Thursday Nonsense

{Thursday Nonsense} The Fun is Huge!

Upon reflection of what I should ramble about today I realized that I hadn’t mentioned on the blog that I was recently on the Paperclipping Digi Show! It was an amazing time and I felt so honored that Steph (from The Daily Digi) and Izzy asked me to be on! The topic was on art journaling and so I did wax on…and on…and on…! ;) It was so great to talk about something I am so passionate about and I hope we can nudge a few more people over to the world of art journaling or “visual journaling”! If you want to listen to the show you can find it on iTunes or {here} at the site! Also if you listen you will hear a big announcement at the end! You might want to check out this {site}! :D

Well I’m off for tonight, I’ve got my sister and her 4 kids staying with me for 2 weeks starting tomorrow night–so there is still much to prepare! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you have some time to create!

{Thursday Nonsense} Our New Home on the Web

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our new home on the web! I can’t believe what a whirlwind trip it’s been! I got a little bug on Friday night that I wanted to learn to build a website from WordPress so I just sat down to figure it out (the craziest whim EVER)….little did I know what an all consuming passion it would end up being before it was over! I’m so excited though as this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time (everything I do all on one site) it seems that having all the different blogs, sites  and such was really spreading the team and I thin! I hope this new system works better! I do hope you will subscribe to our feed (you can still use google reader! (or any other reader you prefer) and I’ve even set it up so you can get our posts in your email if you want! Technology is amazing!).

Also–the tabs should really help you get to the information you want most! All the AJC info will be under the AJC tab just like it’s own AJC blog! The “Features” tab will have articles, interviews, challenges and more! And the Digital Shop @SBG will have all the latest news and products! If you want to read it ALL use the “Blog {All News}” tab it will have every single post there!

We have so much planned for the upcoming months, including new articles and tutorials including everything from shopping, to flea markets, to great finds on Etsy to art journaling, digital scrapbooking and beyond!

If you have ANY questions or suggestions for the new site or a regular article you’d like to start seeing please let me know via the contact me page!

{Thursday Nonsense} Anthropologie Displays

Just a quick post from me today! I’m up to my elbows in paint today and still need to get the new grab bag up in the store! Lately I’ve been wishing and dreaming about opening my own Studio here in Mesa where we can have workshops from teachers all over the country! It would be amazing! But anyway I digress….one of the things I’ve been doing in my spare time (is there any such thing???) is looking at pictures online of all the AMAZING Anthropologie displays! Seriously they are incredible….if you have never been lucky enough to go inside and see them for yourself………check them out on this google search!

Someday….. in my own Studio…….someday soon I hope! :D

{Thursday Nonsense} Thank You Mom!

This last weekend was Mother’s Day, I am so grateful for my own mom and that I am a mom too. Sometimes Mother’s Days were really hard as I adjusted myself to the lost dream of a BUNCH of kids–but I DO have one wonderful daughter I adore so much and I am totally at peace with that part of my life now.

Sunday morning we had a few hours before Mother’s Day dinner and I decided to “ditch” my original card for my mom and make my own. I used to LOVE to make cards, something I just lost along the way. Once I sat down and got started though I just had a wonderful time! This card was a full 8.5×11! It was huge! And in true “daughter” style from the good old days I made my mom coupons that went inside for dinner and a movie with just the girls, not exactly the “I promise to clean up my room” coupons from 2nd grade but still I just felt a need to go back to simpler times this year.

Sometimes I need to remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life…like making mom a card.

What can you slow down and enjoy this week???

{Thursday Nonsense} Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone! In Arizona the chips n salsa are flying off the shelves and every Mexican restaurant in town is have a Fiesta! We’re going out this afternoon to our favorite in town! I love it! Anybody that knows me knows that I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year and never get sick of it! Recently we found a new recipe for healthy refried beans, YUMMY! I’ll have to share it sometime with everyone if you are interested! It’s fun to see the different cultural holidays in our state celebrate in different ways and it’s exciting to get to be a part of it now and then!

If anyone has some great Cinco de Mayo pictures–did you know I’ve got some Mexican & Southwestern Culture influenced kits in the Studio? They are truly some of my favorite! Here’s just one! A collab with my sister DeCrow Designs {Mercado Salvage}!

{Thursday Nonsense} Affirmations

Hello Everyone! Whew it’s been a crazy two weeks for sure! Sometimes I feel like I forget to sit down and just take a few deep breathes and remember what is really important! Do you ever feel like that? I’ve decided to really spend some time making an “affirmations” journal this month and I’m going to make a few little things for my desktop to help remind me! Do any of you use affirmations? Affirmations are statements written in the present tense, in your voice as if they have already come true, or in statements of fact to help remind you of things that are important to you.

