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Celebrating 6 Years of Digital Design!

I can scarcely believe that it’s  already been an amazing six years as a digital designer. In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday I was getting CS2 out of that shiny box and crying my way through Photoshop and Dreamweaver tutorials, teaching myself how to build websites and then finally falling into digital scrapbook design and then finally finding my calling in digital art journaling (and finding my heart again in mixed-media too!). Thank you so much for all your years of support and being a Studio Tangie fan. I count myself a lucky girl t be able to do what I love. THANK YOU! Let’s celebrate in style! There’s a new grab bag and a few other fabulous little sales and such going on!

Updates on Workshops (Live & Digital!)

Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Arizona where we have gotten so much needed rain. It’s just a gorgeous site! I’m up early today finalizing workshop details for October and have a couple of spots open and trying to sell a spot for a gal who can no longer join us. These will be the first weekend workshops held at the studio and I think we will go a tad overboard on the celebrations! :D

Session #1–2 Spots open {CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT Session #1}
Session #2–2 Spots just came open {CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT Session #2}
(This session has been sold out for months!)

You can read more details [Here] but here is the gist of it.

In digital land I have a brand new workshop starting September 1st!

The Symbology Project
30 Days of Finding a Deeper Meaning
Learning to See What Isn’t There
This class will be live for September ONLY! Then it will only be available as a self-study course.

The Symbology Project

I hope you’ll join me for this unique class, it’s going deeper into art journaling than I ever have before and I would love to do it “live” with you! Class starts this weekend and will only be “live/interactive” once!

“BE” is just some awesome sauce.

Alright my friends, fans and family! It’s time to kick things up a notch with just FOUR DAYS LEFT!
"BE" an awesome sauce extra add on for kickstarter!


It’s soooooo close that every single pledge large and small will make a big difference! Just think of all the fabulous rewards you are going to get including things that will come in the future. Things like more workshops, free live streaming from the studio, studio time donated to non-profit/church youth groups, long distance classes via virtual classrooms and more! This studio is going to be hopping and even if you can’t visit in person there will be many benefits right here on the blog! It’s seriously going to be AWESOME. So grab some awesome sauce with the new kit,  please pledge & get awesome stuff because supporting art makes you…well…AWESOME!


I know in the digital community we are used to Paypal!  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using it instead. If you do not want to go through kickstarter you can paypal me directly [tangiebaxter at yahoo dot com] and I will make sure your pledge gets added to kickstarter with my husband’s donation! Your rewards will be delivered the same as everyone else’s once the project funds (Starting approx. May 15th, details will be updated on kickstarter so keep an eye out over there)! Although I encourage you to go through kickstarter so you can get all the updates directly and have your name listed as a project backer on their site, I do understand and wanted to give you another option to be able to use Paypal!


iNSD Sale and Celebration Starts Now!

It’s that time of year again! International Scrapbooking Day! This is the LAST SALE until late fall! Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for all your support!
I hope you can pick up some goodies on your wishlist with this fantastic sale!

Also this is the FINAL COUNTDOWN WEEK for the kickstarter campaign! Get your EXCLUSIVE rewards before they are gone forever! PLUS, there will be some extras thrown in that aren’t even listed!


The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
Abraham Lincoln
What do you think of this quote?
What are you today that you only once dreamed of becoming?


Did you get your Dream Maker Freebie?

Hello everyone! Wow what a month it’s been so far, I have been working so hard on the kickstarter campaign, and dreaming up a million classes to offer, the live streaming events, the online parties, the local art parties, donating studio time to non-profits and so much more… my head is spinning (in a good way of course). I am so thankful beyond words to those of you who have pledged and are helping me make this possible! You are awesome, truly!

I want to make sure everyone got their Dream Maker freebie that went out in the SBG newsletter last week! Think of it as a —> thank you in advance for pledging and spreading the word. Plus, of course you get all the other cool stuff at the reward levels too!

I hope you have a wonderful day, make it a great one (and hopefully find some time to art)!

Thanks for pledging and spreading the word about our kickstarter!

Everyday Story Teller Book #2 is Almost Here!

Hello to all my fabulous peeps!

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the New Book “Everyday Storyteller Vol. 2″? It’s getting closer and I’m so excited to have written an article for it. You can see the new video “teaser” they just posted on their website, it will get you excited :) If you look carefully you’ll notice just one of the EXCLUSIVE to the book layouts I did. Don’t miss your chance to get on the VIP list for the party where there are going to be a truckload of cool prizes (including an Art Journal Caravan Workshop)!

in other news the kickstarter campaign is still going strong too– (HOLY COW so much going on around here, but I love it!). Personally I can’t wait to go from the nail-biting-edge-of-my-seat-waiting-part —–to the —-> what-kind-of-paint-is-going-to-look-awesome-in-here-hurry-up-plumber-so-we-can-have-a-class-part! I updated and added some rewards today too! HURRAH! Check out all the cool rewards you can get {here}. A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to those of you who have already pledged or have shared it via social media or on your blogs! YOU ARE AMAZING, I can’t do this without you, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Tangie Baxter on Kickstarter

HUGE NEWS! I’m Opening a Studio in Mesa for Workshops!

Yes it’s really true! I think this is the biggest news I have EVER shared! Dave and I are opening “Artspiration Studio” this summer in Mesa, Arizona. Today we launched our official Kickstarter campaign and we are off to a great start! The reason that I LOVE Kickstarter is that dreams really do come true there! You get awesome stuff for pledging and we get to open the studio to record classes and hold live workshops. It’s win-win for everyone. Synergy is amazing and I really believe that this project is worth it. If we can exceed our goal, you’ll get even more fantabulous goodies (stretch goals announced soon) and the Studio will get all kinds of upgrades! Let’s spread the word far and wide! I am so excited to get started recording workshops, live-streaming and painting!!!!!!

Tangie Artspiration Studio Kickstarter

A couple of things to note about how Kickstarter works if you’ve never heard of this amazing place!
1. It’s all or nothing funding! We have to raise the full amount or you don’t get charged and we don’t get the moolah!
2. Your card is NOT charged until the ending time which is May 3rd, 11:59 PM MST or 2:59 AM EDT
3. To get our Kickstarter noticed in the popular or staff pick section I HAVE to get the word out there, can you please help me–share, share, share? :)
4. You can use any images, wording etc I post about this project on your own blog. But please link everything up to

Oh and one last thing! The backer’s only blog is going to be seriously cool and will open right on May 4th! It’s going to have all kinds of exclusive pictures I won’t be posting anywhere else, freebies, surveys for your input and more! You’ll get to be a part of the Studio progress every single step of the way! I hope you’ll be there with us.

Together we can make this dream come true— THANK YOU SO MUCH!

PS! There are more images you can use on our Kickstarter media Page {here}  which will be updated often!

Epic Close Out Sale Ends Soon!

Epic Close Out Sale

You won’t want to miss it!

Just a few of the over 100 products!

SHINE from within! The website!

Did you know there is a website to peruse the “SHINE from within” project that I created with Captivated Visions and Studio Rosey Posey?  There is also a LOOK BOOK which can only be downloaded from that site, you really should stop by! Because I know…YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

SHINE from within!

SHINE Projects

5th Designing Anniversary Celebration Begins!

Tangie's 5th Design Anniversary Details!

Lot’s more fun coming this week here on the blog, but this is how we’re kicking it off! :)
Bag #1 @
Bag #2 @ where I’m guesting this month!
Each bag has  a 1/2 of the BONUS Mystery Kit !


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