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It’s like that movie…Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The last few weeks have been like no other for me, I honestly wish there were a way to take a snapshot of the feelings in my heart and mind, so that you could FEEL them. But, because that is not possible I hope that you will indulge me as I feebly try to write them.

The world itself is a giant canvas, constantly creating, renewing itself, moving forward, changing seasons. We live in a sphere that is creative at it’s very core of existence. Should we not also then assume that we too are creative? I believe that every living soul yearns to be creative in some form or another. It could be as an engineer, a poet, a mother, a volunteer, an inventor or any of the other countless forms that being an artist takes. Yet, there are many who don’t see themselves as artists (or even creative at all), they don’t acknowledge that part of themselves. Often times they may feel frustrated with life and not even know why. I feel in my heart an undeniably, can’t be held back, yearning to help people connect with that part of themselves, or share ideas with them to nurture a deeper connection if they have already have one.

That is how the idea of Artspiration Studio was born.

As I have reflected the last few days on this dream and whether or not I made the right choice to go with crowd funding or find a way to do it on my own, a huge resounding “YES! You made the right choice!” came over me. Somehow, someway, I would have found a way to do it myself, I feel THAT strongly about it. But I truly believe that some of the magic of it would have been lost. By asking people, by becoming humble enough to admit I needed help, by turning it over to the universe at large the Studio will become something more than I could have ever done by myself. When I walk into the Studio the day it “officially” opens there will be absolutely no thoughts of “I did this” but only thoughts of “we did this”. The light, energy and love of people from all over the world will be there! YOU will be present in the studio, not just by having your name on the wall, but because you believed in a dream. You believed in a vision of helping people connect with a very raw and powerful part of themselves…their creativity.

As I thought about all of this the movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” popped into my head. I thought about the barn raising and how in the “good ‘ol days” people did things together as a community, they made it a party and developed friendships through hard work. The owner of the barn even offered the cutest little milk cow to the team that got their side of the barn up first. It was a simpler time to be sure, but I do believe with all my heart that we still hold those same values as a community today. We  want to help each other, we want to build and create and find satisfaction in a job well done.

I invite you to my “studio raising” instead, and give you a promise that I will work hard at fulfilling the dream and put my entire heart and soul into it.  And while I don’t have an adorable milk cow named Anna Belle to offer you, there are some other fun rewards and of course a huge THANK YOU for believing in the dream. The world needs more places of light, happiness, joy and refuge…and at the very heart of it all that is what we are building together.



Don’t forget–Open Studio Day is Saturday the 30th!

Let me know if you need the address, it’s come and go, so feel free to come play just for even an hour or two or three or twelve ;)!
xoxo ~Tangie


*I live in the Phoenix/Mesa area of Arizona
*Sorry, no kids this time!–Mature 12 and up is fine!

My Studio & Spooktacular Workshop Photos

I dusted off my “never been used” Flikr account to make ya’ll a few slide shows!

Here are some pictures of my Studio!

We only got a few pictures from last year! (What were we thinking? Oh I know…we were busy creating our art journals! :D) It was an amazing time and I hope everyone enjoyed it! Last year the theme was “Spooktacular” this year the theme is “Wonderland” and will be Alice in inspired (of course you can do any style journal you want!).  The goodie bags will be stuffed full again and I’ve got even more art supplies to share this time around! Hope you’ll join us for Wonderland! xoxo -Tangie


This session will be held OCTOBER 19th & 20th.
If you have any questions please email me! My studio is in my home, so there are extremely limited seats available– it will sell out fast.Workshop fee is non-refundable* but is transferable upon written request! (*If for some reason the workshop has to be rescheduled because of acts of God or war, or if  I have to cancel the workshop due to any other unforeseen emergency a new date will be scheduled or a coupon of equal value will be issued to my digital or Etsy stores).
Local Information (there are other hotels nearby, you can always email me for more info):
Sky Harbor Airport
Hyatt at Riverview Mesa (Bass Pro Shop Center)
Hampton Inn on Gilbert Road & the US 60;jsessionid=5TG24D2ME2N14CSGBIW222Q?ctyhocn=PHXGBHX 

Ready to sign up for your Adventures in Wonderland?

Tour of my Studio 2012

In the Art Journal Caravan this year we’ve got a conversation going in our classroom called “Where Caravaners Create” it is juts plain AWESOME! I thought I would show you some pictures of  my studio that I just posted today for the first time! Also, exclusive to the Caravan, is a 30 minute video where I go through everything on my desk and demo it! It was a blast!! If you are a member of the Caravan go check into our classrooms it’s been posted!! HOORAY!!!


I hope that you’re all having a wonderful week!


The Best Art Journaling Music Ever…

At my art journaling class in Las Vegas I had some music on in the background. A few people have asked me what music it was and where can they get it! The company is called Putumayo and you can visit their website here:
You can listen to samples of all the music before you buy it which I LOVE! You can also find these CD’s in lots of little local shops and boutiques ( got my first one over 8 years ago!). I got most of my more recent ones in Port Townsend at a store called Abracadabra which I fell in love while at Journalfest in October.

The ones I specifically had that day were these:

Acoustic France
Samba Bossa Nova
Acoustic Brazil
Acoustic Africa
Gypsy Groove


I think next I’ll get these two? Maybe? I have such a hard time choosing!

French Caribbean
Italian Cafe

Absolutely Amazing!

I saw this today and was totally mesmerized!


The (Portrait) Eraser from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo.

Want to take a class from Tangie? Meet other digiscrapping friends?

Released Early!!! Impossible Things NOW in the shop for Wonderland Fever Week!

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

My first collab with artist Rebecca McMeen {did you know she’s my mom?}
celebrates our love of Alice and all things wonderland.

Some CT/Galery Inspiration!

by mmbstaley

by designerbritt

Introducing the Land of Eve @ Studio Tangie

Enter the land of Eve, where life is serene and inspiring . . . rolling hills, trees with attitude, butterflies with imagination and days as long and sweet as the endless blue sky.

Introducing Collections by artist Rebecca McMeen. Her designs have been featured in Country Home Living & numerous other publications; Her product designs have been chosen by companies such as Disney, Ballard’s, Cracker Barrel & Hallmark! Her newest digital designs are available exclusively at Studio Tangie.
{The best part? She just so happens to be my mom too!}

Helping Haiti

I had the honor and privilege to work on two collaboration kits to help the people of Haiti, they are both on sale now. Sometimes I feel so small in the world when there is so much to be done but every little thing we do really does count. The One Love kit has already donated more than $10,000 dollars. Part au Prince kit just went up for sale but I know it will do well too!
Helping Haiti and getting some amazing scrapbooking items in return–priceless.
Port au Prince now available at (from 56 designers)
And One Love available at (from 48 designers)


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