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HUGE NEWS! I’m Opening a Studio in Mesa for Workshops!

Yes it’s really true! I think this is the biggest news I have EVER shared! Dave and I are opening “Artspiration Studio” this summer in Mesa, Arizona. Today we launched our official Kickstarter campaign and we are off to a great start! The reason that I LOVE Kickstarter is that dreams really do come true there! You get awesome stuff for pledging and we get to open the studio to record classes and hold live workshops. It’s win-win for everyone. Synergy is amazing and I really believe that this project is worth it. If we can exceed our goal, you’ll get even more fantabulous goodies (stretch goals announced soon) and the Studio will get all kinds of upgrades! Let’s spread the word far and wide! I am so excited to get started recording workshops, live-streaming and painting!!!!!! http://kck.st/12lx6Om

Tangie Artspiration Studio Kickstarter

A couple of things to note about how Kickstarter works if you’ve never heard of this amazing place!
1. It’s all or nothing funding! We have to raise the full amount or you don’t get charged and we don’t get the moolah!
2. Your card is NOT charged until the ending time which is May 3rd, 11:59 PM MST or 2:59 AM EDT
3. To get our Kickstarter noticed in the popular or staff pick section I HAVE to get the word out there, can you please help me–share, share, share? :)
4. You can use any images, wording etc I post about this project on your own blog. But please link everything up to http://kck.st/12lx6Om

Oh and one last thing! The backer’s only blog is going to be seriously cool and will open right on May 4th! It’s going to have all kinds of exclusive pictures I won’t be posting anywhere else, freebies, surveys for your input and more! You’ll get to be a part of the Studio progress every single step of the way! I hope you’ll be there with us.

Together we can make this dream come true— THANK YOU SO MUCH!

PS! There are more images you can use on our Kickstarter media Page {here}  which will be updated often!

NEW 2013 Zine & Art Journal Caravan Website is LIVE!

It’s a happy day! The NEW Art Journal Caravan website is finally live and the 2013 Explorations in Art Journaling Zine is ready for download! You can get the FREE Zine and explore the new website www.artjournalcaravan.com


Zine Interview 2 of 5 with pennyshilling aka Deb

Another collectible Zine interview, this with pennyshilling as she as known in the forums aka Deb!  You can download a PDF version of this interview to add to your Zine {here}. Don’t have the original Zine? You can grab it {here}.

October will be the last month to join the Caravan for 2012! Don’t miss out! You will still get EVERYTHING for the whole year if you sign up now, including a .PDF at the end of the year that contains all the Itinerary!

Last Chance to join for 2012!

Explorations in Art Journaling a FREE Zine from Studio Tangie!

I am beyond thrilled to share with you my latest project…a ZINE! It’s free AND contains another free gift inside of it! Double Win! This Zine is dedicated to a subject that is of course, very close to my heart…ART JOURNALING! I sure hope that you enjoy it! I also wanted to invite anyone who wants to know about art journaling to visit the newly updated “Exploring the Caravan” section of the SBG community boards {here}. You can try the Caravan on for size and even get a taste of what it’s all about as the first Adventure Quest & Itinerary #1 have been shared there! You can also read what other Caravaners have to say about the AJC!  Wishing you all a WONDERFUL week, full of energy and art! You can download the zine {here} and you visit the forum section {here}!

Zine Cover


Now Registering! Live Workshop in Las Vegas 2012

A workshop for all skill levels! We’ll transform an up-cycled journal into a one of a kind art journal. These hand-made journals are cut, sewn and created by me and my husband and one will be provided to each student! We’ll be learning through hands on techniques and activities! The activities and journals will be DIFFERENT than last year!

If you can scribble and write you CAN art journal in the style we’ll be learning!

Some of the things we’ll be covering:
*How to overcome the anxiety of that first BLANK PAGE staring back at you!
*Techniques with; watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, stamps, ink sprays,stencils, markers and more
*Basic collage techniques
*Using an assortment of “found objects” to personalize your journal further
*Some “off the wall” expressive drawing exercises (no straight lines required!)
*Getting excited about creative lettering
*What to journal and when & what to do when you’re stuck!
*How to transform some of the ideas into digital art

This is a place of no limits, a place of finding the artist in you!
We’ll get you started on your adventure in Art Journaling! 100% success guaranteed because art journaling has no  rules! Come join the adventure!



