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Congrats to joray! $25 GC Winner of May Mixed Maniacs Challenge from Studio Tangie!!!

Here is her winning project!

The next challenge will be posted by June 11, 2011

May Mixed Maniacs Monthly Challenge!!!! Deadline May 29th, 2011

Happiest of (inter)National Scrapbook Days to you! It’s Julie Ann, and I hope you are all having fun today. Here’s a challenge for you to win a $25 Gift Code to Tangie’s shoppe at Scrapbookgraphics if your name is drawn! Winner will be drawn randomly from the participants.

The Challenge:

  • Create a mixed media project of your choice by recycling or up-cycling something
  • Use fabric in some fashion….if you don’t sew,  you can use adhesive such as Fabri-tac, HeatnBond,    or WonderUnder
  • Have at least one word on your project
  • Add in at least  one found object
  • Must incorporate Studio Tangie product 

Follow These 3 Steps When Uploading Your Project:

  1. Upload your project to Scrapbookgraphics Hybrid gallery with a description of the five required items
  2. Post here on the blog on this post, a link (url) to your project in the gallery
  3. Post on the SBG messageboard in this thread, {link coming shortly}-  a link (url) to your project in the gallery

Deadline May 29th, 20ll Midnight Pacific.  Winner will be announced May 31, 2011 here on the blog.

Here is my sample piece as inspiration for you:

I upcycled a vintage cigar box that I bought at a flea market.

I made a fabric flower (machine stitching, handbeading on petals), using a pattern I bought at the craft store but there are many free patterns to be googled online.

I printed out strips of patterned paper from Tangie’s digital kits. The pre-designed papers saved me a lot of time. I used Quickity Split’N Print Vol. 6, Quickity Split’N Print Vol. 4, Quickity Split’N Print Vol. 2 By Tangie, and Quickity Split’N Print Vol. 5

I used StayzOn Ink and stamped Flourishes onto the cigar box and over the adhered printed paper.

I have the word “Treasures” in letter stickers. Also the “Open Here” pin is a found object, as is the bottle cap that I flattened with my Sizzix Big Shot and added bling to the center.

Now it’s your turn! I look forward to seeing your creations.
Julie Ann Shahin, Creative Team Member

P.S. Don’t Forget Your Coupons!!!

Check the dates carefully!
And only ONE coupon can be used at a time in the SBG shopping cart system.

    Congratulations to Our Mixed Maniacs April Challenge $25 Studio Tangie GC Winner!

    Congratulations to Our Mixed Maniacs April Challenge 
    $25 Studio Tangie GC Winner!

    I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner as I was in bed sick all weekend long, plus migraines on top of that. Nevermind me, let’s get on to the GOOD NEWS!

    The challenge was to create a “Reliquary Doll” using a Mixed Media technique plus hybrid using Studio Tangie product. See Details here.

    The winner was determined per a random number drawn online using the website and numbers are assigned as the contestants entered their finished projects so the first entry is #1, second entry is #2, etc. here are the results…DRUMROLL PLEASE…

    Congratulations to #3 Deb DeForest!
    Here is her creative take on the challenge, above.
    She used Tangies Tealtime kit to make a business card holder. She also used a plastic soap box, cardboard, poster board glue etc. The soap box in the back can also be used to store extra cards.

    Deb, I will be in touch with you to send you your GC code! xoxo

    Next Mixed Maniacs Challenge will be posted: 
    May 7, 2011

    Mixed Maniacs Hybrid Challenge Update! $25 GC Prize

    Julie Ann here with an update for you on our Mixed Maniacs Challenge for April. Did you know that Tangie has increased the prize from $15 GC to a $25 GC to her Scrapbookgraphics Store?

    Here are some of the submissions we’ve received so far, so awesomely creative! There’s still time for you to participate too by April 25th! View the guidelines and rules here.

    Reliquary Doll Created by Mim: Show Her Some Love Here

    Reliquary Doll by Linda: Show Her Some Love Here
    Reliquary Doll by Deb: Show Her Some Love Here

    Need more ideas?

    Here are some mixed media dolls to inspire you – those that have yet to play along, although they don’t necessarily fit the requirements of our challenge, they are close and very cool!

    Altered ARTspriations Challenge Update!

    Sixty-six Altered ARTspiration challenges! I love it, and am enchanted at the amount of artist that play each month in this fantastic challenge! This month is a free style, with a just a small requirement.  Use a quote.  The challenge is to create any size project with a quote.  Pretty straight forward and fun! 

    1. Create any size project with a favorite quote!
    Is it something humorous? Some wisdom you’d like to pass down? An affirmation to your soul? Something that inspires you?

    Your challenge is to create any size project with a quote!