I find that they really help me! Here is one of my favorites to help keep me grounded!

Here some ideas for more:
I am happy and healthy.
I am grateful for my life and all it’s abundance.
I appreciate all the lessons life teaches me.
I am calm and at peace.
Love is at the center of my life at all times.

Try it for a month if you never have! They are wonderful!

{Thursday Nonsense} Spring Cleaning of the Mind

Good Morning Everyone!

What a great day this is. I am really excited to be doing a bit of spring cleaning today. Not the usual variety…you know pulling the couch out to clean all those would be lost treasures, finding money in the sofa cushions (far more likely popcorn and cracker crumbs from my nieces), flipping mattresses, cleaning out drawers, taking a load to the local thrift shop.  I’ll be getting to that soon enough, it seems to be something you just can’t help but doing this time of year! Plus to top if all off, the weather in Arizona has been CRAZY GORGEOUS, usually by this time we want to be soaking in an ice bath everyday! But the last few weeks we’ve had the doors and windows open with a magnificent spring breeze coming through the house!

The spring cleaning I’m doing now seems to be of the mind! I was in a bit of a funk for the last few days and I just could not figure out why! There was no reason to feel that way, and I’m usually a “Keep Moving Forward” kind of person, so what was the deal with THAT? Then I realized that I have hundreds of “ideas” and “ideals” and “dreams” all clogged up in my brain that either don’t serve my current ambitions or had been forgotten! It’s time to pull them all out, reasses them discard the ones that have served their purpose, let fly the ones that aren’t a priority now! It has been liberating and exciting.

Have you had a chance to do the same lately? It’s an amazing experience and will help you move forward with your priorities all in check again! Our minds are incredible that way are they not?

{Thursday Nonsense} Las Vegas Quick Recap

It’s been quite the week catching up from Las Vegas! We had so much fun, a great time was had by all. I really enjoyed teaching my classes and meeting all my “online” friends! It really was an amazing experience. I don’t have many pictures as I was super busy with everything else, but I’m hoping to get more as people send them to me (hint hint ;0).

The middle of our Tables at “The Art Journal Caravan Live” class!
A view of everyone working! It was a sold out class, but we all really got to know each other.
Team Turquoise at the Reception Friday night! I STILL am in shock that we won! Seriously we didn’t think we had a chance!


One of the pictures for the photo scavenger hunt Friday night for the team building excercises. The best part of the photo hunt was that our team stuck together the WHOLE time–I was nervous about this before it started but it turned out to be a really great time!
On Sunday Molly, My mom and Cami W went to the Cosmopolitan to look around at this 4.5 BILLION dollar hotel. It was seriously quite the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life! (This chandelier is several stories tall/long).


This is the buffet we ate at before coming home, oh my gosh! It was delicious, the best food we had BY FAR the whole time we were in Vegas.


These cute little vending machines are all over the Cosmo–you can buy little pieces of ART. It was really a neat concept!
It was such a great time! I can’t beleive it came and went so fast, but alas I suppose that is how most big things are in our life that we plan, they seem so far away then they are over before we know it! Anne is lots more to say about the Vegas class on the Art Journal Caravan blog too!

{Thursday Nonsense} Working Tutorials for the AJC

What a year it’s been so far on the Art Journal Caravan, oh my! I’ve been up to my eyeballs learning how to video and edit my own tutorials! It’s been an absolute blast and I do enjoy learning new things…keeps you young, you know!

This is a board book project I just finished up for the March Adventure Quest on the Caravan and I’m really happy with how it turned out considering it wasn’t very time consuming. It was very relaxing and it was fun to pick some of my favorite “simple wisdom” sayings! Here are just a few pictures!

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s day! May the luck of the Irish Bless you!

{Thursday Nonsense} Some Basic Tutorials

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing catch up all week after our amazing trip to Seattle! I haven’t had a chance to download my pictures or anything yet so that will have to wait for next week or sometime this weekend on my perosonal blog! It was so incredible and my class was just marvelous!

I had these videos sitting around on my hard drive and thought they might help someone! They are basic but really good things to know if you don’t!

How to Customize Your Layers Palette

How to save your workspace

There are lots more videos in the Art Journal Caravan! We have one at least every other week!


Get Started in Art Journaling

Featured Products & Workshops

Tangie on Youtube

The Etsy Shop



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