Some important things you need to know before registering:

1. This class size is extremely limited.
2. The registration fee is non-refundable as we anticipate a sell out, and we’ll be holding a spot for you ( you can transfer/sell your spot to someone else if you end up not being able to attend).
3.  Digisiscrapapalooza registration is NOT included nor is it required to attend my pre-conference class this year, but I will be going and I would love to have you join me! The event is organized by ScrapOrchard.com you can find all the information {here}.
4. Please contact me with any questions you may have {tangie at scrapbookgraphics dot com}.
5. I will communicate with you through your PayPal address please make sure you let me know if your email address changes or you will not receive important updates about the class as it gets closer!


Your chance to get the sold out 2010 Workshop

Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2010}

It sold out, you missed it, but you want it!

It is available now!

Your chance to get the

SOLD OUT workshop of 2010!

(please note that the SOLD OUT workshop of 2010 no longer has any forum access or support for new students, this package simply includes workshop materials to go at your own pace).

Don’t miss out this year!
Join us for 2011! Now booking passengers for
The Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}
This includes a year’s worth of
forum & gallery support,
videos, freebies and more!

See ya’ on the trail!

Expedition 2011 forums are up!! Come on in!!

The forums are now up and running for Expedition 2011! Please drop by to say hi and introduce yourself. You can also get started on your covers and first assignment if you would like! Those of us trying to finish up Expedition 2010 may be a little slow moving over but rest assured we’re on our way!  

The 2011 workshop forums can be found {here}.

You have to be a part of the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011} to see the forums, but don’t despair, it is available now!!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011} Now Available!!

Howdy, Anne here!! I am filling in for dear Chengie, who is enjoying a vacation on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, giggling and enjoying the winter season! I am beyond excited to be able to tell you that it is ready, it is here, and I am doing the happy dance here in my chair!!



The Art Journal Caravan
with your
Tour Guide Studio Tangie.
Tangie will take you on the tour of a lifetime into the world of Art Journaling!
The Navigation Guide is alone a book of wonder and inspiration:


Here is a look at the bright starter kit that comes right now with your passage to the Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}:


These papers are beyond amazing, you can see the brush strokes on the painted ones, I am in love with the color theme:

As soon as I saw these stripes, my brain and heart went together and Mr. Mojo began twitching to make something! I can not wait to get started!!

Then the alpha, all ready to match the scheme and theme of the starter kit!

I have to admit, I love all of Tangie’s Splatter Graffiti!  I like how it is like the final touch to a page to grunge it up a bit, or bring a bit of light to an area on the page.  This one is no exception:

Many people enjoy the hybrid aspect of art journaling and having printable Collage Sheets is a huge help, here they are:

I just had to cut and copy Tangie’s own words to let you know the new fun things for Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}, her enthusiasm is so contagious!! I love that she loves this just as much as we do!!!

There are many exciting changes planned for 2011! I can’t tell you about all of them now but here are just a few hints!

  • Each month there will be a guest designer for the 2 Parcels (such as Holliewood Studios, Studio Rebecca, SherrieJD & MORE!), plus there will be an exciting new addition to the Parcels which I can’t reveal just yet! (In other words there will be 26 Parcels & 26 _____ all available to you at 1/2 price)
  • The Itinerary will be released every 2 weeks with a NEW feature coming in the off weeks! So you will get 26 Itinerary and 26________!
  • NEW! Exclusive email list for our Class of 2011, you will get more email reminders about when Itinerary are posted, freebies and special announcements! I’ll be better able to communicate with you about what is happening on our Journey!
  • I have committed to doing more tutorials for you this year! You can expect at least 1 “Tangie” video per month & other tutorials as requested! We’ll have a “tutorial reQuest” section!
  • NEW Monthly Chats
  • And so much more! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I can hardly wait, can’t wait to see who joins us for this expedition of a lifetime!!


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