    2. It needs to be a new project & please upload it to our ALTERED ASPIRATION GALLERY {here} then come back and link us to the thread in the SBG forum so we can leave you some love, and know who participated

    Everyone that participates in the Artspiration Challenges each month get a $3 coupon to Studio Tangie & each entry will also be put into a random drawing for a $15 gift card to Studio Tangie (you may enter up to 3 pieces per month for a chance to win)!
    DEADLINE: April 30th!

    You are of course welcome to use any products you wish on this challenge!


    {New Feature} Monthly Mixed Maniacs Hybrid Challenge (*Updated with New Prize Amount)

    Welcome to a new Monthly Challenge from the Creative Team at Studio Tangie. I am the host, Julie Ann. It is the Mixed Maniacs Hybrid Challenge where you can win an awesome, generous, fantastic $15.00, no -wait, Tangie just upped it to $25.00 Gift Certificate to Studio Tangie for playing along!

    What is the challenge? It is a mixed media challenge involving hybrid design. First, you probably know hybrid is digital + physical products. Second, “Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed.”

    Each month I will give you a challenge THEME that requires you to:

    • use digital
    • use physical product
    • focus on a mixed media technique which includes collage, vintage items, paint, fabric, assemblage, etc.
    • use Studio Tangie product

    That’s it! Mixed media is a lot of fun, allowing you to think outside your box, and create awesome 3-d items. 

    April’s inspiration is from the fabulous book Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed-Media Creations by Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater.

    I loved one of the “Main Courses” from the book, Debbi’s Reliquary Girls – on pages 45 to 51. These are assemblage dolls that hold “odds and ends” in the center. Debbi used the back of a 6″ canvas as her niche to hold the odds and ends for her reliquary dolls. I chose to use a small square frame instead. Here is my version of a Reliquary Girl, her name is Anaëlle

    How To
    1. First, I started with the frame and added the sticker. I used Stickles Glitter Glue on the outside of the frame to add some sparkle. (I bought the frame at the Dollar Section in Michael’s).
    2.  I cut a strip of fabric. I used a needle and thread to make a long running-stitch along one edge. I pulled it to gather and create the skirt. I attached it to the frame at the “waist”. I added a yellow trim and tied a bow as a belt.
    3. I printed the head, arms, and legs from Tangie’s AMUSEing Art Dolls Collection. I fussy-cut them out, and then backed them with black cardstock. I then glued them with my favorite adhesive, Fabri-Tac to the frame. 
    4. I added the paint palette, button, and brad as finishing touches.
    So here is Your Challenge:
    • Theme:  Create a Reliquary Figure – Male or Female? Will you honor someone? What features to highlight? Will you create a fantasy character? How will you express their story through color, texture, and symbolism?
    •  Use physical products such as fabric, wire, scrapbooking paper or embellishments
    •  Technique: There will be a center feature such as a niche or frame holding object(s). You can achieve this by using a frame like I did, or a box, or a backwards canvas, etc.
    • Use Studio Tangie product in any way that you wish. You can use her Art Dolls, or any papers or embellishments, print them out and make sure to properly credit what it is, and where it is used.  
    Upload to the Scrapbookgraphics gallery, and then link in the comment section for today’s blog post to be entered for the random drawing for the lavish gift certificate of $15.00{ $25.00 } to Studio Tangie by April 25th. Winner will be announced by April 30th.
    Any questions, please leave a comment and I will answer in the comments. xoxo

    Altered ARTspriations Challenge Update!

    This month is zooming by, and there is a fantastic challenge that you still have a couple weeks to get done! The Altered ARTspiration over at Scrap Book Graphics (SBG)!
    Tangie has out done herself in generosity and the challenge.  The challenge this month is in Tangie’s own words:

    “Collage Sheet Challenge
    This month I thought it might be fun to do an image challenge. Basically put, everyone starts with the same set of images and we see what we can create!

    Your challenge is to create any size project with at least THREE images from the free collage sheet! It can be found on the SBG Altered ARTspiration thread.)
    Think outside the box here because you can alter the images any way you see fit!

    Rules and Regulations
    1. Create any size project using 3 of the images above (no other restrictions on HOW you use the images ). You can use anything and everything else on the planet you want, it just must include at least 3 images from the collage sheet.

    2. It needs to be a new project & please upload it to our ALTERED ASPIRATION GALLERY {here} then come back and link us up in this thread at SBG so we can leave you some love, and know who participated (I give the coupons from here not from the gallery or the blog so please make sure you let us know you played)!

    Everyone that participates in the Artspiration Challenges each month get a $3 coupon to Studio Tangie & each entry will also be put into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Studio Tangie (you may enter up to 3 pieces per month for a chance to win)!
    DEADLINE: March 31st!

    You are of course welcome to use any products you wish on this challenge!

