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99 Collage Sheet Grab Bag By Studio Tangie!


It’s that time of year again when Tangie goes crazy and creates an incredibly huge grab bag of collage sheets.

(It must have something to do with the change of the seasons.)

2013 Collage Sheet Mania! 99Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

Main Pic

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

This gigantic grab bag is on sale for a short time only. Please click on the link above to be taken to the grab bag store page where you will find more examples of the beautiful pages.

In case you missed previous years’ collage sheet grab bags, please check out the links below, too.

2010 Collage Sheet Mania! 92 Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

pic 2010 kit

2011 Collage Sheet Mania! 94 Collage Sheet Grab Bag! By Tangie

pic 2011 kit

Grab these collections quickly, too, as they are also on sale for a limited time. It looks like we are all going to go journaling crazy with all of these collage sheets to choose from!

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6 th. Year Anniversary Grab Bag by Studio Tangie!

Tangie is celebrating six years as a designer.

She created an anniversary grab bag full of goodies for the special occasion.

6th Anniversary Grab Bag By Tangie

Grab Bag Graphic

Grab bag 2

This grab bag is so large we can’t even show you everything here.

Please click on the link above to visit the Anniversary Grab Bag page and see the rest.

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