Friday Freebies

Friday Freebie #08

I hope that this Friday Freebie finds you each well and happy and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Studio Tangie Friday Freebie Ephemera and BrushesThese are a little bit more beat up then some of the brushes I’ve made but I LOVE this kind of stuff in my art journal pages so thought I would share them anyway!

You can download them {here}.

Be sure to poke around the blog this week, there has been a LOT going on! :)

Friday Freebie #07

It’s time for another Friday Freebie! It’s our 7th in fact! I hope you enjoy!

Studio Tangie Friday Freebie #07

You can download it {Here}.

October is the last month you can join the Art Journal Caravan! Don’t miss out on all the fun we are having (including more than 10 freebies exclusive to the Caravan!)

 Art Journal Caravan™ {Expedition 2012} LAST CHANCE

Friday Freebie #06

Wishing you each a day filled with creative blessings! Remember that YOU are AMAZING!

Friday Freebie from Studio Tangie Click to Download

You can download it {here}!


Friday Freebie #05

How has your Friday been so far? Do you have any plans this weekend for creative projects? Maybe this will get you started or you can always try a new workshop too! And without further ado here is freebie five for you!

You can download these lovely ladies {here}.


Friday Freebie #04

Hello everyone!  I hope you have a fantabulous weekend filled with lots of creative engergy! Don’t forget to check out what’s new in my Studio this week and enjoy your Friday Freebie #04!

You can download it {here}.

Friday Freebie #003

It’s another fantabulous Freebie Friday! Some ancient text/symbols!

You can download it {here}!
Wishing you the very best for a delightful weekend!

Friday Freebie #002

Hey howdy hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the Friday Freebie!

You can download it {here}.
Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!


Friday Freebie #001

Hello Everyone! It’s actually Tangie on the blog ;) I’ve decided that (for at least a few weeks) I’m going to be doing a “Friday Freebie” brush file! I hope you enjoy!

You can download this freebie {HERE}!


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