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Tangie’s August ’14 Collection is here!

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Sanctuary, meditate, peace, quiet – this is a beautiful kit to use for journaling about your deepest thoughts.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The August ’14 Collection} By Tangie

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pic 3

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pic 5

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As usual, the August Collection is so large and beautiful that you will need to visit the link above to see the rest of the elements. Namaste!

Author Bill


Tangie’s Having A Moving Sale!

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What? You haven’t heard? Tangie is moving to a brand new online store! And she is having a big sale at SBG!!!



Now is the time to grab all of those kits you’ve wanted for half price!

Visit her SBG Shop by clicking this link:

Her shop at SBG is closing August 6 th. 2014.

Stay tuned for news about her new home!


Author Bill



New UP Course by Studio Tangie – Vision Boards


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Tangie is creating a new set of courses beginning with “Vision Boards!”

UP Course No. 01 {Creating Vision Boards} By Tangie


vision boards

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Discover how to lift your life UP by joining this new visionary course!


Author Bill

Studio Tangie’s July ’14 Collection is here!

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Scribbles, drips, stitches, black and white or color – it’s your choice in the July ’14 Collection.


Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The July ’14 Collection} By Tangie


July Collection

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pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

Please click on the link above to see everything in this crazy, fun collection.


Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The July ’14 Collection} Quickity Splits By Tangie


Quickety Splits


As if all of that wasn’t enough, Tangie is now offering her Photoshop for Mixed-Media Workshop at a new, cheaper price!


NEW LOWER PRICE- Photoshop For Mixed-Media & Art Journaling {BUNDLE} Workshop By Tangie


Photoshop Courses


Now is a great time to learn all of those fabulous Photoshop techniques Tangie uses in her beautiful digital journal pages!


Author Bill

Look Out! Tangie’s Flinging It!

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Yep! Tangie is flinging paint!

Paint Flinging No. 1 By Tangie


paint 1


Paint Flinging No. 2 By Tangie


Gesso White’n’Black By Tangie




Tangie has also created two new hexagon collections and a set of {Be}Mused Cards.


For The Hex Of It No. 8 By Tangie


hex 8


For The Hex Of It No. 9 By Tangie




{BE}MUSED Creativity Cards – Fangirl Special Edition By Tangie


fan girl cards


Have a fun week flinging the paint on your journal pages!


Author Bill

New Collage Sheet of the Month Club by Studio Tangie

What could be more exciting than getting new collage sheets every month?!

Collage Sheet Of The Month Club {6 Month Subscription} By Tangie

Collage Sheet Of The Month Club {1 Year Subscription} By Tangie

There are new collage sheets in Tangie’s Collage Sheet store, too!

{ARTist Sheets} #668 By Tangie

{ARTist Sheets} #669 By Tangie

{ARTist Sheets} #670 By Tangie

{ARTist Sheets} #671 By Tangie

{ARTist Sheets} #672 By Tangie

I think we are going to be very busy making collages this week!

Author Bill


*New* Add Ons For Your Tangible Plans

Tangie has created some wonderful new add ons for her Tangible Plans planner.

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #29 By Tangie

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #30 By Tangie

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #31 By Tangie

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #32 By Tangie

Tangible Plans™ {Add Ons} #33 By Tangie

Tangie has also created a fun set of alphabetical animal grunge brushes!

Ephemera Grunge Brushes 8 By Tangie

Have fun this week creating new pages for your Tangible Plans.

Author Bill

The June ’14 Collection – The Great Composers by Tangie

Now you can put your groove on your journaling pages with the great composers!

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The June ’14 Collection} By Tangie

There is so much more for you to see in this huge parcel collection. Just click on the link above to be taken to the store page.

Author Bill

New Collage Sheet Templates by Tangie

Before Tangie releases her huge June ’14 Parcel Collection tomorrow, I want to be sure you don’t miss these collage sheet templates she made for both PU and CU use.

Collage Sheet Templates CU/PU By Tangie

Think of the wonderful collage sheets you can make using your own digital art or choosing from the beautiful sheets Tangie has listed in her Collage Sheets Section! Please note you will need to know how to use clipping masks in order to use these.

Author Bill


Two Ways To Be A Fangirl

Last week Studio Tangie introduced the Fangirl Workshop. This week, you can purchase the fun-filled Fangirl Kit and Wordart separately.

FANGIRL! {Kit & Word Art} Only By Tangie

If  you would like to check out the workshop, too, just click below.

FANGIRL! I’ll Take It All! {Kit AND Workshop} By Tangie

If you missed the “As If By Magic” mixed-media journal workshop, it is now available as a self-study workshop.

As If By Magic {Mixed-Media Journal} Self-Study Workshop By Tangie

I see a busy journaling week ahead for all of you magical fangirls!

Author Bill


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