    I am loving the Altered ARTspiration gallery, seeing the images pop up in the most delightful ways!
    This one She had a few things on her mind by ericksoc totally blew me away!! I am always happy to see a skinny snuck in the gallery!
    and my quirky and oh my gosh meter was totally pegged on joamosathcharterdotnet’s Country travelers:
    Come on, isn’t it time you just played and had fun with your program and just laugh at yourself and enjoy creating just for the pure enjoyment???
    Lets Play!

    "Freestyle Art based on This Ad"

    The Tangie has oodles of inspiration and taking that inspiration, twisting it, add a bit of art journaling, and a pinch of hilarity brings it to this months Altered ARTspiration!  The ad was found a while ago, and it popped up this month for us to alter to our hearts content!  This means, you don’t have to recreate it, just pick something in it that grabs you, colors or one of the elements and run with it!!


    All the particulars for the challenge are located in the Monthly Challenge section at ScrapBookGraphics (SBG). 
    Here are a few highlights from the gallery, that can only delight and encourage you to open up a blank canvas and begin playing!!
    First I love the backgrounds and woman in the decanter is just fabulous by Its only ME; Where to Next Darling.

    The dramatic rose on display, so vibrant and alive against the old peeling background was just beyond tantalizing to me by defordj; Glory in the Flower. 

    I just noticed this is the first layout in the SBG gallery by defordj!  I can tell you I am looking forward to seeing more!!!
    There are many more in the gallery, to look at and just sigh over!  I hope to see yours there soon! There is still  plenty of time to do this months Altered ARTspiration challenge!!
    I will be looking for yours soon!!

    A relaxing and fun challenge!

    This year I was introduced to the world of ATC’s.  The little cards of wonder!  I had become so accustomed to a 12×12 inch canvas, switching to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 was a bit rough (I admit I do 5×7 and then shrink).  But having different size canvases has become a favorite thing of  mine.
    This month’s Altered ARTspiration from Tangie is Gothic Arches. I love how people are using these arches in so many different ways:

    Scrappie Irene blew me away with her digital one, but then her hybrid card “Merry Christmas” is just unbelievable with the elegance and old fashion Christmas feel:

    Then CarolW took the idea of the arch and made it an entrance to this fabulous scene called Gothic Christmas – altered artspiration:

     For a completely different look ladynorth used 3 arches and made this wonderful page “Winter Solstice Longest Night”:

    As always, I love the comments in the gallery.  I do believe that people in the altered world of creating can leave the kindest and most uplifting comments:

    Ramona to Janelill first arch page:  Lovely wish and … creation! Did you know that the first thing to getting your wish is to visualise it first? Here’s Wishing you all you Wish For!
    MamaBe to seniorgal: The double arch with the offset looks incredible! I love how some of your elements are clipped with your photo to the arch and some are out in front of the arch…gives the whole page a very eyecatching look.
    joannknnrd to lmgdonahue: Wow, this is such an amazing mix of products. It all adds up to one beautiful piece!
     So, take a moment this hectic season, sit and enjoy a relaxing challenge, please pop over to the Altered ARTspiration Thread and pick up the free Gothic Arch templates.  

    It needs to be a new project & please upload it to our Altered Artspirations Gallery {here} then come back and link us up in this SBG thread so we can leave you some love, and know who participated (Tangie gives the coupons from here not from the gallery so please make sure you let us know you played)!

    Everyone that participates in the Artspiration Challenges each month get a $3 coupon to Studio Tangie & each entry will also be put into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Studio Tangie (you may enter up to 3 pieces per month for a chance to win)!
    DEADLINE: December 31st!

    Can’t wait to see yours!!

    {Thursday Nonsense} Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

    Happy Thursday afternoon everyone! I have been literally working 18-20 hour days getting the Art Journal Caravan Expedition 2011 ready for the shop this weekend! I’m so very excited with how it is turning out and I can’t wait to share with you guys! I thought I’d take a little break and hop on over here and do my Thursday Nonsense blog posting. I got to thinking about the challenge I posted yesterday in the forums… it is going to be so much fun and I KNOW the entries are going to be spectacular, won’t you join us? We’re making Gothic Arches this month with a Christmas theme! I think we’re going to have to add these arches in on a regular rotation with  skinnies and inchies! I’ve even made a freebie for you to make it easy to get started (you’ll have to pop over to the forums to grab it! Plus check out all the “Gothic Arches” eye candy on google! WOW!

    I sure would love to see even more of you drop by every month! You even get a $3 coupon to Studio Tangie just for playing along. Plus there are about 10 other challenges going on every month at SBG too, it really is a great place to hang out when you need some inspiration for a new project!

    I hope that you are all having great December so far and that it brings lots of joy and fun to you even though it’s such a busy time of year! We’re going tonight to buy a new tree– I’m so excited!

    PS! I just heard about this really neat Christmas gift idea you might want to check out! It’s custom playing cards made from your family tree! Looks pretty neat!


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