rocks and to get the engraved look, I then  applied Paula Kesselring’s FREE burning action. I had to lighten the opacity and play with the actual colors of the bevel and shadows to get the look I wanted on each rock, and again I say, play and make your eyes happy with your heart.
2. Natural Rocks
For the non-shiny rocks; use the same directions, click rock and add font layer above the rock.
This is the most important part, you need to make the text look realistic on the rock. When you put text onto something, it doesn’t have a shadow; it is ON the object, not “floating” above it. One of my favorite things with Tangie Baxter and her amazing mind is that she made this out of this world tutorial for working with blending and text (also available FREE on the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}) or you can buy the action/styles in her shop {Paperworn Art Style}.  Sometimes, I duplicated the text and played with the styles to get the right effect of paint on the rock.


I didn’t put words on  all my rocks, but this is totally up to you
You have your own bowl of rocks and are responsible font owners and no longer allowing your fonts to float, right?!I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ( and of course you get a small glimpse at some of the perks of joining the  AJC 2011– I am telling you it is sooooooooo worth it!), I would so love to see your rocks on display and we’ll see you on the Caravan trail! .  


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