AJC Live in Las Vegas 2012

Now Registering! Live Workshop in Las Vegas 2012

A workshop for all skill levels! We’ll transform an up-cycled journal into a one of a kind art journal. These hand-made journals are cut, sewn and created by me and my husband and one will be provided to each student! We’ll be learning through hands on techniques and activities! The activities and journals will be DIFFERENT than last year!

If you can scribble and write you CAN art journal in the style we’ll be learning!

Some of the things we’ll be covering:
*How to overcome the anxiety of that first BLANK PAGE staring back at you!
*Techniques with; watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, stamps, ink sprays,stencils, markers and more
*Basic collage techniques
*Using an assortment of “found objects” to personalize your journal further
*Some “off the wall” expressive drawing exercises (no straight lines required!)
*Getting excited about creative lettering
*What to journal and when & what to do when you’re stuck!
*How to transform some of the ideas into digital art

This is a place of no limits, a place of finding the artist in you!
We’ll get you started on your adventure in Art Journaling! 100% success guaranteed because art journaling has no  rules! Come join the adventure!



Some important things you need to know before registering:

1. This class size is extremely limited.
2. The registration fee is non-refundable as we anticipate a sell out, and we’ll be holding a spot for you ( you can transfer/sell your spot to someone else if you end up not being able to attend).
3.  Digisiscrapapalooza registration is NOT included nor is it required to attend my pre-conference class this year, but I will be going and I would love to have you join me! The event is organized by ScrapOrchard.com you can find all the information {here}.
4. Please contact me with any questions you may have {tangie at scrapbookgraphics dot com}.
5. I will communicate with you through your PayPal address please make sure you let me know if your email address changes or you will not receive important updates about the class as it gets closer!



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